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2013 VOF Week 4

Purpose. For some months now this word has been a constant question mark on my mind. As a soon to be 23 year old I have been asking myself what my purpose here on earth is. I'm sure some might say and think it is enough just to have.a good job, a good family--- a comfortable life. But I firmly believe a person's purpose goes beyond that.After reading a few books and discussing the subject with a few friends, I still was unsure about what my purpose was, and I began to fear that I would be one of those people who spend their whole lives searching for answers but never find them. I refused to accept this. So I began to pray to God to ask him to reveal my purpose to me...

I'm going to be honest I still haven't figured out the full picture of what my purpose is, but I have begun to have an understanding, and I have absolute faith that I will know the rest as time goes on. What I didn't realize is the answer was actually quite simple--to love. Love God and love others. For me my purpose begins with my faith and my spirituality. It starts with my love for Jesus and extends into my love and relationships with people--irregardless the differences that may separate us.

I once took a class where we discussed the word compassion. The class stripped the word of its commonly known definition of "feelings of pity or sympathy for another persons suffering" and looked at its more active definition---that is compassion is the action of love. This is my truth. This is my vision for my life and for the world. It may sound idealistic but if we look at all the hurt, pain, and hatred that goes on in our world today, it is clear that what it needs is more people who love in spite of all the differences that can tear us a part---more people who love because it empowers us and those around us to share in our humanity and recognize the beauty of difference.

There are different ways to put love into action. For me being a witness for people who do not have a voice is how I want to actively love. Telling the stories of those who have been silenced and helping them to find their voice to bring about change is how I want to actively love. There is real power in each of our truths and in storytelling--that is the power to heal and the power to create change. The need for change only becomes relevant when truths and stories are shared and heard. This is so because the issues become more real as the readers and listeners are able to place themselves in the stranger's shoes and walk the roads that would otherwise be unknown to them.When a person is truly able to do this I believe that a transformation occurs that creates both understanding and compassion---the ingredients for change.

I want to be a Voices for our Correspondent because it will help me to grow into the witness/storyteller I hope to someday be. It will also empower me to develop and cultivate the skills necessary to write and be a voice for those who are silenced by their situations. Lastly it will help me to accomplish my vision by challenging me and equipping me with the knowledge and a skills necessary to do so. This one month journey has been a blessing, and I am so glad to have been part of this movement!

Let our voices be heard

Let our truths be seen


William's picture

reason for being alive

Dear Addison, I am also a practising Christian and have been on a serchful journey to find what it is God wants me to do with my life. Being a peacemaker and loving others is what I've come up with (so far). Your article is well written and easy to understand. I congratulate you for what you have learned on your journey. Keep talking with others, praying and looking for God in others. Until you hear something different, you will touch many lives in a very positive way. Blessings. Please keep me informed on your progress.

addisonk5's picture

Dear William, Thank you so

Dear William,

Thank you so much for your post. Your encouragement really means a lot! I wish you all the best as you continue your journey and will be in touch :)

innerdelight's picture

Love in Action

Dear Addison,

I love the way you shared your exploration into discovering your purpose and finding it to be about love in action. Regardless of what name we may use for the Divine, it would seem that all people everywhere want to love and be loved... just may have some distorted definitions of what that is. By you sharing your own stories and those of others, this is such a great way to spark conversations and to open into new possibilities... when people feel acknowledged and supported, magic can happen. I like the way you say it:

"There is real power in each of our truths and in storytelling--that is the power to heal and the power to create change. The need for change only becomes relevant when truths and stories are shared and heard."

I can see you discovering many other ways of bringing your stories into the world and being a great change agent as you continue to be the love you are and thereby inspiring others to be love in action as well!
I look forward to reading more from you.

joyful blessings,

addisonk5's picture

Thank you Tina

Dear Tina,

Thank you for your lovely comment. I really appreciate your positive and sincere feedback. Thank you so much for your encouragement! I couldn't agree more with you when you say magic can happen when people feel acknowledged and supported ---when they all stand in solidarity :)

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