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A Journey To The Center Of Myself And All The Way Back.

This has been a delightful experience. No wonder amazing things happen when you decide to move forward, just a step, just a little bit out of your comfort zone. I have discovered the power that resides in me. Yes, I have some, such as a Duracell Rabbit, I now keep going and going and going… and hopefully I’ll stay like this, when confronted with what in life awaits for me. First of all, I can’t but reflect in some few traces I’ve gotten to discover throughout this path of VOF 2013 Applicants: This might not come to be a miraculous thing for some people, but I cherish the opportunity of getting to know me, in a whole new way. I’m not striving apart from who I am, more I could say, I’ve strengthened ME and infused my soul, knowledge and heart, with the stories of amazing women here at World Pulse. I’ve discovered I have a space, where I can learn much more than what has been said by the books, about women empowerment. I have had the opportunity to share, to be listened and to listen. I’m incredibly honored by what I now hold within myself: I feel like I have a treasure that I have to keep safe, but also, have to share, as to be recognized around the world.

This might hold the key for us to become a chain of reaction, where my community becomes a fortress of faith, believing we can come through terrible dark times, to some other more fruitful days. We need to work hard, all of us, and as part of this community, we women have to come together, helping each other to succeed, lending our hand to those who are having tough moments, but that are always eager to become someone in life; we need to help dignify our own figure in our society. We need to set the example, and to rejoice in the God-given gift of our femininity, our beautyness, our unique flexible and high endurance heart set to confront the most difficult tasks we will receive in our way to fullness, but that somehow,we always arise triumphantly from this obstacles and trials.

I believe women empowerment starts when girls have the opportunity of receiving education. I think I have a responsibility in my hands, to do my best to start a commotion: how about we, ladies, who had the chance of receiving education, take under our wing, at least one objective: of making some other girl capable of enjoying the gift of education? With this set in mind, I’ve started to try and reach a space to start something that might set an example for other women, to set their expectations higher than just graduating from school and then start working in small less-than-prosperous stores –family related usually-, or starting a family, as believe this to be the only things they can get to achieve in life mostly in the rural areas of our country.

Becoming a VOF correspondent could help me in so many different ways, as to be officially heard and recognized world widely, and I have no doubt this could open a lot of new doors for my community. I could propose a dialogue, set it in motion, as to gain more experience by comparing cases all around the globe, but to ignite it with new ideas, and also, at the same time, to let the world know that our Guatemalan community is eager to change, to make women a connotative voice to be listened, that we have so much to give, but sometimes, we don’t have the space to place our statement. We have to polish our skills and to show that we have seeds in our country that can bloom if we cultivate them properly and give it their needed time and experience. Nourishing them, our future voices, with the enlightened convergence of women empowerment stories using the web as a communication tool might help to show us/them, that there is a better place for all of us Guatemalan ladies, since we have so much to give, so much to shout, so many things to share, so much to believe and live.


Vweta's picture

So Happy You Feel This way

...but I cherish the opportunity of getting to know me, in a whole new way. I’m not striving apart from who I am, more I could say, I’ve strengthened ME and infused my soul, knowledge and heart, with the stories of amazing women here at World Pulse... I find these especially strengthening. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece.


Our Voices make the WORLD PULSate...


Powerful words... I can hear the eagerness, the readiness and the passion that sits in your heart. I love the idea of taking one girl under your wing. Often I think how much we underestimate the often stated sentence "One can make a difference.". This patience (small is big!) feels like a somewhat feminine trait and coupled with action and vision it feels like a powerful new pathway.

I keep my fingers crossed for your dreams to come true and I'm sure that you can manage and maintain all of that no matter what will await you in life.

We are here to remind each other again and again to not loose that thread.



Dear Gabi

I really enjoyed your words, they´re so clean and honest, I have also feel blessed by finding WP; I have discovered a new way to enjoy being me, being a woman and an empowered Latina.

I hope all your dreams come true, after reading you and getting to know you better, I´m convinced you truly deserve it!!!

ujn fuerte abrazo

Klaudia González

Precious M's picture

I believe in you

Dear Gabisflanis,

This portion of your piece struck me: "I believe women empowerment starts when girls have the opportunity of receiving education." It is so true.

You are a powerful voice for the Guatemalan ladies. Keep speaking sister.


My pen speaks

Sarjo Camara Singateh's picture

you are good

this article has giving me a gist of what you were putting across

thank you


J écoute's picture

Pass it forward!

Yes, by all means, set the example, and pass it forward!


Hannah B's picture

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing your strength, ideas, and passion!
I hope that you keep working, keep learning, and keep speaking with your true voice!

I wish you the best,


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