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Women, power and control.

Women, power and control.

 Ever since my childhood, I considered myself a great woman, I felt that I had this burden and worries that make a difference in my community over the way women were treated. Abused by men and even other women who considered low because this is what never ceased to repeat the ears of women, according to the customs and traditions. Yet I noticed born woman was not easy,
Live like a womens in the community where we live was first difficult for woman . But at the same time looking for a place among men who also share their natures and customs themselves as leaders. So not very easy for women to impose and enforce their rights.
 If we want we can it comes to decision-making and control. In politics, for example, some women have already begun to trace the path even though men do not give up easily. This is a good thing, little small women will provide a lot more effort to have their rights respected.
 My vision is to be an exemplary woman, a woman who show my sisters that the woman is not only made to cook, to take care of her household as think most people in my community, both women and men but women as well as man can do many things better and also more than some men, I think, and I never cease to believe. I am an example. I was due to fight hard alongside men to be what I am today.
 The woman plays a very important role in society despite many prejudices that are made with regard to women in the DRC.
 It is true that to bring some change in a community necessarily need some money, but I always say that if we want we can.
 For such changes occur, we must have a vision, my vision is to show women that we can and to get there we need to support each other. The argument is not only by money but by ideas, the exchange of experience. Congolese women for example, can interact with women of Rwanda on how they are received by the applicability of the law on gender equality in their countries while in Congo there not happen?
 What are they have done? can be exchanged with other women around the world and thus find solutions for each other and relying on the experiences of each other.
 I wanted to be candidate for the voices of our future. because I wanted through this opportunity to deepen my knowledge in the field of use of Web 2.0, the social media, to the voices of Congolese women around the world to hear and find a solution to the various problems we faced in the eastern DRC.
 This will help me realize my vision because it will allow me to get in touch with other women around the world to exchange experiences working with them, especially those living in developed countries, see what they made for women in their society full enjoyment of their rights.
It could also serve me to change things in my country.
 I would like on this occasion to take away the voice of women in my country due to lack of use of Web 2 .0 lack of information on new technologies information are kept in back compared to women of other countries participating in the making of major decisions in their country simply because they can carried away with their moans.


binapatel33's picture

Very good

Thank you for sharing with us your vision. I can see that you are determined to make a change in your community, and you will accomplish this goal. Do you live in a big or small community? The reason I ask is that you should perhaps reach out to women in your community to meet once a month or once a week and get together so that you can hear each other's voices, thoughts, and opinions. You can begin by making this change. First you can meet to discuss why you are meeting. You can discuss the purpose of your meeting, including the need to create change to break the traditional female role in your community. From there you can share stories and life experiences to see how you as a powerful woman would do something different. Once you get together, you will get an idea of what you want to accomplish, and then you set a plan to accomplish it.

If you need any help, just please email me and I will be more than happy to help you set up a plan.

Kind Regards,

Kind Regards,
Bina Patel
hc Mediate, LLC

Hannah B's picture

Thank you!

Thank you for sharing your ideas and vision!

It sounds like you are already a great leader with great ideas, and I hope that you will get the support and help that you want from World Pulse.



passy mubalama's picture

Thank you hannah for your

Thank you hannah for your coment, i hoppe we will share experience and we help women in our community,
what kind of job you do in your contry?

Passy Mubalama
Founder and coordinator of Actions and developement initiatives to protect women and children AIDPROFEN
Tel: +243 81 14 41 591
Skype: passymub

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