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Kung Fu Panda


Kung-fu panda is a story of panda named Po, helps his father in noodle-shop. His dream was to be Kung-Fu master. This becomes reality when he was unexpectedly chosen by master Oogway in order to save the valley of peace from a villainous and treacherous snow leopard “Tai-lung”. Thus he enters to kung-fu world and studies alongside his idols, Furious Five (Tigress, Crane, Mantis, Viper and Monkey) under the leadership of their guru, “Master Shifu”. Po puts his heart and girth into the task, and finds that his greatest weaknesses turn out to be his greatest strengths. Po ultimately becomes Kung Fu hero by learning that if he believes in himself, he can do anything. And this is my story…

I am a Po with a dream to be Kung-fu master to save this world from Tai-lung (treacherous men/destructive forces). Kung-fu and Master Oogway is world-pulse trusted me to bring peace into world but to turn my dream into reality I need Mentor Shifu to become a dragon warrior and defeat Tai-lung. Our army, government, law, police and NGO’s are furious five, fighting for change but in vain. I believed like PO that these idols will settle things or if they can’t then how can I?? Without power and resources but world-pulse teach me that to realize our dreams we don’t need claws, wings and venom, just one secret ingredient is to “BELIEVE YOURSELF”.

“Secret ingredient is nothing” “To make something special you just have to believe it special” words of PO father.

“There is no secret ingredient it’s just you” quoted by Po. In magic-scroll he finds mirror which means power lies within you.

I believe my power is my words, web2.0 and support/encouragement from world-pulse enough to fight with evil, Heal the broken, speak for unspoken and transform world by bringing peace. With one formula “Speak, Spread and Change”.

When Po was discouraged by everyone it was Oogway who renewed his determination and advised him to focus on present rather than doubting himself. And next morning Po announces that he will stay to train. Instead of furious five, Oogway trusted Po as world-pulse believes that it’s not only authorities even an ordinary woman can change the world. Today I knock down all my doubts to announce that I want to stay to train and become voice of correspondent, want to pair with mentor to become WORTHY OPPONENT.

Listening others from last 26 years, I felt missing myself but by Worldpulse I met myself and my listeners. I don’t want to be lost again. I want to feel my existence and purpose of my existence “to please God by serving his humanity and to please myself by pleasing God”

I am thankful to God that I am girl filled with sentiments, love, emotions, sympathy, care and patience if I were not a girl I would never sensitive to the world around me. People called it our weakness but I will turn this weakness to my strength. God has specially designed us let’s take back the feminine wisdom lets spread the love God gifted to us. let’s celebrate and enjoy being girl. Remember dragon warrior was just panda before knowing his strengths.

Waiting for the day when I will triumph and my father will proudly say “look! That lovely Kung-fu warrior is my daughter” A day when my mentor will find inner-peace along with me, my community and my world.

Sending link of movie

Dedicating this song to all women

Everybody is Kung-Fu Fighting
Your mind becomes fast as lightning
Although the future is little bit fright'ning
It's the book of your life that you're writing

You're a diamond in the rough
A brilliant ball of clay
You could be work of art
If you just go all the way
Now what would it take to break
I believe that you can bend
Not only do you have to fight

But you have got to win

The journey's a lonely one
So much more than we know
But sometïmes you've got to go



Maya Norton's picture

Po of the Here and Now

Aysha, what a fun read. You've gained me as a follower in thinking that "Kung Fu Panda" is an apt analogy, which I wasn't sure about when I saw the title of your post. I like how you've explored all aspects of the analogy and have carried it through your entire piece.

I want to tell you that "po" means "here" in Hebrew. So it strikes me that your writing about change is very here and now, of the moment.

Keep writing, sister. And singing. I may very well have that song in my head for the rest of the day.

~ Maya

Aysha Ibrahim's picture


wow what a meaning and how wonderfully you relate it. Thank you Maya for your lovely words and I am glad that you find it interesting and enjoyed reading it. Stay tuned

Maya Norton's picture

Tuned, Aysha. :) With

Tuned, Aysha. :)

With admiration,

~ Maya

libudsuroy's picture

And "Po" in Pilipino language

And "Po" in Pilipino language is an expresssion of respect and trust. We add it to anything said when you address someone who is older and wiser. As when we say, salamat po! -- Thanks so much with respect and trust.

Salamat Aysha-cum-Po, po!
Salamat po, Maya!

libudsuroy/Lina Sagaral Reyes
Mindanao, The Philippines

''Every Day is a Journey and the Journey itself is Home.'' (Matsuo Basho)

Maya Norton's picture

How cool! Thanks for sharing.

How cool! Thanks for sharing.

Salamat po, L.

~ Maya

Aysha Ibrahim's picture


wow it has great meanings. I am enjoying its meanings in different languages. and thank you so much for using this expression for me. I feel honoured.
God bless you

ola.mahadi's picture

lovely story Aysha

I went through it and every time i see you through your written words you have good telant and strong voice.
Glad to see you complete this application process.
Good louk and keep your voice heared.

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

Aysha Ibrahim's picture

True sister

Ola Glad that you were with me throughout this journey and hope to have you in future as well. Many thanks for the support, appreciation and best wishes. God bless you

Aysha Ibrahim's picture

Real warrior never quits

This movie has inspired me alot and that why I have shared link for those who have not watched it. You will find revived after watching this movie and it will brighter your day.
Quoting here my most favourite line hope you will love it too

“The true path to victory is to find your opponents weakness. And make him suffer for it, to take his strength and use it against him until he finally falls or quits, but a real warrior never quits”

Great post and I quite enjoyed how you have tackled it.
Overcoming our inner demons, finding the confidence within us means everything.
The clumsy panda becoming the master kung-fu and his journey reaching there, was one I relished watching too. The movie is full of inspirations.

Glad you have taken the lessons from the movie to heart. I wish you all the best in going forward.


Aysha Ibrahim's picture


Thank you so much Aminah. I never knew that its not outer circumstances that made us powerful, power lies within us and we have to use this power in a very positive way. May God help us and we girls rock it

Yosra Akasha's picture

Speak, Spread and Change

Well said sister Aysha, your peice is full of inspiration.

Best regards,

Yosra Akasha, Sudan

Aysha Ibrahim's picture

Thank you sister

Thanks alot Yosra. thanks for reading it and taking it as source of inspiration. stay in touch

libudsuroy's picture

Dear Aysha, This is an

Dear Aysha,
This is an inspiring piece that is written with the gleeful touch of a child. It is a fable of joy and finding oneself and one's purpose in this world. Thank you so much for imagining a world of strong, self-directed, self-empowered women. Continue to believe in your power as changemaker! Best wishes and I hope you continue writing.

libudsuroy/Lina Sagaral Reyes
Mindanao, The Philippines

''Every Day is a Journey and the Journey itself is Home.'' (Matsuo Basho)

Aysha Ibrahim's picture

A bundle of thanks

Sure I will continue writing and will continue believing my power with just a little hope that you will continue supporting me, that is all I need.. Many thanks libudsuroy!

milliej7's picture

Thanks for our piece Aysha.

I enjoyed reading your writing, it's fun and offers a motivating voice! Well done.

I am pleased that you feel supported by this community and I share your comments on being sensitive to the world around me.

I would have liked to have heard more about your vision for the future? If you were a Voices of the Future correspondent how do you envisage using your voice?

Good luck, keep fighting and keep using your creative voice!

I believe we are sent to world for purpose. Every one life has some purpose and I think I am born for healing. I met so many people in my life and this is so strange that everyone who faced problem always shared it with me. Taking their problem as mine problem I always tried my best to help them support them and solve their problem and bring back smile on their face. Solving small problems I believe I have the quality to solve the bigger one as well. Drops makes ocean I will start from small to high levels, myself, my community and then my world.From my childhood I wished to bring smile on each woman face in this world and save them from violence and cruel men traps but it was just a wish It seems impossible to do so but after witnessed unlimited violence against women cases my wish turned into strong desire then it becomes a need when the number of cases increased after floods and military operations in my country I thought that it’s necessary to raise voice and bring them back to life otherwise our all generations will suffer and the chain will go on. Needs turned into goals and thus become my vision to bring positive change in my society.

If I become voice of correspondent I will be paired with mentor thus it will help me in realizing my vision. I will follow my philosophy of “speak, spread and change” speak to highlight women related issues, spread them to bring them into notice and bring change by immediate actions. More I communicate and raise awareness more I will able to unlock the solutions.As I am working for rural areas/tribal areas and they don’t have access to net and they can’t speak for their rights as I mentioned in my previous posts so I want to become their voice I will raise voices of these unheard women. While those who have access to net I want to listen to them and console them by giving them online motivational trainings by creating web community.
“I will bring the smiles back on the faces of the traumatized population by bringing their voices into mainstream thus empower the vulnerable to improve women status. Soon People will hear my voice, spread my words, find solutions and help me in building constructive peaceful society”

Thank you so much for your appreciation and encouragement

Lyndsay's picture

Ashya, I love that you

Ashya, I love that you approached this post with such levity and managed to send such a strong message through an example that is familiar to many people. (I haven't actually seen the movie, but will definitely watch it now after reading your post!).

I also like how you describe some of those "special ingredients" that you have as a woman that make you strong and help you confront challenges in the world - love, sympathy, care and patience.

You have a unique voice and your posts always spark such interesting discussions! Keep writing and taking creative risks!
I look forward to reading more :)

All the best,

Aysha Ibrahim's picture

Thank you Lyndsay

so many thanks for your admiration and encouragement I enjoy creative writing and will try my best to keep it up. Once again thanks for the lovely words

Potter's picture

Clever Story!

This is a clever story and I think you had fun writing it. It was certainly fun to read! When I read the title and saw the picture of the panda I wondered where you were going with this srticle. At first I wondered how a cartoon panda named Po could help explain your vision for the future. You did a great job of drawing personal lessons from the film. The article is well constructed. You kept the theme of believing in yourself consistent throughout the piece. You write, "I believe my power is my words." Wow! That is a strong statement! I hope you will continue to write and to participate in the World Pulse community. Can you suggest other great films I should see? I enjoyed this piece. Thank you!

Aysha Ibrahim's picture


Yes I really enjoyed this movie and with same bliss I have written this article. I believe that every story/movie is not just for entertainment there are some lessons for us that depends on viewer/reader how they extract it. I am pleased that you all are enjoying every word with same glee in which I have written this article.. with full smile face :-)
I will surely share names of other good movies but let me recollect them.
Thank you so much for appreciating my work!

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