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My personal vision.

People think I am very weird, they do not understand why I do the things I do. In fact I was just at the United States Embassy in Beijing, I was applying to get my american visa. The guy that interviewed me looked puzzled, he could not understand what was happening. He was very surprised because I was Mexican, lived in the United States for ten years, had an engineering degree and now lived in China teaching English. It was almost as if he was asking me: Why didn't you just stay in the US? Why are you working as a teacher when you can make a lot more money as an engineer?
Even my mom is very confused by me she doesn't understand why I live so far and why I want to teach. She wants to come home have a normal job and get a husband. So I am going to take this assignment and make it my chance to explain why I do the things i do and hopefully someone will read and understand what is on my mind and my heart.

What is my vision ? I think it is difficult to explain my vision in a couple of words so I will write about the things that inspire me every day to keep going. I love to travel, I love to see the world and experience the amazing things the world has to offer, sometimes along the way in my travels I see things, things that sometimes change my point of view or that help me be grateful and sometimes i even see things that make me angry, that make me wish i could do something about it and that i could help somehow. My favorite thing about traveling is not visiting beautiful places, although i do love that part too, but the people i meet along the way. It is amazing how much I learn from random people and how much people can change you, sometimes you become great friends with the people you meet along the way but sometimes its just that one look that you exchanged with a stranger that makes you think about all the good and bad things around you.

Ever since I did my community service in high school, I knew i wanted to continue helping. I want to help.
My vision is: I want to be able to live a comfortable life in a nice and safe community, have a job that I enjoy and a family that I love. I want the same for everyone, I believe that if we work together we can make the world a better place.

How will being a correspondent help me achieve my vision? It can help me help.


LisaXi's picture

Travel as a Gateway to the World

I get it. I love how travel brings me to the culture of people. And I agree that you should do what brings you joy, help people along the way, and go where your heart leads.

Wishing you many more adventures.

keronga's picture

It is surely good to travel.

It is surely good to travel. I was living in my comfort zone untill one day i accompanied my friends for field work. The landmine survivors and victims I met changed my life forever. Man is born free! Stick to your freedom!

Iryna's picture

I think is very important to

I think is very important to do things which you like, travelling, teaching, learning all the time new things. This is incredible and makes you a deeper person. Thank you for your story, Ale!

Greetings from Ukraine,

I can hear you are someone who can clearly feel the interconnectedness of everything and who made that THE quest in her life!
It is such an honorable striving and I'm so happy for every single person that can feel it, too! So, dear Ale, I don't think you're weird at all! You just feel a lot more than a lot of other people and that is a gift.

Thank you for sharing this piece and for living up to your dream of equality and justice even though you could just ignore and live a much more "comfortable" life.

That's the spirit the world is hungry for and we will feed together :)


Klaudia Mexico's picture

fulfilling our happiness

Dear Ale
As I was reading your first paragraph I was thinking of how my family think I’m crazy because I´m single and childless. I invite you to read my last post about being happy without caring about what other people think or expect from us.
Life is too short indeed so we better do whatever we enjoy the most.
Good luck with your life endeavors!!!

Klaudia González

ayodele emefe's picture

Hello Ale_Velez, Thank you

Hello Ale_Velez,

Thank you for sharing your vision with us.

My one dream that I am yet to make happen but which I believe will be fulfilled one day is touring round the world, meeting with people from different backgrounds, learning different cultures and experience what women and girls in other countries are experiencing in areas that I have passion for such as education and empowerment.

You said in your post that being a voice of our future correspondent can help you help others. can you specify some of the things that being a correspondent can help you do for other women and girls out there in regards to things you see that make you angry? Can you share some of the things you have witnessed/experienced in your travels that you believe should be addressed?

I will love to hear your experiences.



"You are a champion and a hero. Do not think yourself any less"

Pushpa Achanta's picture

Interesting perspective

Dear friend,

This world needs determined people like you. Hope to read more about how those you meet influence you.


antonia.h.'s picture

Oh, this was so nice to read!

Oh, this was so nice to read! I love traveling as well and living in different societies and meeting people. It makes me appreciate our common values more and understand that the differences between us just make the world more colourful. As you point out, even a look or a smile of a stranger, wherever you find yourself, can change your day and bring so much joy.
I like that you decided to share your story and I can honestly relate. Except maybe that my family doesn't expect me to get married yet. But they will at some point and I don't know what will be. Who can? I feel free and happy. On the opposite, sometimes I feel really sad about what I see and experience, but at least I'm not hiding in my comfort zone, afraid to know what's out there. Being free and helping people, that is definitely not weird!

rozjean's picture

Good for you, both for doing

Good for you, both for doing what you want to do and helping people along the way. The world needs so many more bright people who are willing to teach despite low salaries usually paid to such important resources.
Warm wishes,

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