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A More Humane Existence

I have always been fascinated by the stories of the human spirit and its triumph over struggles. I was especially drawn to the women in my life and could listen for hours as the grown-ups chatted. Many were first and second generation immigrants, some who had suffered extreme hardships, some who one way or another managed on their own, some who had difficult family dynamics and some who appeared to be classic happy housewives of the day. I watched as society transformed before these women – a few changed with it, many did not, and some helped society along in their own way. None of them were activists, they were simply strong. They live inside me still and I continue to learn lessons from their strength, whether or not they are still with us. I lovingly conveyed their stories of strength and their lessons to my own children.

What strikes me about the past few years is just how hard I have fought to reconnect with my innate wisdom and just how much the light of these strong women has led me back. Society has changed but individual struggles are so very similar. In many ways, I have shared their struggles as, at points in my life, I was forced off the path that I instinctively knew I should follow. The consequences of decisions, experiences and events out of my control certainly took a toll. With benefit of hindsight and a sense of determination I am moving forward, making sense of my own life lessons. Through much guidance, a global network, creative pursuits and meditations, I am better able to see my life with clarity. With much surprise, it occurred to me that I am one of the strong women in my life - and that my own stories have an equal potential to inspire and encourage others. With that realization, I embraced my wisdom, grateful to return to my strong feminine roots.

With this newfound confidence, I initially set out to offer insight through my blog and Facebook page, knowing that this was the perfect place for someone who, herself, still needed to hear it. Beyond my wildest dreams, my thoughts were accepted and supported. Curiously, I found my writings leaning toward various aspects of inequality. Through a separate blog and Facebook page, my voice became louder as a distinct voice opposed to those issues of inequality that, disturbingly, still exists in Western society. Again, my thoughts were accepted and supported. Since then, I have come to understand much more about the irrational discrimination of Western society as well as the gross discrimination throughout the world. I realized that my voice needs to be louder still. So I have joined World Pulse to connect with louder voices and amazing women who share my outrage and, most importantly, whose unique perspective of the world must be heard. My goal: to educate through the sharing of these women’s stories – my own, women currently offering their voices and women in the trenches whose stories need a voice. The Voices of Our Future correspondent is exactly that. The training can only enhance my writing and offer connections to those whose voices that most need to be heard.

Using the power of Web 2.0, ideas have the potential to reach a vast audience and we must use this perfect tool to educate as many women as possible about the inequities that women still face today. With this power and the inherent strength of women, we will surely create shifts that will stimulate global change. Each shift stands as a defining moment and inspires further change. I can already see this happening as voices rise. No, transformation is not instantaneous but we must never release the pressure. It is not a matter of winning as women or losing as men. It is a matter of evolving toward a more humane existence. How could anyone believe that “modern society” is the best humanity can be?


Ruth Bech's picture

You've done it again!

You have commanded the words to do your bidding, very well written, Caryn!

Caryn Dudarevitch's picture

Thank you, Ruth!! Much

kpisinski's picture

great job

Very good job writing this, putting it together and sharing your history, Good luck to you!


Caryn Dudarevitch's picture

Thanks so much,

Thanks so much, kpisinski!
Much love!
- Caryn

Catsilveira's picture

keep us on the edge :0)

Hello there Caryn,

Your writing has a very good flow. But you left me a bit curious here...
You left me wondering about the women in your life; and wishing for more details on yours and theirs life struggles.

It is great to know you have found your inner power and peace - and that the internet has been such a powerful tool for you.

I will keep reading ... so please keep writing.



Thank you, Catarina! I have written about these things in my personal blog and will be sharing those posts on WP as well as new stories as I get a chance! Thank you so much for your support!
- Caryn

Emily Garcia's picture

Well said, Caryn!

Dear Caryn,

Thank you for writing; thank you for sharing your story. I loved your post! And I must say that, strangely, both your way with words and what you discuss here of your own personal experience make me feel like I know you. From your opening lines I could relate, as I feel very similarly having grown up among women and listening and loving the stories of my grandmother. It was her talent for storytelling and books, I believe, that sparked my own passion for them. And when you say, "With much surprise, it occurred to me that I am one of the strong women in my life - and that my own stories have an equal potential to inspire and encourage others", I could have cheered out-loud I felt so glad! I am so happy you have found this confidence within you, and that you have taken it and run with it. You are an inspiration and I wish you all the best in the wonderful work you are doing.

Thank you again for sharing, and I look forward to reading more from you soon!


Emily Garcia
World Pulse Online Community Lead

It is so touching that you could find yourself in my story! I see my stories as universal and am so happy that you connected! Much love and light to you!
- Caryn

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