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Utopia of an optimistic woman


Each of us has his own battles. And sometimes life strikes. And everyone needs a hand of support…

I am a regular woman, nothing extraordinary. I work in environmental NGO in Ukraine. I like my work because every day I know I fight for good things and for the better future for my children. I believe, step by step this world will change, and other things will become values. Things like education, nature and health protection, humans’ rights, respect…

But every day I see another picture. My 16-year niece said it looks like pregnancy becomes trendy… in between teenagers. She has several friends who made babies in their 15.

It’s a pity, but this is trendy only for teenagers. Ukraine disappears as a nation. Prognosis says, by 2030 we will have about 35 millions of people (now is 45 millions, ten years ago was more than 50 millions). How to solve these problems?
Ukrainian deputies think is to ban abortions. For some reason deputies-men, authors of the draft law, think that in this way Ukraine will become demographically prosperous country. Maybe for men who feel sick on mornings only because of hangover is difficult to understand that only a desperate woman can take a decision about abortion, and in many cases because men in Ukraine avoid responsibility and so often leave women with “Decide by yourself”.

Why men think they can solve women’s problems better than women? Once Prime-minister of Ukraine (a man) even said, the work in government is very hard, so this is not the place for a woman.

Yes, there are other feminine professions. For example, my friend is a secretary, and she must not only prepare coffee for her boss, but also be patient when he tries to flirt with her, because she is divorced, has two children and needs this job. Another friend lost her work just after her boss found out she was pregnant. In general, a woman no has chances to receive a work if she’s in competition with a man. Furthermore, if you will take a look at announcements of vacancies, you will see that for the vast majority of them men are preferred, even if profession is not gender-based.

Usually Ukrainian women keep silence about harassment on work and violence at home. They think shame is worse than offence. It is common opinion that in such cases it’s always a woman’s fault: her skirt was too short, she behaved bad or said something wrong…

I want to change this attitude. I want we support each other, and together we can give a great fight back.

I am more than confident that you recognize in my letter some people, even you live thousand miles away. Because unfortunately these problems are the same for any country. But we are here for changes. We are here to shout if it’s needed. We are here to raise our voices and built a wall of support for every single case when a woman is offended!

I know we have the power to change public opinion. I want we make a beautiful team which will bring the beauty to the world, beauty of relationship and trust, beauty of motherhood and care, beauty of a new world, full of love, respect, pride and sensitivity.

World Pulse is a perfect bridge to reach my goal and achieve these changes. Jorge Luis Borges in his famous short tale “Utopia of a tired man” wrote: “In my desk on Mexico Street I keep the canvas which someone will paint thousands of years later, with the materials now scattered around the planet.”

I am here to make my brushstrokes, to paint this beautiful picture, full of colors brought by the women from different countries. I want to open discussions and speak about strong issues; I have a gift to see things clear and to be straight. In my life it helps to find the solutions.

We have so many duties; so may things to share, so many problems which unite us and united we can solve, because together we are stronger!

So let’s do it! Join me and let me take care about all these women who still hope!



Klaudia Mexico's picture

we the women who still hope

Dear Irina

I have lived in many parts of the world and unfortunately human misery looks the same everywhere. Nevertheless, finding appropriate solutions is also universal. I see the carity you speak in your words and your legitimate need to work in the empowerment of your fellow compatriots.

May we keep our hard work and embrace the dreams and hopes of those women who still believe in change.

hug from Mexico

Klaudia González

Iryna's picture


Dear Klaudia,

Thank you so much for your support! That's why we are here, to find support and the best examples and keep moving ahead! Together we can do so much!

Warmest greetings from the Black Sea,

Unfortunately, as much as we have fraught and do fight for our rights, there still are the same issues facing us all over the world. No matter the country. I'm sending you good vibes across the distance! Know that you are not alone, Iryna.


Iryna's picture


Stacey, thank you so much for your words! Sometimes just a hand of support is what gives you a lot of forces and inspires you to move ahead.


Dana W's picture

Hi Iryna, Thank you for an

Hi Iryna,
Thank you for an inspiring text! You are so right, while reading your text it has sounded familiar and also sad. Your gift is others benefits and it’s reassuring to know there are women with amazing soul who won’t accept things as they are and demand a change.
I’m with you!

Iryna's picture

Together we are stronger

Hi Dana, I sincerely believe that together we can change a lot. I understand that for this we need to fight, sometimes very strong but I think here we are the women who will do all to protect themselves and other women and girls around.
Thank you so much for your inspiring words!
Together we are stronger!
Warmest hugs from Ukraine,

Dana Anderson's picture


Hi Iryna,
This is a well-crafted essay that rings with your voice and vision for a better future. I especially enjoyed gaining an insight into the challenges faced by women in your country (and really, for all women). Thank you for expressing these thoughts and for calling us to action. I really liked this line: "we are here for changes. We are here to shout if it’s needed." This is a great reminder of the main vision of World Pulse and similar initiatives! Great work and good luck; I know you will continue to be a great leader.


Iryna's picture

Changin the rules

Thank you for your touching words, Dana! We are here because we believe our voices have value. Sometimes this is the voice of millions people, millions of women who suffer in silence. And we need to unite our voices to make them louder and change the rules of the world!

Warmest greetings from the Black Sea,

Noreen D.'s picture

Into the light

Dear Iryna and all,

We are living in truly amazing and exciting times. As we woman are rising and empowering ourselves, more and more incidents, abuses, violations and slavery against women are coming into public and global awareness.

For example, how many good and decent Americans can believe that 3 women were held as sex slaves for ten years in a neiborhood in Cleveland, Ohio in the US.

Slowly by slowly, things are changing. We need to shine the light on these atroceties, shout out, yes, shout, demonstrate, help change laws, whatever it takes.

With much hope, NOREEN

Noreen Donohue

Iryna's picture

Let's shout!

Thank you for your supportive words, Noreen! You know, I was thinking what makes our voices sound stronger. I think, yes, life can be hard, really hard, but there is always someone who believes in you. And it gives forces, it makes you stand up and move, and change the world around you!

Let's shout together, girls! ;)

With warmest greetings,

Potter's picture

A Thousand Miles Away

Iryna, I really appreciate how you speak to the universality of women's issues.. You are in the Ukraine and I am in Portland, Oregon, USA and I could identify with all that you wrote. Well done! You are right: together we are stronger. I look forward to reading more of your writing. You have a lot to share. Yes, you are a regular woman with an extraordinary understanding of women's issues. Use your brushstrokes and paint that beautiful picture!

Iryna's picture

Change for better

Your words, Jana, are very inspiring for me! I really think women see the world the same, doesn't matter their faces, nationalities, countries. They see the same beautiful and awful things. But the main is to support each other and change the world for better.
Greetings from the spring Crimea,

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