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What Made Me Passionate for the Poor in Nigeria?

For a long time, I had my personal vision to serve the vulnerable and poor in the world, particularly women and children. I chose to serve women and children in Nigeria, instead of those in Japan, my country, or any other people in the world, it is because I have seen that the poor in Nigeria are trapped by all sorts of difficulties, which are not intimately understood or supported by the international community. To be more specific, Nigerian society can be identified as huge quick sand where once individuals fall into the categories of the poor, they keep their foot drugged without hope of ever getting out of it for a life time. Only those who are lucky enough to attain positions in government have chance to enjoy economic stability, but they may impair visions for justice by putting their hands on corruption.

It is sad fact that government’s funds have not lifted up burdens from the poor in Nigeria. In pursuit of Millennium Development Goal, U.S., England, and Japan provided fund to support Nigeria through the government but hardly had it reached to the very people who needed it. The government of Nigeria received approx. 15 billion dollars from its own oil revenue resource. Additional assistance generated $732 million from overseas aid, such as ODA, U.S.AID, and UK AID in 2011 alone. Then the funds did very little to help the poor and needy in Nigeria. As I write this article, there still are no lights, and no welfare scheme to help the poor in Nigeria. Police do not come rescue the victims even if someone regularly suffers from violence, but instead, they’d ask for bribes.

Adding to its lack of interest to help the poor, Nigeria has built up its bad names for itself. The youth in Nigeria who are gone overseas frequently are brought to the media attentions around the world for committing fraud, embezzlements, and infamous Nigerian letters. These Nigerians are portrayed, not as victims of unsteady and uncaring Nigerian political systems, but as well-to-do trouble makers. Obviously they do not earn much compassion. Therefore, those who do not understand the internal cavities of the country, can easily frame Nigerian youths as criminally motivated and spoiled by oil rich disposable income. On the contrary, the poorest among the poor in Nigeria, are the sufferers among the worst suffers in the world. Not only do they suffer from the poverty, but also earn minimal compassions and attentions, while the system habitually outwit the international community and get away with its loot supposedly reserved for the poor.

Thus I have such passion in helping the poor in Nigeria but not so much with the people in Japan. In recent decades, Japan is fully established, economically, socially, politically and culturally. Although recent years Japan suffered from earthquakes and tsunami, the poor in Japan get help without having to roam on the street. Even foreigners who live in Japan do not lack accommodations, jobs and securities. Furthermore, Japanese government’s intention to fill the gaps between the “haves” and “have not’s”, produced many funding programs to help the needy in the world. Helping the poor in the world, Japan benefits itself. For example, Japan cannot solve nagging environmental problems caused by the depletion of ozone layers and increasing green-house effects. Providing the underdeveloped nations with proper education and employment would bring the awareness among the people about the climate change, which leads to international cooperation. This is how NGO plays very important role in bringing balance to the world around us. Our NGO, Support Women and Children in Nigeria (SWACIN), located in Tokushima, Japan proposes project fund to the Japanese government in order to create education and skill acquisition training for the poor in Nigeria.

Why do I want to be a Voices of Our Correspondent? Our world today is inter-dependent: what one country does affect the conditions of other countries. Therefore, representing the voice of voiceless is critical in today’s world. As a Voices of Our Correspondent, I am hoping to bring out voices of voiceless, and offer solutions to the problems of the world around us.


Titilope's picture

My Nigerian sister, you have

My Nigerian sister, you have touched the real challenges the poor are facing in Nigeria. I love your Passion in making a difference in Nigeria. With our collective support you will suceed. I personally will support your cause as best as i can. I am on the ground in Nigeria and i understand the issues. We need passionate people like you to work with us to make change on the ground. Let us continue to explore solutions that will make our people better.
You are a VOF correspondent with your passion to make a change.
Well done

Hideko N.'s picture

You said it right, sister

You said it right, collective support! How important it is and how rare it is to find the right ones. Surely we hear most people say corruption is wrong but how difficult it is to find ones who can control themselves when they see money. It is funny but sad fact. Though I am determined to find the right ones. If you are the one, please stick with me long. I am a patient dog. Hideko N.

Dear Hideko,

Thank-you for sharing your story - your thoughts about an inter-dependent world and global community are extremely inspiring. I wish you the very best in you endeavors, and hope that you will continue to use WP as a platform to share and grow.


Gaurav Nakhare
WP Listener

Hideko N.'s picture

Thank you, gaurav.nakhare

Thank you gaurav.nakhare. Grateful that you took time to read my piece.

Riya's picture

Keep Great work going..

Dear Hideko,

It is amazing that you decided to work with less privilege people in our global society.I applaud your effort to use your passion for less fortunate Nigerian people rather than in your own backyard .It is sad but the honest truth is often it takes a long time to get any kind of assistance to the populations that need it the most. Even when there is assistance available, the reality for developing countries is challenges such as high corruption, which has been one of the big barriers keeping resources from reaching vulnerable populations.

Thank you very much for sharing your vision with us.Please keep doing what you're doing. It's a wonderful to have compassionate people like you. We need more people like you, who are determined to bring changes to less privilege societies.

Thank you,


Hideko N.'s picture

Cannot help being passionate

Dear Riya, living in Nigeria made me to learn how to be passionate in living. Life is an amazing gift. You will not know the value until you lose it. Daily children are committing suicide in Japan despite of the materialistic comfort. Materials can destroy your soul because you no longer know the pains. While Nigerian children try anything to live... Hideko

Riya's picture

Dear Hideko, I am very sorry

Dear Hideko,

I am very sorry to hear that many young people are taking their own lives. I could not agree with you more about what you have said about how having all materialistic comforts may not make one happy. We have been living in a society where having material stuffs shows our socio economic stutus.we go far to search for happiness and forget we may have found happiness inside our own back yards doing things such as spending time with our family, sharing tea, coffee or meal with our neighbors, spending time with elderly people etc. It is sad that for many that has become a thing of the past. Often we feel we do not have time to have a family meal together, we do not have a family game time together, we would rather hand a video game to our children.

Take Care,

Hideko N.'s picture

Yes, Riya

Thank you for your comment. Sorry for being uptight and not being able to respond sooner. The same is true with my family. My sister and her husband had hardly ever talk to me again since they were given property to take over from my parents thinking that we are opposed one another. This will happen when the materials are the center of life. Though we found out that the will has no effect legally since my parents did not register. What are we to pursue materials when we wither away with old age, it is far better to have good relationships that you appreciate and you being appreciated. Please come visit my site: Hideko

Dear Hideko,
It is sad to read about what is going on in Negira and coruption youth frustration, but having someone like you how care even after suffring in the same place that could have never wanat to hear it is name.
The world could be a better place as long as we have women like you how care and want to make diffrent.
Keep up your voice

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

Hideko N.'s picture

Thank you Ola for your comment

Sorry for not being able to respond since I am overwhelmed by my work. I care for Nigeria because the pain was temporary and now I can see the pain they go through. I am not in that same pain any more but cannot forget and am not going to leave just as that. You would feel the same if you have a child waiting there fore you. Come and visit my site: Hideko

LatiNegra's picture

this is an amazing piece

this is an amazing piece hideko. i can hear your passion so clear in it and also the compassion of being able to understand the situation so well. especially with your own story and still sticking with nigeria because you know it's a symptom of a bigger problem in the world. keep it up, i can't wait to hear more!

Ynanna Djehuty
Certified Birth Doula and Writer

Ynanna, don't be discouraged with painful experience. This is what I say to those who pay sympathy to my loss of family, loss of money and loss of everthying in Nigeria. Now I have deeper understanding of those who have gone through this pain. My pain was temporary but there are people who permanently go through what I went through. Why dont I feel like standing up for them since they have no voice. Hideko N.

I wish many people see this article you have written about Nigeria. It is so difficult to get grant for our work in Nigeria simply because the International community believes that Nigeria is much much better than many of the developing nations but we that are there knows that it is not true. We cannot blame people for thinking that we are fine with the way our leaders paraded money abroad, whereas majority of Nigerians are suffering. This is the reason why the youth will want to leave the country at all cost. Thank you for this article that shows the true picture of Nigeria. I really appreciate for your interest in the plight of Nigerian women and children.

Warmest Regards

Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

Hideko N.'s picture

Busayo, I am grateful that

Busayo, I am grateful that you reach out to read some of my articles. There is yet a lot to do, my sister. Stay tuned, we will make a difference because I speak for you if your voice is not heard in your country. It can become loud voice just as I work on the climate change representing my colleague in Cross River state.!/c208k
What you are afraid to discuss in your country may be seen on your computer screen by the click on your key board.

Much in appreciation

busayo's picture

Thank you!

Thank you my dear Sister, I am so encouraged!!


Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

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