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Week 4 Assignment

Hello everybody! How is it going?

Did anyone else heave a sigh of relief like me after submitting the last assignment for the VOF applications?

Personally, the last assignment seemed like the easiest but it was the most difficult. I almost felt like for every reason i gave for wanting to be a VOF correspondent was a reason why someone else is not qualified and for me that spells negative energy and unhealthy competitiveness.

I truly hope my journal did not come off sounding that way to anyone.
The reasons i gave were mainly why i would love to be a VOF correspondent and what opportunities it will bring my way and NOT why i feel am better qualified to be a VOF correspondent.

Anxious to read your thoughts on this.

I wish us all only the best in the selection process and our future endeavors,

In Support and Solidarity,


Greengirl's picture

All the best Vweta

Thank you so much for being you. I just love your sincerity!

Best wishes!

Vweta's picture

Thank you Greengirl! Your

Thank you Greengirl!

Your reassurance means so much to me.


Our Voices make the WORLD PULSate...

FatimaDamulak's picture

Same Here

Hi Vweta,

I must agree with you on this one thought it was easy until I started writing.Unfortunately I was so exhausted when writing the last assignment that I just kept wondering if I was answering the questions properly. But I believe once you've done your best you leave the rest.



Vweta's picture

Me too

We have done our best, now we leave the rest.

The very best,

Our Voices make the WORLD PULSate...

Sharontina's picture

No sighing, no anxiety dear.

No sighing, no anxiety dear. This is the time to be joyful that we all have made a new beginning, a new door of togetherness has opened, an exchange of voices and love. So rejoice.


Merlin Sharontina

loretta's picture

Very deceptive! :)

You're so right, the last assignment seened like a breeze until one starts to tackle it. 700 words seemed like a whole two pages. What I found amusing this time around, is that we were complaining about the limited number of words we were expected to write and when comes crunch time, 700 became a mammoth task.

But nevertheless, I know and hope we all gave it our best and true the rest is with the adjudicators, we can only wish each other the best.

Keep well, I just hope you have made it.


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

Vweta's picture

I thought I was the only one

I thought I was the only one that felt this way.

Now I know am not alone.

All the best Loretta.

Our Voices make the WORLD PULSate...

Stella Danso's picture

Let's hope for the best

The last assignment seemed simple but not easy.

Vweta's picture

Like Loretta said, it was

Like Loretta said, it was very deceptive.

Hoping for the best.


Our Voices make the WORLD PULSate...

Saving Angel's picture

I felt so nervous as well!

Oh man! I was so nervous as well! In fact I barely wrote anything cuz I just couldn't sum up how I felt, my visions and hopes for the future in our final assignment. It wasn't as good as I'd had hoped it would've been but I'm glad that I put it out there!

Stay in touch <3

Much love & respect xoxoxo

Vweta's picture

I totally can identify with

I totally can identify with your feelings Saving Angel.

We can only hope for the best now. Lets keep the tempo!


Our Voices make the WORLD PULSate...

Yessi Writes's picture


I also found this week to be the most difficult to write, there was so much to talk about, and our visions for the future are so complex and expansive that it's hard to pare it down to the word limit. Still, in the end I enjoyed it, it forced me to really think about what I want for the future, what I'm fighting for.

Thanks for your post!

Vweta's picture

I agree with you Yessi. In

I agree with you Yessi.

In the end we must prioritize what we truly need and things we are desperate and passionate about changing when certain opportunities present themselves,

If i had the power, i would change the world. *laughing hard*. Yes i will but i had to be realistic about what i would love to change by becoming a VOF correspondent.

Lets keep our hopes up sister!

Our Voices make the WORLD PULSate...

For me it was like a begining yet it ended. however i know i will keep in online and contribute what i can.

It kept me on my toes to the extent that even when i felt so low i shared what pain i was going through.

my vision was steadfast on the year 2060 what i would be doing that day and when there there would ultimately be equal opportunities for girls and boys, women and men and what i expect to happen from now to then.

I hope to be a VOF correspondent, but also know we had a big team of enthusiastic and people who are good correspondents. I wish am part, if am not them God has another purpose for me.

At least i did my best in the circumstances

best regards and lets keep hooked on World pulse

Vweta's picture

the weekly assignments may be

The weekly assignments may be over but our journey on world pulse has just begun.

Personally i have been putting up articles about how i feel and things happening all around me.

I have also experienced certain freedom with my writing as i do not have to write on any particular topic. The feeling is emancipating and therapeutic for me.

Lets keep holding the line Flaviakyomukama.


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