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My Vision for myself and my community

A vision to change the perspective about women. A vision to break the stereotypes associated with women. A vision to establish an equal platform for both men and women to develop. All of these visions are possible through a united vision of education for all.
Talking about gender discriminations and injustice in the Asian context would be a cliché for many people; however, this is the fact and we cannot deny that most of the Asian women are victims of discriminations whether in households or workplaces.
I am a part of a South Asian community, and I have heard and seen many families, where women are positioned lower than that if men. Especially Asian families are traditional and patriarchal in origin; therefore, women have fewer opportunities in decision making process about their health, education, career, or marriage. Due to which women feel dependent on men and comply with what the head of the family, usually men, speak for them. As a result, women’s voices are often suppressed and worthless.
I believe one solution to mitigate this problem can be providing education for both boys and girls. Education is a light of knowledge that enlightens people’s minds about their rights, duties, and responsibilities towards themselves, their families, and their nations. Most of the Asian societies are bounded by their conservative orthodox that shapes people’s expectations towards women and their behavior. Consequently, women become a powerless group who remains dominated even at her home.
I have a vision that can help to empower women to speak for their rights and freedom. Providing education to both male and female will help them broaden their knowledge about equality and independence. The new generations will be able to question irrational norms in their culture that isolates women from decision making process and try not to follow every traditional orthodox blindly. In fact, the power of education can also help women to take places of renowned heroes such as Margaret Thatcher, Madam Curie, Hillary Clinton, Lady Diana, and so on. These famous faces set an example that women can represent and lead the nation similar to men.
If a country has its men population working then why not women? This can certainly help the country to grow economically, increasing the manpower. Hence, education for all is my vision for my community especially the Asian communities.
Nonetheless, this vision can only be possible with a great determination to bring a change. Therefore, if I desire to be the change maker, I aim to become a successful person who can lead a community. My personal vision is to achieve a good education and strengthen the connections with other parts of the world so that my work becomes easier. Indeed, I visualize myself to become a person who can convince people for making a positive change otherwise my initiatives can be weak to break the conservative roots.
Participating in the Voices of Our Future Correspondent will help me develop networks with thousands of women around the world to support my vision. Through telling stories and creating inter-connectedness, I can build my confidence in my vision. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to advertise the situation of women in the Asian communities; due to which, enough participation people around the globe for bringing a positive change can be welcomed. Consequently, diverse ideas and incentives can be thought of to tackle with these problems. In fact, poor nations that lack funds for building schools, and providing quality education can now get financial support from social donors.
Hence, my determination and Voices of Our future Correspondent can support to make my vision for education for both men and women real.


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Dear Priyanka,

I agree with you, yes the vision is possible if there is great determination and i appreciate and see that determination in you. Go ahead. Your voice is your weapon.


Merlin Sharontina

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Dear Priyanka,

Your vision is great and education is the way to realise this vision. I agree it was power of education that gave us heroes like, you mentioned, Margaret Thatcher and Lady Diana.

So yes, education is empowerment

Thank you so much for the feedback!

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Education is the Way

Your statement "Education is a light of knowledge that enlightens people’s minds about their rights, duties, and responsibilities towards themselves, their families, and their nations." puts emphasis on the importance of education for both men and women. One can only appreciate the significance of the other if both are able to comprehend and see the importance of education to one's rights and development. Keep working on your visions because you can make them happen. Good luck on your VOF application.


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Hi Priyanka, How true that

Hi Priyanka,
How true that education can unlock the potential of women all over the world. My favorite line of this piece was "Education is a light of knowledge that enlightens people’s minds about their rights, duties, and responsibilities towards themselves, their families, and their nations." Without knowing our rights, it seems unlikely that we can speak out for ourselves and for others experiencing injustice. The base for empowerment is truly education, and I'm thankful that you, as a leader, recognize this and want to share this idea with others.

Keep believing in yourself and your vision!


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The answer

You are right Priyanka education is the key to bring about social change. We must educate women, the young and the old alike. Because it is the mothers who shape the future of tomorrow so we should not neglect them.


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