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There is a part of my life’s journey which I hardly ever share. Somehow, my inner self spoke or perhaps it was the voice of the feminine that made me want to share it now. I lift the veil, here is it.
Losing my marriage due to ‘inability to have a child for my husband’ was the most tragic part of my life. My whole world crumbled, I became disillusioned, scattered and deflated. It was as if what I dreaded most had come upon me. Two of my grandmother’s sisters had suffered the same fate and had died childless. My mother, who was not childless still, lost her husband and here am I suffering the same fate

I worked out of the court room after the divorce pronouncement with reminiscences of my discussion with my mother after the burial of one of my grandmother’s sisters who died childless. I remembered I told my mum that “I will not allow childlessness nor lack of husband to steal away my joy in life” The two women lived a sad melancholy lives consulting herbalists and changing men like clothes all because they wanted to have a child. This flash back was what gave me the courage and strength to start my life all over again after my divorce. The only asset that remained with me after my divorce was my education as a lawyer. This was the capital I invested in taking pro bono cases to help women secure their rights in courts against all forms of discrimination. This was the beginning of my journey in women’s right and gender advocacy.

By 2003 my exploits in assisting women in courts had been noticed by the American embassy and I was nominated by the United States state department to participate in the International Visitor leadership program. Between 2006 and 2008 I was identified as an emerging women’s leader to implement the indigenous people’s network for change project in West Africa (IPNC). I monitored and observed the Global Environment facility (GEF) to ensure indigenous people’s issues are mainstreamed. In 2008, I participated in the writing and presentation of the Nigeria Non- Governmental Organization (N GO) Convention on the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) report at the United Nations. 1n 2009 I was nominated as one of the Beahrs Environmental Leaders of the University of California at Berkley, U. S. A.
Observing the GEF for two years was the turning point in my women’s right activism that took me into the realm of women environment and climate change. My work at the GEF opened my eyes to new issues and realities of pervasive inequality against women. It actually helped me to redefine and reactivate my women’s right advocacy vision to include women’s leadership in climate change and the environment.

My experiences gave me the leverge to inspire, mentor and provide leadership that empowers women and girls to advocate on behalf of women and gender in all spheres of life. Working with women and girls and making a difference for them has brought joy and happiness into my life which divorce or childlessness cannot steal away.

I have found inner strength, courage and joy to make the difference for women and girls in the journey of my life. Up scaling and taking my advocacy to the next level of promoting voice, inclusion and accountability on behalf of women will require cutting edge training in citizen’s journalism offered by the voices of our future correspondence. Becoming a VOF correspondent is the unique opportunity that will propel me to greater heights and help me to develop additional competence to take my women’s right advocacy to greater heights. VOF will help me to add to the repertoire of women’s “herstory” which the world pulse online community is writing. VOF will give me the edge to provide better mentorship and leadership to mould more sheros that will unleash women’s leadership in the world.

I am yet to find another husband and have a child but I live my life to the fullest finding joy in working with my world pulse sisters to make a difference for women on the ground.



olutosin's picture

I am in tears...for our society

I weep for our society today because our socialization has made us to abandon what matters most in our lives-Love. I weep for our men today because they continue to allow stereotypes to steal the best of their lives.

I will seize this opportunity to implore our sisters to move on, no matter the cisrcumstances surrounding us, we are one, we are together and we will continue to find strength in one another.

We will overcome.

Thanks for sharing strong sister.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale
Founder/Project Coordinator
Star of Hope Transformation Centre
512 Road
F Close
Festac Town


Titilope's picture


I have learnt to turn weakness into strenght, knowing that all challenges will ursher in new victories. Sisterhod, support and solidarity are the key words for us here. Let us support and lift up ourselves above discrimination and inequality.
God bless you my sister and do not forget to share our experiences in LASGAT at Coady.
Stay Blessed

Celine's picture

Hi Sis Titi

Such a touching story Sister! May your joy know no bounds.
Keep raising your voice. Speaking up is partly solution to challenges.

In solidarity,

Titilope's picture

May our joy knows no bound .

May our joy knows no bound . We cannot afford to let our life challenges weigh us down. We are role models and mentors to so many young women and girls. That is what sustains our joy and we will continue to be an inspiration if we do no allow our chalenges to pull us down.
Thank you for your comments

Celine's picture

Hi Sis Titi

Such a touching story Sister! May your joy know no bounds.
Keep raising your voice. Speaking up is partly solution to challenges.

In solidarity,

Hideko N.'s picture

Titilope, I am in awe

You really made me in awe. I myself is childless. But in your case, you even became stronger despite of the painful experience. Thank you for sharing your inner thoughts and the steps that you have taken firmly. I shall look up to you... We know very well that not all women with husband and children are happy, and also not all women without husband or children is unhappy. I am the latter one too. Only I want my daughter, not husband.

Titilope's picture


Hideko, i regard you as a Nigeria and my sister after what you passed through and you still have passion for Nigeria. Do not worry you will have your daughter. Even if you still want a husband you will have one, for i know there are many men out there who have love and milk of kindness in them and who will appreciate you.
As for me, i am happy putting happiness in the lives of others. I know i will marry again and have children and still continue to work for women and girls.

Klaudia Mexico's picture

Mothers of the world

Dear friend

You´re not childless, you´re mother of those people in need that your'e helping to overcome their sufering.
hugs from Mexico

Klaudia González

Titilope's picture

Thank you for your kind

Thank you for your kind words. Yes the many girls and women i have inspired are my children. They are the source of my joy.

Chinemu's picture

There is a reason

There is a reason to everything, you are not childless, God has made you to a parent to all the people that you inspire. I love your courage, Many women fail to rise the way you did, Brave you are.

Keep your fire burning

Titilope's picture

I thank God that i am able to

I thank God that i am able to rise again and waxing strong. With your support and encouraging words i am sure i will achive more and inspire many more of my children.

Fatima Waziri's picture

Thank you Titilope for

Thank you Titilope for sharing your story, you are indeed an inspiration to all. May God continue to give you the strength to carry on your work.


Titilope's picture


Dear Fatimah,
I need all the strenghten that i can muster to suceed and inspire more women and girls. With support and encouragement from people like you , I know i can do more.
Loads of hugs for you.

Kate Hartley's picture

You are my Shero!

Oh Titilope...your story is are you. Thank you for opening your heart and sharing your personal story with all of that you are surrounded by love and support here. I was not able to have children and floundered for many years with that pain and frustration. In the process, I discovered my creativity and a different purpose....and then I went to Panama and adopted by daughter!
Your commitment to life and the causes you support every day...inspire all of us....and is a "birth" of it's own.
"I have found inner strength, courage and joy to make the difference for women and girls in the journey of my life."
Yes you do!

Wishing you the very best!

Kate Hartley
"Let Your Life Speak"

Titilope's picture


Dear kate, I am happy that you see me as your shero. truely our commitment to life and the causes we support is a birth in itself. We will continue to birth joy and happiness in our lives and in the lives of those we support.
Thank you for your comments. I really appreciate it.

Activechica's picture

You are my Shero too!

Thank you so very much for sharing your personal journey. By doing so, you have undoubtedly given others a vision on how to evolve dreams, keep moving forward in a positive and thoughtful way through life, and never let others define your happiness. You seem so very busy and productive helping others; I hope that you carve out time for yourself!

Warmest wishes for all that is good in the world to come your way!

Titilope's picture

It is important that our

It is important that our happiness is not defined by others. I am glad that i understand this early in life. Yes, i am busy but i take my time to rest as necessary. I am happy to be your shero too. Your comment gladdens my heart. Thank you.

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