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Who gave Voice of strength,happiness,hope and GRATITUDE to the golden Sunshine


While watching the world from up above the clouds one will be astonished to see that all the clouds look so different. Their Shape, size and location is absolutely different but still they stick together all the time. The major point to be noted is that they are so calm to look at. Silent and beautiful. They give us the most important component to live and breathe- WATER. Apart from that they protect us from harsh sunshine but detach and depart from each other just to bless us with little sunshine in our life. They are so sensitive to understand and adjust their lives and lifestyle accordingly .Irrespective of the geographic location, we all love Rains for our own different reasons. Some of them just for joy whereas for others it’s indispensable. We do look forward towards clouds for water to Sunshine but one thing we always forget is to APPRECIATE AND THANK them for all this. Human Beings do take things for granted- a bitter truth. Even more bitter fact is that they take Women in their life as granted. MOTHER have to cook , SISTERS have to be their side , sweet and caring, WIFE is the biggest gift of God they have for free of cost who they can treat the way they want but she will still bear it all and love him endless.

Like a cloud, a women is only a giver of love , happiness , strength and so much more. You look towards her for love you will get plenty of it, for happiness you can’t stop jumping when you are around her, you look to her as hope she will be the immovable strongest pillar you can bank upon. As a daughter she will be the one jumping around and simultaneously take care of nook n corner of the house and the members. When it comes to hospitality she would make sure that the guest is treated so special. When it comes to her ‘SOMEONE SPECIAL’ , he will be the luckiest to have her love as he will be in clouds with the love and affection he would have never expected. When it comes to her another face and she is blessed with an angel boy or a girl, she will happily dedicate her 9 months being so careful about single step and action. All this while she will be at the giving side and won’t expect much in return except a little love.

As a VOF, I would like to thank and appreciate each and every woman for being the way they are. My vision is to see a day when every individual loves and thanks women in their life. Every individual celebrate the woman hood and they don’t take us for granted. We are the givers since ages and will be doing the same forever but NOW is the time that if we won’t get what we deserve we have to put our foot down and fight for it. We will have to raise our voice today so that our future generations, our daughters live a better life where they don’t have to face such criticism at every level of life. I want to en strengthen and celebrate each and every woman. We need to spread the word in schools, at home, in offices and everywhere else. In my country during her menstrual cycle, women are not allowed to sleep on the bed, watch TV, eat in the same plate she eats in her routine life; she will be given an isolated corner of the house like a servant. This is happening with one of my dear friends and she has bargained with her mom to at least allow her to watch TV and she promised not to come in front of others. ‘WHY WHY WHY’ keeps ringing in my head and the answer comes ‘You are a Girl’.

As a VOF, I want to spread the word and let the world know that women are not anymore supposed to keep isolated and that too when they are in huge pain. My vision is to see a day when she gets special attention and care instead of such inhumane treatment when she is in Pain and need her family the most. It’s time to show our gratitude to each and every woman out there for the pain they take and still follow these rituals years after years for the sake of motherhood. As a VOF, I will have a voice to the future of such girls/women in our community. Together with World Pulse we will have training and campaigns across the country to teach them about human biology so that they are more hygiene conscious and come out of such myths.



Sharontina's picture

Powerful writing dear Upsi. A

Powerful writing dear Upsi. A good comparison - yes woman is a symbol of generosity and compassion. Keep sharing.


Merlin Sharontina

Cassady's picture

This is lovely!

I really enjoyed your post. Your writing is quite lyrical and poetic. I like the comparison with the clouds - each cloud is different, and means something new to each person, but where would we be without them? Thank you for sharing!


Just an initial scan-through: narrative that is creative, descriptive, interconnecting a variety of imagery and prose into a beautiful tapestry.
Thank you for your heart.
Thank you for your perseverance.
Thank you for your voice.

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


mjose3's picture

Nice writing

Hi Upasana,

I like your post. I agree with you women should be treated more humanely. Thank you for speaking out for all the women.


Aurore's picture

Makes me angry

The thing about the period and the isolation of women is so terrible. Periods are so natural! and it's what allows all these men making ridiculous rules to be brought to this world.
Terrrible that still today, women suffer from having a uterus............

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