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My Vision

Have you ever come across something that seems so perfect for you that you can't even articulate why you want it? This is the challenge that faces me as I write this last assignment.

I feel selfish for wanting it. I feel shameful for thinking I really may have a chance. Whenever I try to back away from it, however, my Spirit cries out "No!".

My story is in no way as harrowing as those of the women in Afghanistan who self-immolate simply to escape from their desperate situation. Nor is it as harrowing as the women of the DR Congo who have been so severely raped they need colostomy bags for the rest of their lives. My parents didn't want to abort me simply because they discovered I was female. My life, in comparison to millions of other women, has been quite a blessing.

What, I believe, I can contribute is simple: my heart and my voice. They're my strength and the tool I will utilize to make my vision a reality.

As I mentioned before I have a business: TeeRevolutionary. I sell t-shirts with my designs of my revolutionary heroes and donate 10% to one of five causes. The customer chooses which cause to donate to (Women for Women International is one of them). It's based on the principle that the T-shirt is a ubiquitous article of clothing worn at some point by just about everyone. I want to feature not only those iconic figures most closely associated with the term "Revolutionary" but also other fearless individuals who risked and continue to risk their lives for peace, equality, freedom and justice that are lesser known.

TeeRevolutionary ultimately is a business that will celebrate the courage within us all to create a change in our world for the better. World Pulse is a testament to these "revolutionaries" who work tirelessly and courageously every day.

I view it as an immense honor to help spread the word of these individuals. They inspire me beyond words to do better in whatever task is at hand and to view the world more humanely. Being a Voice of the Future correspondent will enable me to develop my skills to articulate these stories through training and garner the confidence to do so forcefully from the mentorship. I am moved to tears by these stories and believe everyone else should too.

I started doing simple videos to this effect but stopped because I doubted my ability to report accurately on an issue. I have no journalistic expertise. I'm currently working on a piece regarding the beginning of the Syrian Revolution that focuses on the boys who spray painted slogans on the side of the building and the 13-yr old boy Hamza al-Khatib who was brutally tortured and murdered. I want to make the point that the parents of Hamza did the same thing as the mother of Emmett Till - let the world see what was done to their child thereby galvanizing thousands to protest.

Here is the first video I did talking about Kimberely Motley:

As my business grows so too will my opportunities grow to impact the world for the better. I hope to, one day, see a movement of political expression of words, music and art emerge because of my business that empowers every person who encounters it.

I've had a dream for a long time that if I should come across a lot of money I would invest in the education of girls. As you documented, the higher the number of girls that are educated in a country, the better that country does overall. I have long dreamt of helping to increase the access to education for girls (and women) and to increase their political literacy and capability to lead. I ultimately want to see more women in government.

Even if I'm not chosen, I'm truly thankful for the experience of writing the journal entries. I'm definitely better for it. Thank you, World Pulse.

I end this last assignment with a quote from the film "Zero Dark Thirty":

CIA Director: "What do you think of the girl?"
Assistant: "She's smart."
CIA Director: Rolls eyes. "We're all smart."


ola.mahadi's picture

yes we are all smart women

Good luck Nechesa,
As always in your post it is full of emotion, well written and leave you thinking.
What i love the most through this application is that you see other girls, women developing their skkilles and you just wish and work to be better.
Thank your for being here and shsring the pulse.
Satay connected

It is never too late to try make your way to your dream and left up your expectation.
Sudanes Women Building Peace

Nechesa's picture

Thank you again, Ola

I just realized that the program goes beyond the 30 finalists! I'd just be happy with the mentoring and training, lol.

I guess that's why they call them "finalists".

And THAT is the genius in me. I've now come full circle on World Pulse:)

mikabo's picture

VOF Listener

Dear Nachesa,

Thank you for your essay AND your video! I am inspired by the sheer breadth of your activism. You write, speak, film and produce conscious products all in the name of transformative empowerment. We are so lucky to have you in the world. I would like to provide you with some constructive criticism that may help refine your already excellent work.

Your essay is conscious and a little self effacing. I know it is easy to feel privileged in the West compared to what is going on in the rest of the world however, you feel the way you do because of your own experience...buried in there somewhere is a powerful and personal story. What is it? Do some introspection and uncover how your own life informs you on the need for transformation worldwide for women and girls. I notice you are a woman of color in America! This is no small thing. I give you permission to own any righteous anger about limitations put upon you in your own country as a woman and a woman of color. This anger has a purpose, that purpose is transformation.

Your video: I notice you are articulate, beautiful and quite personable. I felt as if we were having a conversation! That is a great start. However, I would like to see some more "B roll" in your video that can help describe your subject matter. The photos of Kimberly were very effective. Other imagery to underscore highlights in your script would be great. Also some specific images of your T-shirts! Sell me! Show off the product more! T-shirts are a very visceral form of communication. Lastly, I would encourage you to use the material you have produced to reach farther -- get an interview at the Afghan embassy, Skype Malalai Joya ( and film the conversation! Think of who you'd like to interview and contact them through the web. Tell them you are a video journalist. They will be interested. There are no limits!!!!


Thank you very much for your inspiring contribution. I am gratified to see sisters from America making use of this incredible platform.

Warmest regards,


Nechesa's picture

Thank you MiKaBo

I totally agree with you. I DO need more B roll and images in the videos. I was also thinking about conducting interviews but haven't quite fleshed that idea out.

I'm working with someone to help me with my marketing. I need more designs (especially women) and plan to incorporate them in the videos too.

Thanks for telling me these things. I need to hear them.


adeakins's picture

All Voices Need to Be Heard

"I feel selfish for wanting it. I feel shameful for thinking I really may have a chance. Whenever I try to back away from it, however, my Spirit cries out 'No!'."

Don't feel shameful - every voice matters! Great piece and keep working towards change. You are bringing a message to the masses with your company, which is your way of spreading your "voice" (if you will).

Keep it up!


Nechesa's picture

Thank you, Aaron

I truly appreciate your words. Sorry it took me so long to let you know. I've been off balance a bit lately.



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