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A Stronger and Louder Voice

They will make a louder Noise and create a bigger impact

A National Women Leadership Network; that serves as a platform where women all over the nation unite for a common course and speak in one voice is what I look forward to achieving.

I spent 22 years of my life trying to know me, who I am and what I was meant to do only to realize that the answer had been with me all through. All I ever wanted and all I ever did was help people discover themselves, and use their inner strength to create change within and without. I realized helping people discover themselves, find a way out of their challenges and being able to improve their lives made me feel fulfilled. Since then my daily assignment has been finding better ways of helping people.

I realized that I could only help when someone opened up to me and made me understand they were hurting, not feeling worthy, discouraged about life or felt they were not good enough. Later on I found out that some people have a hard time articulating their problems so I will have them write it down and I’ll write back to them with an advice or answer to their questions.

As time went on I came across people who wanted to stay anonymous, so they will drop me notes explaining their problem and I’ll do well to leave them a note as well with their answers and I’ll always end my notes with this phrase; ‘Your life doesn’t have a duplicate, so use every minute you are graced with to do something you will be proud of, I burnt your note after reading so your problem only exists in you now, decide what you will do about it today’

For the past two years that I have been a development worker, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of people and this has given me a whole new perspective of things, people have even greater challenges and need answers that I alone cannot give. They need to speak pass me to some greater authority. I realized many women go through challenges they can’t help themselves out of, some don’t even know that what is being done to them is wrong, some know it’s wrong because it hurts, leaves them feeling wasted or unworthy and are almost chocking of the pain but don’t know what to do about it.

I have had some tell me I feel better now that I have told you about it. Then I understood that sharing experiences was healing to most people as it is to me, it actually feels like some load has been taken off you. But this feeling only last a while till the situation presents itself again. When I listen to them I’d say if this good feeling could only last forever. I realized healing could only be complete if the situation they found themselves in changed to what they desired.

Something needs to be done with these stories; they need an even stronger and louder voice, in the right places and to the hearing of the right people for change to occur. This ‘stronger and louder voice’ we can get when many more women all over start preaching the same message where ever they find themselves. I live to make this happen in my country, I live to help ignite in women the fire to be their own voice and be agents of change in their families, communities, country and the world.

The ‘Voices of Our Future Program’ is one of the most essential steps in achieving my vision. I need the training, the guidance, the advice and all the comments I am getting right now to build my capacity as the voice for women in my community and a national network of women activists. Sometimes I really get carried away by my work as the office prescribes that I forget I have a mission to accomplish. I need to stay focused and this program helps me do just that. This one month has been very helpful, I have accomplished much and have stayed reminded of the reason I live – to help people.



ayodele emefe's picture

Well Done

Hello Passy,

Thank you for an enlightening and inspiring piece. From the beginning of your narration to the end, I felt a connection with you first as a human who wants to do something for others, and secondly, as a woman.Positive Change is what we aspire to bring about when we share and talk about issues affecting our and other people's lives. I am inspired by your vision. With your determination, I have no doubts that you will accomplish your vision for yourself, your community and country.

Well done.


"You are a champion and a hero. Do not think yourself any less"

RosemaryC's picture

A fire ignited

Dear Passy:

Your vision is so strong, and your writing is so powerful. When I read your article, I had to go back and read all the other ones you had written as well, and I was equally impressed.

You listen to other people, and you hear other people - that is such a wonderful gift you give them. And I think you are right - that there is a step beyond listening to other peoples' problems and challenges, and that is to help them change the situations that are causing them pain. And change requires both personal empowerment and the voices of many women working together to achieve that vision.

I like your idea of a National Women Leadership Network, that would bring together women like you. I wish you all the best in achieving your vision. And thank you for your wonderful kindness and service in listening so compassionately to so many people over many years - you are a very special person indeed.

Best wishes,

Dear Sista Passy,

Wow, your spirit, vision and compassionate action is such a blessing to the women in your community & our global community. Compassionate Listener is a skill and gift of immeasurable value which validates the person sharing their struggles and provides them with HOPE & INSPIRATION during a moment of need.

Your wisdom and vision to create a National Women Leadership Network to unite one to one million voices, like a choir singing in unison, each unique yet united is powerful and needed. You are the maestro/conductor leading the way to empower a community to listen to the voices and cries of their sisters, daughters, mothers, wives and grandmother's who speak up for compassionate action and change.


With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

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