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A new beginning of a New World


Hope,peace,educate,love and humanity Yes!! these are the visions of my life.I wrote them in one word whereas they are broader terms.I wanna be one of the people who deliver love and peace in societies. Who makes people believe that this life is worth living peacefully and loving people regardless whatever color, ,gender or religion they belong to.In the end God is love and everyone have a heart to love and thus we all have God in hearts whatever name we call it from or whatever ways we pray to him we all have God in our hearts and nobody can snatch it from us but only we if we stop loving his mankind.
I want to be an inspiration for my sisters specially who are suppressed by the community to just have a life with kids and sitting all day at home and doing nothing.I wanna tell them that they are their own Queens they have a wisdom they should use it make it something extraordinary out of it and let show the men that they are not superior to us infact they came out of us.I felt that negativity and feeling of not being acknowledged has made women in my society think that they know nothing and they are of no good.I started the program of “Positive energy and peace building mediation sessions for women” in my community to relax women & thus they can change this stereotype that women are only good at making babies.Why are we consider as a relaxing machine for men why can’t we be our own Queens like the great Virgin Queen Elizabeth.Why can’t we be the one who let the world know that we are the Power and if we will not be plugged in by positive energy your world will crash.
As I’m a photojournalist I felt like I'm a strong inspiration for the women of same interest in my community.Now I have a tool and talent I walk with my camera and capture things I want to portray,it has become my third eye.An eye to meet my soul by seeing my creativity in pictures .My life goal is to make people and specially women believe that they can be anything they want by having true determination,devotion & Honesty we can kill the biggest monsters and create the amazing angel of hope and love.
As a VOF 2013 correspondent I hope to learn how to advocate and how to actually learn from my mentor to bring the changes in my society and community for the betterment of women.I do hope that my vision will be more clear and I could work on my goals more specifically by having a mentor who will guide and will make the bricks of my passion more stronger and thus I could create a big wall of hope.I want to tell the world that we can transform the world yes We girls run the world and if our voices won’t be heard world will become a haunted place with no hope. By true mentorship I can be a diamond of my community and enlightened and illuminate my society with the leanings and share it will my sisters as I believe the more we share the more we learn and that is the actual meaning of learning.My learnings will also be reached to my sisters who live in unprivileged areas so we can boost their passion and can bring out the extraordinary talent they have hidden inside their captivated souls.If the assets of women can be used properly we can make a new world a world of better humans.The least I could do for my sisters is to listen to their grief & bring something which gives a positive vibration and help them to understand the truth why God let them suffer because every diamond has to under go through alot of cutting and crushing.VOF has helped me know alot about sisters from all over the world and the weapon we have Web 2.0 by good mentorship I can use this weapon to build peace and harmony in society and to educate girls which is my ultimate goal.Then for the first time some a weapon will be use to actually end a war and start a new morning.



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I love that you want women to embrace themselves as queens. I have because of your message. Your vision is positive and powerful.

Best wishes

Lortoria McDonald

New website coming soon!

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a diamond in your community

Hi, Mahrukh,
Thank you for sharing your story! I like your use of metaphors in your writing. Yes, your vision is positive and I am sure that you will continue to learn and advocate and empower women. I hope to read more from you and even see some of your photography!

In peace,

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Shine bright like a diamond

Hello Mahrukh,
Thank you for sharing your world, goal and aspirations with us. Yes, women are not just baby producing machines, we are loaded with gifts and have the potential to rule the world. I like the fact that you said that you capture women's world with your camera. I am happy, just like you, that world pulse has provided a platform where women can find true mentors who will guide our hands to attaining our goals.
Like you, I believe that we will shine like a diamond.

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