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Juices of embracing my Challenges!

Experiences has taught me so much in life, I live daily wishing to impact atleast one person positively from all I have learnt. There are so much hatred, misunderstanding, pains, agony, violence in the world today all because of what we were taught. The world dances to what the society demands from them and it’s an issue for me because women are usually the worst victims of societal demands. I strive to use my little contribution which includes my life, my work, my beliefs, my stories, my writings etc to make the World a better place simply put and generally, -

‘To get me and you understand that the best we can be is ourselves’
To my community - ‘A Positive, Peaceful, Independent, Accountable, Loving Africa’

My personal vision
 A world where the public identifies Vitiligo like they would identify a meal
 Inspiring Individual Innovative Change!
 To motivate women to train intelligently, participate in active journey to change, adopt healthy nutritional habits and keep moving

My major Objective
 A world where neglected diseases such as vitiligo are no longer neglected
 To help heal the world starting with healing ourselves.
 To liberate Africans from restrictions of social, economic and health conventions especially arising from Societal and Traditional ideas & beliefs!
 To empower economically & socially and improve Quality of Life of women living with altered images
 To empower and inspire women to embrace healthy eating and living especially adopting plant based diet for the healthiness of their individual families
 To weigh and strengthen our traditional beliefs for positive outcome
 To build a society that empathize
 To build virtuous girl/women leaders

Truly when we create harmony inside by thinking harmonious thoughts then that energy goes out from us into the world, touching people and places and things.
The center of our world is wherever we are. Our thoughts go out from us like ripples in a pond.
I finally acknowledged that what I had called one of the worst disasters in my life really was one of the greatest gifts. With these realizations came the understanding that while pain, fear and resistance are part of life, they are not a sign that my life is taking a wrong direction.

Going by my Vision and major objectives, there are much I want to do, there are much am interested in, they are all important to me and there has to be a way I can manage all without breaking down, ignoring myself further, balancing it all when I have my own family and achieving and impacting positively. All I seek led me to World Pulse. I am here because I want to learnt, I love to write, but do not know how to do it, I am here to from others who have done it successfully, I am here to learn from their mistakes and successes, I am here to be guided and mentored.
All I am interested I really wish to contribute to in any little way; I know communicating effectively is the real deal and that is what I am here to learn and understand and with the little I have learnt already, there is a huge difference in my thoughts now whenever I think of writing. I strongly believe that World Pulse will guide me to communicating effectively.

What my life showed me and continues to — is that life is my ultimate friend and that it takes me where I truly want to be, even when I have no idea where that is. All I need do is BELIEVE that which I want and Trust God while doing what I have to do!



Greengirl's picture

I admire your determination

Dear VITSAF, you are very focused and I strongly admire that. Your sense of expressing your passion is quite contagious, and just as you are a willing and enthusiastic learner, I am sure many are also looking up to you and learning from you. I wish you the very best in your quest to achieve your personal vision for yourself, society and the world.

Best regards,


Sharontina's picture



You are proving to be a powerful visionholder and striving to make a tough journey towards your destination. In the process you are becoming a wonderful teacher to all of your women in the community.


Merlin Sharontina

Dear Vitsaf,

THANK YOU for your positive and determined attitude to create positive change and healing needed in your community and life. I applaud you for embracing divine chaos, life's challenges by making it a powerful turning point, empowering others with possibilities and leading by example.

Please keep generating positive energy and inspiring others with your work, words and actions. I BELIEVE in the power of one incredible woman (YOU) and her vision to unite people with love, respect and a common humanity.

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Dana Anderson's picture


Hi Vitsaf,
I truly enjoyed reading about your vision because you see what needs to happen on both a personal and global level to achieve change. Only by starting with ourselves can we hope to have an impact on others, which you express so nicely when you say "Truly when we create harmony inside by thinking harmonious thoughts then that energy goes out from us into the world, touching people and places and things."

Your optimism in the face of difficulty provides such an inspirational tone to your writing. I especially like how you advise us to believe in ourselves if we hope to make a difference for others.

Thank you for being a leader, and good luck!


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