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My Vision for the Future

Growing up I envisioned a place in the world for peace. However clichéd this may seem to be and how laughable it may sound, “world peace’, may not be so bad. Peace entails more than just being free from wars, revolts and overbearing dictators. It however entails the one ideal that humans crave, security, the surety of the mind. In other words, the peace of mind. This kind of security is hard to obtain. This is due to our desire to be at ease based on our environment, how we define ourselves, how others see us and what we deem is important to us.
This is the kind of security that I would associate with people within my community and the young girls I work with. This peace of mind involves self-confidence, self-respect and self-esteem. It is the understanding yourself and appreciating all the faucets of your being, strengths and weaknesses, good points and bad. It is the understanding that an appreciation of self can change not only people but circumstances as well through inspiration and simply being a role model one can emulate. This understanding is that agent of change. It is that understanding that even though the power to change one’s surroundings is limited, the power to influence others to make that change is unlimited. It therefore stands that the agent of change to initiate that peace of mind stands with each and every person who understands the world we live in to be the “bigger man”, to have the courage to stand.
This is the future I envision not only for my community and country but for the world as well. It is the through self-appreciation that we understand ourselves then we can be able to be open-minded, appreciating others and their perspective. This ensures that the ideal of peace of mind is not threatened by ideas of inferiority or superiority, bias, racism and bigotry.
We can undertake this ideal through the medium of mass media, whether it is through print media, Web 2.0 tools or through face-to-face interaction via lectures, mentorship programmes and seminars. Through being a Voices of Our Correspondent, it will not only aid in highlighting the challenges that our people face within my little country, but also facilitates that agent of change that reduces the barriers that hinder the ability for us to achieve that peace of mind we crave. The opportunity creates an avenue for interacting with others from different regions, cultures and backgrounds, understanding their plight and assisting in any way possible to fight the struggles they have endured creating the bond of sisterhood throughout the world. Being a Voices of Our Correspondent is being an agent of change.


Latty- You have addressed a very important point, that of self-awareness. We are our most powerful and effective when we are operating from a place of centerdness and grace. Without judgement. Your line "It is the understanding that an appreciation of self can change not only people but circumstances as well" is powerful.

You were able to incorporate aspects from previous assignments, and bring cohesion to your conclusion. Yes, we are powerful when we stand as sisters, and you are an agent of helping us understand ourselves so we can stand as one.

I would love to hear about specific action steps and/or vision you have to put your ideas into action. Because it will be powerful when you do!

Thank you for your participation and for putting so much of yourself into this.

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


busayo's picture

powerful vision!

You have a powerful vision Latty, pursue it and you will get there. moreover you are in the right community to thrive,
I am so happy for you


Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Sharontina's picture


Dear Latty,
I appreciate your vision of tasting that peace in you and others making this world a better place to live. And you have come up with an important point about knowing oneself will help attain peace. Your words describing the importance of self confidence, self esteem and self respect making important ingredients to achieve peace is powerful.

I would love to hear about your approaches further in achieving your vision. Yes Latty, you are an agent of change through WP.

Love and Peace

Merlin Sharontina

Wendyiscalm's picture

Your article

Hi Latty,

I read your article with great interest. It seems you are an evolved soul wanting to really help the universe "big time" as we say in America." And the good news is, you are on your way. You emulate so much of what it means to be a peacemaker. I love the article and you.

May I say I am a little bit confused. It appears that you want world peace, and while you seem to understand it comes from within you, I am not sure that you are not frustrated for some reason. While there will never be world peace there will be much more peace in the world because of people like you. And it isn't about setting an outside goal to make it happen. I have learned that each of us has a life purpose and a soul purpose. The life purpose is the goal we set for ourself when we come to earth. The soul purpose is something that comes out of you when you least expect it. That is the goal God or the universe set for you before you came to earth. Let me give you an example. I have an NGO to help street orphans in Livingstone Zambia. That is my chosen purpose. However, daily sometimes other things happen out of nowhere. For example, a while ago I was on an airplane flying from Africa to America to go home. There was a man next to me. The flight attendant came and asked if I would change seats with another person so her husband could come and sit with him. I looked back at the seat and there were three yelling, squirming children and a mother next to where I would be sitting.

I said "No". I thought the test and gift was that I was finally beginning to show myself self respect, to take care of my needs rather someone else's at my expense (which has been a problem for me) than spend 15 hours with screams instead of watching a movie and enjoying my quiet seat.

But that wasn't it at all.

Another woman changed seats with the man so he joined his wife. The woman who sat down and I started talking. Somehow she was telling me about her concern for her son who had drastically changed. Was bad in school, made trouble in school, his grades had dropped. He wasn't into drugs. But he isolated himself preferring to stay in his room or alone. Didn't eat right. He was even going to the school psychologist who was trying to get him to be responsible because he had become so irresponsible. Completely changed. I suffered with her, empathized with her, told her how sad and depressed I would be, on and on. She cried. We talked through dinner and almost didn't eat.

Then after all that I said to her. I know what is wrong and what to do. He is depressed. He needs therapy but there are not many good therapists or psychologists in the world. But you are going to Chicago. I know the best institute that I trust. The Alfred Adler Institute. Call them. DO NOT do therapy with your son. He will not talk freely with you there. Tell them you want an experienced counselor. You go first, tell them your story. Then set up the appointments with the son and a counselor for a year without you unless the time comes when he wants you. He won't want to go but tell him he is going. Their therapy works, it is quick and I promise you, your son will be hopeful at the end of the first session though not cured for awhile. Here is their number.I do not think you will need me if you go to them, but here is my card in case you do. We both then slept. Then the plane landed. We hugged and we will never see each other again. But if that isn't God's work, what is?

Wherever I am things come to me that I know are God given and I am a tool through which God works. . So, no matter how much I work towards my life goal, and I must, the peace that will come is from within me that I did not search out to make happen. I have to keep my ears open When I have done the work and have peace within, there will be more peace without.

Another time I was in Livingstone Zambia and immigration wanted to jail me for 9 months before a trial because the passport control forgot to stamp my visa so I was illegal. They were serious. Instead of getting upset, I said calming. Well you can detain me if you want. I really don't have anything to do when I get home." The girl, Eve, jumped up and yelled "What you want to be jailed 9 months before a trial and then be punished. I again CALMLY said "No. But better me than someone who has small children who needs their mother." This lady didn't know HOW to react to me. Long story short, after an hour I was let go. What that set up by God was, was my showing the high school street orphans who were with me in shirts and ties, HOW to handle adversity. It was their lesson. I couldn't have created that situation if I tried. So, I know you are already like this but I wanted to tell you how far I have come because I did not used to be a nice person. I was mean, bordering on evil. But through a lot of hard work and determination and HARD LESSONS, I am grateful to be coming more like you every day. And I am much older.

Thanks for reading this way too long TOME. And thanks for your role modeling and article. There is great favor coming your way.

Ubuntu(I am who I am because of who we are together),


Wendy Stebbins
I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

I appreciated your comments, Wendy. You really go above and beyond!

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


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