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Can we be the change!

Who wouldn't agree that men, the half of the world population, need to change in order to make it a fair world.
A world were: A mother won't sink her head in shame because her just-born baby turns out to be a daughter,
a good-at-studies girl won't be banished from going to school just because she was eve-teased, women aren't brought and sold, brides won't burn because parents couldn't afford dowry, a rape victim won't be blamed for calling it upon herself...

Of course men have to change for a fair world. They are born of women. And they even worship women (gods).

But men will be men. So, my vision for this fair world does not see them exercise this change any soon. Women need to take charge. In my fair world, women stand united and don't add fuel to the blazing fire of patriarchy.

It just begins at home. The germ that boys can get away with anything was planted in my head by my aunt when I would have been eleven or so. When her son would beat her daughter, both my age, she would yell at her daughter asking her to be silent and practice patience. Her son, who was already a spoilt brat, would raise her collar with a cunning smirk. The son turns out to be a wife-beater. And the domesticated daughter has since been getting it from her husband and the in-laws.

I wonder why couldn't my aunt be that agent of change.

Here in India, with so many cases of bride-burning and torture, mothers-in-law are still the main vamps. Generally, the demand for dowry and harassment starts from her. Why! Why can't she understand that her daughter-in-law has got the same education as her son, is equally dear to her parents and yet is leaving her world behind for her new home, which shouldn't be a living hell. Being the head of the family she has to take the charge. After all she has been at her place once. The vicious cycle has to stop somewhere.

Can a woman boss make sure that her female staff is not harassed at the workplace and is payed equal as her male counter parts?

I envision a world were women stand up for women.

As a woman journalist, it's my responsibility to work for this change. I have been doing it for so many years now. But I must confess that there have been so many stories which I never had courage to tell. For examples, stories from my homeland, Kashmir. There was an old mother who died waiting for her only son who was unlawfully picked by the army. She waited for 18-odd years. Or a new-bride who was shot at while adjusting the curtain of her bedroom. And a wife who's not sure if her husband is dead or alive. She calls herself a half widow. A sister who was gangraped because her brother was a militant...

See, I am already at it. That's what World Pulse means to be. This training program is empowerment for me. The art and craft of telling the stories in a way that nothing is lost in translation. And bringing the voices to an audience who cares and who matters.

Also, after eight years of working for a leading newspaper, I have quit my job to travel and bring out some real stories which have been left out. It has to be journalism with a purpose. It's something I had wanted to do for long. This program will be first step in the right direction.
Thanks World Pulse for giving me courage!


Sangita Thapa's picture

Woman stand up for woman!

As a woman, I stand up for you my dear sister! Lets make the other half participate our cause, lets join hands in making this world a better place to live in and be the change we always wanted. :)

fozia yasin's picture

I already feel so strong

My dear Sangita, thanks for being so prompt. Trust me, I already feel so strong...

We for us :)


Sharontina's picture

I raise

I raise for you too.

Merlin Sharontina

fozia yasin's picture


Sharontina, thanks for giving me strength.


loretta's picture


Mothers should be the one who fight for their girl children and protect ther daughters-in-law. They should know better and not be the one's who inflict pain on the girls or daughter-in-laws.

Hence I adviced someone that to transform a girl, if possible, fine tune the mother/parents first.

Keep writing those stories of the down trodden.


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

Count me in with your vistion where women stand up for women.
Good luck

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

Ruth Bech's picture

I love

I love the way you tell your story - I agree there is a long way to for a lot of societies. It is not enough to have the legislation in order - or to sign a treaty to look good. The work on the ground must be done as well, with addressing backwards and harmful attitudes, tradition and cultural habits or traits. I have yet to hear of ONE country that does not need a lot of work. Much of women's equality is a on paper. We need it to be in society, between you and I and all others. Looking forward to more from you,
love from Ruth

J écoute's picture

It is my sincere hope that we

It is my sincere hope that we all come to understand that some, or most of us, have internalized sexism. With patience and love, we can offer education on sexism. Our stories are an important part of achieving that goal. Yes, we can be the change! Women and men can, do, and will stand up for women!

sallysmithr's picture

Thank you!!

Thank you so much for sharing. It does take a lot of courage often to be the voice due to, sadly, the backlash or consequences that there may be. I think it is very important that we stand up not only for other women, but for everyone. When we see injustice or someone being wronged we should stand up for them. I think you have a very postive vision and for me it is important to hear things, as bad as they are, because otherwise I am not even aware they are going on. Once I know it makes it easier to stand up also and do my part to make change!!
I wish you the very best!!!


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