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I Dream of A NewTomorrow

What then of my future? So much to do, so many places to go but more than anything else, dreams to bring to reality. There is so much I expect of myself, I want to write, I feel that more than anything else. I feel that I am an author, I feel like I should write stories of healing and redemption. I feel the need to write stories about girls and women, this fierce urgency to write is very much connected to this need I have to put my voice back into my body.

My vision is first and foremost undergirded by this fierce need to take pen to paper in a redemptive journey of creation. But life is strange and so my greatest fear is that when I put my thoughts on paper I will recognize that I really cannot write. So my personal vision is getting over this fear, to speak to this feeling of inadequacy. My vision then is to truly honour myself, to be convinced to my core that what I think I am, I know I am. I want to be an authentic person, I know that If I am a woman of vision and wisdom then fear cannot abide in my presence.

For my country Jamaica, I pray for peace and protection. I pray that as a people we will truly know what it is to be beautiful people in a truly beautiful place, that we grow to respect each other, to truly value justice and truth and that our rallying cry will become "Jamaica land we love" a country where we treasure our children and care for the most vulnerable around us and care for them so that they are left with their dignity intact. For my immediate community, I want to continue to be a 'lighthouse' for young women, I want to create a 'safe space' which will allow young women who are vulnerable and hurt and who have lost their voice to re-learn the greatness and wonder of themselves.

I know that World Pulse has given me a remarkable opportunity to explore a passion; my hope is that following these four weeks I continue to be a part of this remarkable experience. I continue to be a member of this community of amazing women, who everyday change 'history' to include 'herstory'. So far the opportunity to reflect and to be inspired have been very empowering, my confidence has grown, kind strangers have left me words of love and encouragement. So now I call them sisters and brothers. World Pulse is now a part of my dream; it has now been firmly attached to my vision as a writer. This is why I want to be a “Voices of our Future” correspondent. So that I can begin that dream towards writing, here I have already begun to “flex my writer muscles.” A VOF Correspondent has a global voice, her voice is connected to the voices of women across the globe. Here there are many truths, as many truths as there are women, injustice cannot abide in a place where truth is encouraged and welcomed. As a VOF correspondent I look forward to the opportunities to explore opportunities for even more learning and growth. I look forward to the networking opportunities that are invariably built into a programme like this.
More than anything else, I want to become a correspondent because I know that there is still a lot to learn, because there are women out there who have stories to be told, because there are little girls who need champions and mentors. I want to become a correspondent because I love this work.


Sharontina's picture

You have mentioned about the

You have mentioned about the fear that is controlling you, but i see a free flow of fearless words in your writing which shows that you have mastered that fear. So go ahead and master your voice.


Merlin Sharontina

Nadz's picture

Still fighting

This experience has been wonderful, the words of affirmation and encouragement have done a lot to boost my self-esteem and my belief that I can write. Thank you, this is so helpful.

Life is just for living

nifkinz's picture

Sister, you are a writer

Sister, you are a writer already! Your words are here on World Pulse and we hear them! You are already on your way! I enjoyed this thank you for sharing it

Becky Frary

Nadz's picture


I draw strength from your words and will read them everytime I want to write. Thank you,

Life is just for living

Rebecca Andruszka's picture

thank you

I think every writer understands that fear of a blank page, of beginning to write. But that means you aren't alone! We all struggle with it and somehow books and articles continue to be written, just as you were able to write this. You can't be a writer and not have that fear--you just have to learn to not let it control you. You seem pretty brave, I think you can do it. :-)

Nadz's picture

Thank you

I appreciate the vote of confidence, thanks for taking the time out to send me words of encouragement. I appreciate them.

Life is just for living

Anna V's picture

I, too, fear my own writing

I also dream of writing, though I fear that my words will be inadequate to express myself. You are a gifted writer, and you inspire me to keep trying.
This part was my favorite -"Here there are many truths, as many truths as there are women, injustice cannot abide in a place where truth is encouraged and welcomed."

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