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An Invisible Movement

My journey is a walk to redemption, I see myself as being part of an invisible movement in which we are all foot soldiers matching towards making the world a better place. A movement of social conscious men and women living in different parts of the world working in diverse fields from development workers to budding social entrepreneurs but we all share a common mission - to make the world a better place. These men and women are innovators, thinkers, pragmatists, who use the power of ingenuity to solve today’s difficult world problems. They belong to a new wake of global consciousness that is an uncoordinated network , with no leaders, not controlled by any government, just a group of change makers scattered around the world who dedicate everyday of their lives to make this world a better place. Their journey’s diverse some are philanthropists, social entrepreneurs, academics, development workers, doctors, mothers, politicians, but whose dreams are varied from solving world’s poverty to finding new medical breakthroughs. I belong to this invisible movement, I see myself as a social crusader, the world’s needs as my everyday worries, the problems as my solutions. Each day comes with it new ideas, a renewed energy and a never ending hope. First thing I do each morning I wake up is check my twitter account to connect with fellow invisible change makers whom I have never met but I know of their work and see how they dedicate their lives to making the world a better place for humanity. I then have to watch the news, read blogs and newspapers online, connect with the Web 2.0 basically know what’s happening around the world and discover new things, know what contributions my fellow world changers are doing then I start moving begin my day with enthusiasm, every day is a new battle; from supporting local campaigns online to holding our politicians accountable on social media or having conversations with other social thinkers on the local cafes each day brings me something worth fighting for. This is the cycle of my life, a longing for solutions, I live and bleed for a better world, a better community. I spend hours reading, researching, writing, talking and connecting with different people in order to learn new things, mine is a constant journey to find self fulfillment and giving back to the community. My vision is one of optimism, one of resilience, relentlessness, drive, commitment, fearlessness, a pursuit to develop myself at the same time work for the community that is around me to make it even better. Being a Voice of Our Correspondent fellow is a step towards this invisible movement of solving today’s problems. It’s about me being empowered, finding new connections, having a space to be creative, to grow and develop new skills to be able to catalyze my community. I particularly want to find a balance in life, learn how other women are making it amidst the chaos that today’s world has become, how they manage to get married and enjoy the serenity of family while still remain part of the movement, how they manage not to ‘loose the innate female wisdom ‘ or ‘betray her sacred feminine in her quest to be productive, accomplished, and successful’. I still need to learn how to never loose my feminine connection despite being a workaholic, a feminist, and an ‘alpha female’. I want to never stop walking, to never give up on humanity, to never loose the dream, to never give up, to never stop working and reading. I am now a citizen journalist, a community organizer working with grassroots women groups, a development worker but I want to be an academic, a writer and forever be part of the invisible movement. I know am going to face so many challenges in my journey as a woman they might want to silence me, but I refuse to be muted, living in a third world country many might think I will never make it but the truth is, I refuse to be inhibited, I will not be tied down by fears mine is a walk towards redemption, an emancipation for myself and other women and the invisible movement is our canvass, we are the artists of our destiny


Maya Norton's picture

Shamsa, there was so much

Shamsa, there was so much spirit in this post. I especially like how you used the idea of a movement and transformed it into something physical so that it was more tactile for the reader.

Good luck on your continued journey,

~ Maya

Shamsa's picture

Thank you Maya, I really

Thank you Maya, I really appreciate your encouragement and positive feedback. Glad to have you in my community


fozia yasin's picture

Dear Shamsa, A very

Dear Shamsa,

A very intelligent post. And a touching statement, "In my journey as a woman they might want to silence me, but I refuse to be muted..."
We all refuse to be muted. And we have made a beginning...

Keep shouting, you have joined you

Shamsa's picture


Thank you so much for for joining the movement lets keep marching. Glad to have you in my community

With Love,

It is inspiring to read you Shamsa. Your description of that movement propelled by an invisible spirit is so vivid that i can imagine myself in it. It's great to meet you at World Pulse. I admire your courage and relentless spirit. We all need that , as you said, to create a better world.

Keep on reading, writing, sharing and tweeting. Am BlousesnCauses on Twitter.

Good luck.

Shamsa's picture

Dear Paulina, Thank you, glad

Dear Paulina,

Thank you, glad my post was able to make you feel as part of the movement. I am happy when i connect with positive people who are real global changers or whose passion exceed their existence. Thank you so much pleasure meeting you hope we can connect more.

With love, and warm greetings,

ola.mahadi's picture

Dear shamsa

Nice post keep on walking and working for better future we are all learning new thing every day.
Glad to read your post and wish you good luck.

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

Shamsa's picture

Hey Olla

You truly a dime, and thanks for making my stay at WorldPulse interesting each day, and fulfilling. I have just started, not giving up. may all our dreams come true and may we make real changes for our communities


wizamamat's picture

Invisible change makers

Dear shamsa
I am glad that you see yourself as a invisible change maker, making women's issues visible.
I would love to know, however, how you feel he mentors hip program can be of help to you.

Shamsa's picture

Hey Wizamamat

Yes i am always trying to make things better around me and within me really an interesting journey for me. Please do let me know about it drop me an email

Much love,

CourtneyPaige's picture

Your vision

Dear Shamsa,

Thank you for sharing this beautifully written post. You have an inspiring, strong vision, and I appreciate your dedication to staying connected and informed, and some of the questions you introduce her (how to find balance, etc.).



Shamsa's picture

Dear Courtney

Thank you reading my story. I hope that will find the balance through this amazing journey on World Pulse and also learning from other amazing women like you!



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