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My dream to give young girls a second chance in life!

Life starts with a dream! I was introduced to World Pulse by a friend and ever since I joined it I haven’t regretted. My personal vision for my life is to be a mentor and trainer of child mothers and other unfortunate girls who have not had the opportunity to go far with education. It could be due to their own making or through parental negligence. With teenage pregnancy on the rise, many young girls are losing their lives through abortion. Many who already have babies think that that is the end of the road for them. It is quite unfair to see young bright girls getting wasted.
My vision for my life is to attain a PhD if I can get a scholarship and also to have my own NGO which will be basically for helping these girls I’m so passionate about. I envision my life to be enriched with knowledge that will make me self-reliant and self-sustainable in my future as a supportive parent and mentor to teenage girls. Many parents need to be sensitized that the plight of these girls sometimes is not their own making and therefore a mistake cannot be corrected with another mistake. I want to be the voice of the voiceless through advocacy and trainings.

My personal vision to my Community is to be a role model to all orphan girls and single mothers that" their plight is not their choice". I believe with support here and there, they can still make it the way I made it especially for the child mothers. Gone are the days when fellow students would bully one and teachers being hostile towards such girls. They can be freed from those obstacles if only they can build self-confidence and remain focused by becoming self-disciplined, determined and dedicated to hard work for a brighter future. They can be what they want to be without messing up their lives with simple baits from people who would only want to use them because of being needy and helpless. Situations can change for the better. I managed to overcome so many obstacles in life – rejection, abduction, failed marriage name it but I still walk with my head held high. How did I do it? I managed to do this by using the stumbling blocks on my way as I want to stress to everyone that what are perceived as stumbling blocks and defeat can become stepping stones to victory if one remains focused and determined.
My vision for the World is to be an advocate and voice to all orphan girls and single parents, that they can also live a fulfilled, independent, happy and satisfying life if only they would accept their situation as it is and forge ahead by living positively, productively. Life is what one makes it to be and everyone is entitled to live life with contentment. Life will remain as it is for these young people if I don’t start.

I want to be a voice of your Correspondent because your Correspondents have the audience that I can reach with my life testimony, you will also help me in reaching the whole world through your publicity. This is how your correspondence would help spread my vision.
I have helped my daughter achieve her dream and the young one is on her way. I need to break free and do what will make me happy. I will need resources to ensure my dream succeed, the dream to empower some of the girls in my community. The voice of your Correspondents will connect me with like-minded people and together we shall become one voice and this will be louder than my own voice.
I have never disclosed my past, I needed to get it off my shoulder and world pulse provided me the platform. Reading from others empowered me more and I know my dream will come to be.
I have started with what I have – talking about myself, counseling those who are despairing and come September, we are embarking on school and community visits. This is my dream!


Sharontina's picture

A very beautiful post, frank

A very beautiful post, frank and straight to the point - a very clear cut vision. My prayers and wishes for you to achieve this beautiful dream. No wonder with such a passionate vision it will come true sooner that you imagine.


Merlin Sharontina

keronga's picture

Thanks Sharontina

Thanks Sharontina

Jumi's picture

Beautiful dream

Yours is a great and beautiful dream, keronga. You've done articulating it here. It will come to pass. Keep doing the good work. We all need mentors and I hope you do get a mentor to assist you as you continue on your journey.

keronga's picture

Thanks so much Jumi. God will

Thanks so much Jumi. God will surely make a way for my dream!

Klaudia Mexico's picture

empower us!!

Dear Friend

First, i would like to invite you to check out my Alma mater I can helped you with the application and the scholarship.

Second, I feel proud of your mission, we need more women providing channels to give second chances in life.

all the best

Klaudia González

keronga's picture

Thank you so much Klaudia. I

Thank you so much Klaudia. I will definitely need your help. I have seen the website and will go home this evening and concentrate on it.
And thanks for appreciating my work. I always believe "where there is a will, there is a way". Surely God will make a way for me and my girls.
Let's keep in touch.
Kindest regards

Klaudia Mexico's picture


Dear Beatrice

On my previous asignment I wrote about education and scholarship, it may be an interesting resource for you
All the best

Klaudia González

keronga's picture

Thanks dear. I will do my

Thanks dear. I will do my best.

Leslie Stoupas's picture

Education is Key!

Your essay is inspiring, Keronga! Not only do you want to help young women who want to become successful, you are modeling that for them. You identify well so many of the challenges faced by young women, especially those who become pregnant without full support. But you also identify some of the steps that can be taken to help them be strong and improve their lives. I believe you will be an inspiration to many young women as they learn your story and your successes and see that they can have the same. I encourage your positive vision!

Leslie Stoupas

keronga's picture

Thanks Leslie, we are in this

Thanks Leslie, we are in this together as women. Let our voices rise together.

Wow, very best to you in this endeavor, Keronga! I'm so glad that you were able to tell your story and that you continue to use it as a tool for social change and to empower young girls and women to take control of their lives. You are a role model in so many ways, but especially in showing how we all have something to contribute and that big change can start in small ways with ourselves and our inner strength and wisdom as resources.

Thank you for sharing this vision and best of luck!


keronga's picture

Thanks Lyndsay. I believe God

Thanks Lyndsay. I believe God will enable my dream to come true through His grace. Thanks for appreciating me.

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