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Beauty that transforms the World

My vision is to empower women across the globe through sharing my experiences using storytelling, poetry, dance and online journalism. For me life only begins to make sense or should I say gets fulfilling when we start to learn that it is OK and allow all those mistakes in our lives not cripple us but to skill us. This is only achieved through sharing experiences with other women and affirms you that you are not alone and that it is all OK. The reason why we are still alive is yes! We have not completed our mission in this life and for me this connects so much with girls and young women daily desires to belong to groups and fit in.

Sadly the media plays a role in this bad influence; where women grow up thinking that a certain image is acceptable and that they need this outfit, hairstyle, make up and hand bag to look the part. This saddens me because it all blurs the vision of young women who can’t have all those things in a glossy magazine that promise to affirm her femininity and identity.

This has also influenced my vision for my community. I desire to create a safe space for young girls and women to come and explore their skills and have a platform to connect with their mentors at our Arts Academy and also encourage girls and young women to share their stories through short stories, poetry, paintings and this will hopefully be collected and we will publish a book for a wider audience in different languages.

I have also come to discover that we all share similar challenges regardless of our geographical locations. This was confirmed during the past 4 weeks when I read through the Voice of the Future fellow applicants journals, I learned that we can all relate and that one woman’s story can transform a whole lot of us because of their ability to be vulnerable which every women can relate to.

My vision for the world is quite simple and achievable, to create a Global Community where finally our differences can help nurture each other rather than oppress and lessen each other. I foresee a future where I can connect with a young woman in India regardless of my skin color or ethnicity. Where we can start a Vintage Clothing boutique franchise that will support both our Countries economies and create employment for other women too. Where ideas can cross seas in an instant and that can be achieved through using powerful mediums such as the internet. A Community which does not only relate by its challenges such high HIV/AIDS infection rates, poverty but will be unified to form solutions that will transform the lives of its members and neighbors too.

Why will I like to be a Voices of our Future Correspondent is because I connect with the World Pulse values. And because I robustly believe in the power of a spoken word. Whether written or verbally shared, it is words that liberates and transform the lives of the people. And also that we can begin to create a Global Community through sharing our rich experiences. Another important reason is the opportunity to be exposed to a diverse Community of women who continue to succeed regardless of their current challenges. This encourages me to keep writing too.

I love the fact that World Pulse not only appreciates our beauty as women but encourages us to reach deep within ourselves and transform ourselves before attempting to change the lives of others, and how they also promote creativity to be used as a solution catalyst also inspires me.

Participating in the program will help me to achieve my vision. Unlike other programs that I have participated in which have encouraged my participation as a Community builder, Activist and a Mentor, World Pulse believes that before I can start transforming the world I need to transform myself first reminding me that I cannot give what I do not have. That through taking time to reflect daily and to slow down I will and can live a sustainable rich inner life.



Stacey Rozen's picture

Your aims and goals will come

Your aims and goals will come to fruition, Zandi! I hope the girls I know will get a chance to meet you too.


Princess who glitters with dust,

You definitely got it right when you stated that the difference between other orgs and WP is that the WP vision is one of self transformation and understanding before one can share the experience with others. That is a very important aspect of the journey. We have to know ourselves and what drives our passions before we can begin to try to mentor others on that same journey.

I believe you have a great future ahead of you!


every day go out of your way to do something kind

PrincessZar's picture

Thank you!

Amen! I believe and receive such beautiful blessings from you Sherises.

Thank you for taking your time to read and contribute to the post.It is encouraging to know that what you write can spark some change in peoples lives.

May the Lord grant you the desires of your heart.

Princess Zar!

Keep your fire burning!

Rebecca Andruszka's picture

thank you

I love your vision of creativity and arts in the lives of women. I know that appreciating different art forms is where my sense of activism and empathy (and outrage) began, and it still plays such a big part in my life.

PrincessZar's picture

Thank you!

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for taking time to read and contribute on the article.

Have a beautiful evening!

Keep your fire for life burning!

Keep your fire burning!

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