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My Vision - My Mission

I envision a life where every one is empowered to use his or her full potentials in living a qualitative and rewarding life. A life where every young girl & woman knows their right and are allowed to live it in full without the domination of bullies or chauvinistic entities lording it over any one of us.

My mission is to facilitate (in my little way) everyone especially women and children to be physically, socially. mentally and economically self reliant through education (formal & informal) and health development for sustainable quality of life. A life where every potential will be harnessed and directed positively in achieving a harmonised living.

Surprisingly, it is in line with the Millennium Development Goals on the basic fundamental human rights. Since my vision is my mission, i want to assist my community in harnessing their hidden potentials and talents in order to have a quality and sustainable lives. Every human being is created with one or two talents which has been undiscovered due to timidity illiteracy and lack of mentorship. These talents and potentials has to be discovered and improved on on daily basis in order to live a rewarding life.

The world has become a global village and what ever improvement, progress and development we are able to achieve in our separate communities will radiate all over the world. . A world of freedom and harmony, a world without violence, hunger, war and a world of gender equality in all ramifications. A world where a girl child will have access to education to any level while also being educated at home to prepare her for the future as a TOTAL child. A world where every woman will have the opportunity to be gainfully employed in any field of their choice. A world where pregnant women will not be dying in droves and will have access to health facilities and drugs. A world where every one will have access to basic physiological needs, good health, clean water and electric power. For us to achieve these, every hands must be on deck. We must mobilise our communities in different phases to be able to meet with our designed objectives

As a woman leader, being a Voices of Our Correspondent will give me ample forum to bring up in different discuss, issues plaguing my community and seeking resource exchange in carrying out and accomplishing some of our program in order to alleviate poverty and suppress cultural and traditional oppression of women and girl children. We need the world to assist us in advocacy, campaign and awareness creation of our plights to enable us improve the lives of our people. It is also noted that so many of people are not literate, so cannot have access to WEB 2.0, i will be their voice and assist to create a window(s) for them to see the world.

Knowledge is power and an informed mind is a powerful mind. Learning is a continuous process, therefore, whenever i log in to Word Pulse and other social networks, i don't go away empty, there is always something new that will improve my way of thinking and perception and sends me on brainstorming path on the things i want to do and the way to do them in order to achieve stated objectives.

We have come together on World Pulse to keep the light shining as women advocates by bringing to light the rights of women and girl children being trampled upon, that is our goal that must be achieved. We must do away with men dominance, women jealousy and envy and keep faith.


on common grounds.

It is right that they are based on your values and in sync! You are building your infrastructure to make your work unshakeable, strong enough to withstand the pressures of patriarchy and ignorance! stay focused and keep in touch!

"Be the change you want in the world." Gandhi

Debra K. Adams, MA
See my vizify bio!
Survivors In Service: Self Empowerment Strategies (SiSSeS)
Consultant/Speaker/Author & Owner/Founder

otahelp's picture

I am accomplished

Really, when i was writing this week 4 assignment, the access to the internet has been funny for some time and when i was able to scribble something, i quickly posted without knowing if it okay or not. I am glad that some people find it good.

thank you for the encouragement.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative
Lets keep the light shining

And a person, who gets so much support as in this group, is a powerful person.
That's what VOF has already done for us and will continue to do.

Keep writing and raising your voice.


loretta's picture

You go girl.

Your vision is very impressive and I wish you all the best.

Keep going!


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

otahelp's picture

thank you my name sake

Hi Loretta, i appreciate your encouragement and kind words.

Best regards

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative
Lets keep the light shining

wowitsjackie's picture

Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your mission with us. Your passion really comes through in your voice, and I hope that World Pulse can help you achieve your goals.

Keep writing!



Riya's picture

Your vision

Thank you for sharing your vision with us. I really liked how you mentioned it is your mission in life to facilitate women and children in whatever way you possibly can. I think we're living in such a rushed world and often we do not even have time, or become interested in spending some times, just listening to others. An informed mind is indeed very powerful and together we can learn so much.

Thanks for your post


Abby A's picture

mission statement


I truly believe that we are most effective in creating change when we are clear on our personal mission or mission statement. I believe when you move from a place of vision and core belief, that the work you do will reflect these principles. I love how you tie your own personal work to that of the millenium goals for human rights. To me, it shows that the little work you can do is worth it and a part of something larger. I also appreciate addressing how women can often tear each other down through jealousy and envy. Sometimes we create drama amongst ourselves and forget about the strength in community and solidarity.

Thank you for sharing!

Abby A

otahelp's picture

i like this

Hi Abby i like this sentence - "I also appreciate addressing how women can often tear each other down through jealousy and envy. Sometimes we create drama amongst ourselves and forget about the strength in community and solidarity".

there is so much in strength in community and solidarity if only we can understand.

I appreciate the encouragement so much.

thanks for reading and commenting

Keep the light shining

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative
Lets keep the light shining

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