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I am a Pulsewarian. Keeping Silent is not me, I Roar !

Hello Applicants,

Hope you all are doing wonderfully well. Our four week assignments are nearing its end, but the journey has not ended.Let us keep the spirits alive, contribute and continue to share.

I was wondering about asking you all about that ONE quality of World Pulse (Pulsewire) that you like/love the most.I know there are many things to love about WP, (and no word limit can restrict us !! :)) but still let us share any one quality that attracts us the most about WP. It could be anything - from the pictures on the website to the text, or the comments on your posts to the staff of WP ( i personally LOVE them - i think they are very patient and sweet).

So kindly share and let us find out what we feel about this unique platform.

For me World Pulse is my home. I am a Pulsewarian, i roar !!!

Love and lots of hugs to all,


Tash's picture

i love to read the stories

i love to read the stories honestly. i may not comment on all of them but i have read almost all the recent stories. i love to be informed.x

Kind Regards,

anab87j9's picture

Hello Mukut: It is so nice of

Hello Mukut:
It is so nice of you to keep in contact with us. I commend you for staying in touch and being active on here and engaging us in your discussion. This truly embodies the spirit of sisterhood, which I found on here. It is also one of the many things I like about WP. The ability to share our cultural perspectives and offer views about solutions from our eyes is amazing.
I just wish if there was a way where WP can encompass many languages. I am sure there are many women out there who love to be on here but language is a huge barrier for them.
I am and will continue to be excited about WP. The eagerness to check my email and or fb was replaced by the eagerness to log on in here and share experiences with my sisters! I love the fact that this happened because it is so enriching. I am forever grateful.
Much love,

As the name goes Pulsewire ; pulse signifies life and wire means connection. Hence, it's a connection of lives that desire something, wanna change something. What I like about WP is this connection with awesome women in this planet. We are developing our army and I am sure we will grasp the victory :)

Anisha Pokharel

Mukut's picture

WOW ! lovely

Lovely ! So great to hear from all of you. I completely agree with all your thoughts on WP.

Lots of love,

Mukut Ray

Precious M's picture


I love so many things about Pulsewire. However, one thing thing that stands out for me is that women can share original stories in their own words. The stories are unedited so people get to see them just he way they are, straight from the woman's heart. Pulsewire really gives space to grassroots women.


My pen speaks

Greengirl's picture

I heard your roar!

World Pulse brought us together and I cherish that Mukut!


kirthijay's picture

Mukut! I am super-grateful to

Mukut! I am super-grateful to WP for bringing me close to lovely people like you, Greengirl, Patsy, Precious, Lylin, Wendy, Loretta and so many, lovely, lovely women who I have bonded with!

<3 <3 <3

this is among one of the benefits that that WP is bringing closer to us as applicants, we learn from each other and also exchange the intellect part of us. I like the points you put accross.



Anita Muhanguzi's picture

I Love the stories

Dear Mukut, I love pulse wire for its orignial stories. The power it gives us to write what troubles our inner most hearts. I also love being to connect with women from all parts of the world. I salute World pulse. Lets continue to encourage and be there for one another.

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Head of Legal and Advocacy
Centre for Batwa Minorities
Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

otahelp's picture

World Pulse - Pulsewire

Have you taking time to think about the name of this forum - World Pulse - Pulse Wire - The pulse of the world - women pulse are being taking, measured and shown to the globe. the forum wires our pulse and we are empowered to shout, whisper and generally pour our heart, pains, joys out and we will be listened to and heard.

The camaraderie that exist among the wonderful women here and our allies. Our listeners and staff has been wonderful too. always silent but very active and at the same time allowing us to put in our best.

this forum inspires me in so many ways i cannot really express in words but our actions and posts shows and tell it all.

thank you Mukut for starting this discuss.

Kudos World Pulse - Pulse Wire and kudos to all of us members and contributors.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative
Lets keep the light shining

estelle's picture

I just love everything, the

I just love everything, the sharing, concern shown to one another, in fact the list goes on and on

Aysha Ibrahim's picture

I love

people say that face book is like fridge you check it out every ten minutes same is the case with WP I check it out every ten minutes to see new comments or new stories.I love reading comments on my journal and love leaving comments on other's journal and i love reading wonderful stories around the world infact i have said goodbye to to FB now a days just giving all my time to WP.and the thing I like the most is freedom of writing with feedbacks that keep us motivated I have enjoyed this journey so much and our involvement and bonding is most lovable things. love you WP to bits

radiocami's picture

Fellow Pulswarian Mukut...

Fellow Pulswarian Mukut...
My answer to your question?
I love the open, interconnectivity. Our women's word at our fingertips, Support, friendship, community. In one word, Interconnectivity.

valerie camila rhodes

seunaboy's picture

its a village

Hi Mukut
i love wp bcos its like a village of people .....a community of people with a common background....womanhood.
although with different biological composition but we are women with a yearning for change.
we move the world!!!!


seunaboy's picture

its a village

Hi Mukut
i love wp bcos its like a village of people .....a community of people with a common background....womanhood.
although with different biological composition but we are women with a yearning for change.
we move the world!!!!


Mukut's picture

Lovely !!!

Shine on ladies !!! Now is our time, seize it.

Lovely to meet all of you here.

Love and hugs,

Mukut Ray

What i like the most is the face that you get to meet women from around the woirld whom you get to share you dreams, passtion and get honest caring feedback.

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
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