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A Vision To Unlock The Feminine Potential And Celebrate The Creativity

When we were small,we learned how to start a fire by focusing sunlight through a magnifying glass. Sunlight alone, could not start the fire. It had to be focused through the magnifying glass. This basic principle reflects in the vision of our lives. It must be focused, to produce results.

Our vision must inspire us ,equip us and ultimately create a unique us, to unlock our full 'feminine' potential.

About four months ago,in Delhi, when a young girl got brutally gang raped on a moving bus, the misogynists and rape apologists of my society,were quick to offer their excuse .Their solution was defilement and victim blaming.

In India,every day there is a new story of some kind of horrific sexual assault against women. Every day i hear people, politicians, educated men and women (including some of my friends) spreading the message that rape is somehow the victims' fault.

I envision a society where the victim is never blamed for the crime. I want my women to live "guilt free" in a country that believes in punishing the rapists and not debasing the victim.

My friend, Ayisha, an educated, modern girl, loved a boy but could not marry him as he belonged to a different caste. Her parents believed that if she married someone against their choice,it would bring shame and dishonor to their family.

My vision is a future where "family's honor" does not depend or restrict the choice of any woman of my society. The constant pressure of upholding the family name ( or izzat in Hindi) ,in order to appease the patriarchal society, brings immense psychological and social duress to a woman. I want my country to view them as independent individuals,and not as extensions of their male counterparts' identity and honor.

Indians like to proudly call their nation- Mother India and worship Mother Goddess in different manifestations. But this reverence is restricted only to few words in reality.On one end, we worship Goddess in the form of Mother and at the other end, we are constantly killing the most precious gift of nature- the girl child.

I envision a future where girls have the right to live. They enjoy the right to freedom, education and equal nutrition. I want a future where no parents would desire an abortion, if the ultrasound test, detects a girl.

Though times are slowly changing, the reality of women's lives remain invisible to most and the mere fact that "Women hold up half the sky"- does not appear to give them the position of equality in our society.Therefore, it becomes the collective responsibility for all of us to contribute in alleviating women's position in society.

My responsibility towards alleviating their position would be by sharing the stories of the unheard. Empowering and encouraging others to find a leader in themselves and to help unlock their true 'feminine' potential.

Being a Voices of our Correspondent will help me in overcoming the barriers and will magnify my voice. It will make my individual efforts,powerful enough to bring change.

Through World Pulse, i have seen the global power sisterhood can hold. I have interacted with other applicants and came to know that somewhere we all share the same dream. Being a VOF, i can initiate, debate and produce solutions and ideas that would help in bettering the position of women in my society and also reach out to others.

Empowerment does not hold any meaning unless women are strong , alert and conscious of their rights. VOF serves as that medium of empowerment for me.

I have a vision of the type of leader i want to be. I know i have to start NOW. VOF will help me in telling a different (and better) story of women of my country, 10 years from now.



Precious M's picture

Catchy phrase

Dear Mukut,

I was particularly moved by this phrase: "I envision a society where the victim is never blamed for the crime." It is so annoying when victims are blamed for crimes. It is like scratching a wound again and again. Victims should rather be consoled.

I wish you the very best, sister.


My pen speaks

Mukut's picture

Yes Precious

Victim blaming has to stop. Too many people of my country are involved in spreading rape culture.

Thank you for stopping by. Appreciate your feedback.


Mukut Ray

Greengirl's picture

Always creative!

The manner in which you identified and highlighted each problem and immediately followed it up with an appropriate solution, is quite creative; and leaves no one in doubt that you are a solution oriented writer. With unrelenting voices like yours, I am sure that India will soon win the battle against prejudicial practices.

I look forward to your selection as a 2013 VOF Correspondent.

Keep sharing my dear friend!


Mukut's picture

My dear Greengirl

Your comments always make me smile. Thank you.

I am so happy to have met you here. Hugs :)

Mukut Ray

Sangita Thapa's picture

10 years

Mukut, you are so right to mention 'Feminine Potential', the source of every positive potential. Its really sad to see all the injustices and all sorts of brutalities on women and girls, which is hindering the feminine potential to thrive fully undermining her confidence. I wish you luck and support you in your great cause where you envision a better world 10 years from now. Let's START it!

Mukut's picture

Sangita ! how are you doing

Hey my friend,

Hope you are doing fantastic!! It is always great to know i have support from so many friends around the world.

Thank you for being so sweet and thoughtful.

Hugs and love,

Mukut Ray

Anita Muhanguzi's picture

For Sure

My dear sister Mukut you have the potential to be the leader that you want to be. Nothing is impossible. Well done my dear sister.

Mrs. Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi
Head of Legal and Advocacy
Centre for Batwa Minorities
Skype: mrs_muhanguzi

Mukut's picture

Thank you Anita

You are a sweetheart !!! Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my post.

Love and hugs,

Mukut Ray

Saving Angel's picture

You did it once again!

Mukut, I always enjoy reading your pieces of art! They so eloquently, tell some of the most amazing stories, thoughts and emotions that I've ever read.
I think one of my favorite parts in your piece this week is when you said this: "This basic principle reflects in the vision of our lives. It must be focused, to produce results". Your choice of illustration, definitely explains what we as a society need to do in order to accomplish all of our goals.

Thank you once again!
Much love & respect xoxoxo

Mukut's picture

And i love reading yours

You are a beautiful writer. Your posts are straight from the heart and exude warmth and love.

Thank you for your thoughtful words.

Love and hugs,

Mukut Ray

Taha Mirani's picture


Dear Mukut, as always your posts are filled with wisdom, hope, and power. God help you fulfill your dreams.


Taha Mirani

Mukut's picture

You are a powerful writer dear


You are amazing ! Such a powerful writer. Keep it up and thank you for the kind words.

Love and hugs,

Mukut Ray

mikabo's picture

VOF Listener


You have a rare talent indeed. You are an artist who can also write with power and vision. I am so impressed with you essay! It reminds me of the famous speech given by Martin Luther King Jr., (one of our great peace leaders here in America. ) called "I Have A Dream". You can watch that speech here:

In this speech, Dr. King gives us a picture of what is wrong in society today and then provides the vision of what he would like to see. His ability to describe this vision with art and poetry lends his message the power that gave this speech it's place in history.

Your essay started with a metaphor for focus and vision and proceeded to describe the problems (including personal story) along with your vision for the future. Very powerful.

Thank you very much! This is what changes people -- sincere, poetic communication!

I commend you!



Mukut's picture

Thank you

Martin Luther King Jr., his quotes and speeches have always inspired us. Thank you for your amazing words.

It made my day. Thank you for being kind and thoughtful.

Love n hugs

Mukut Ray

mikabo's picture

VOF Listener

It was my pleasure. Thank you for your writing and insights.




mjose3's picture

An equal gender


India is very much in need of women who are fearless and strong. I am glad that you are keen on taking it upon yourself to do just that. I feel disgusted when I read about rapes and abuses women and now even children suffer at the hands of horrible men.

We need to educate the men to respect women of all classes, races and cultures.

Good luck and god bless you.



Mukut's picture

Yes Lisa

India has lately been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Rapes have increased manifold, and each detail is more disgusting than the other.

I have taken it upon myself to speak about the ills of rape culture in my society and stop the norm of victim blaming and shaming.

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. Appreciate it.

Love and hugs

Mukut Ray

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