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just i want to be myself

the Oriental society made templates for everything,you have to dream by walking on the map drawn you a fenced community of customs and traditions, many of which line community teach you to do what pleases people and it does not matter to your satisfaction or not
And more personality weak and can be provisions circle control and restrictions and orders them are women and template preset women were created to be a wife and mother of this overall despite the presence of communities managed to come out of women to education and work, but all of this in the service of the same idea to be a wife and mother only
My problem with my community it was refuse my dreams it wants me to walk on its map, and my small community mother, father, husband's, sisters and brothers when i refer my far dream to them , they look at me in astonishment and on their tongues Why? But it's enough to be a mother and wife my answer to be it's not enough I'm a human I have dreams I want to achieve it
The next I am a wife and mother why not????
And begins the series resistance against this idea stiff resistance despite
I am educated and I work but the creativity of women in society is a curse eastern them over what is a blessing because it is unacceptable and strange

But nevertheless there are women succeeded and continued their dreams and achieve but for me and my circumstances avatar I'm actually in the circle of resistance and the grace of God that Find this magician in my life is internet, I can right away from these restrictions and eyes surveillance for anything to try achieve my dreams
I live in a stiff resistance ,just I want to be satisfied with myself when I can to achieved my dreams into action
I already succeeded may be small successes but small on a small produce something great and still I walk in the path of resistance carry my dream on my hands to make it piece by piece from my soul and my mind and my heart
Resistance severe, especially if the man eastern aims responsibility of the home and children all over women Eastern blessing the community and so I carry responsibility of the home and children and responsibility of my dreams. I carry a heavy load on my shoulders I walk out in the way of my dreams for I am determined to be what I want now I write this the Post after what I did my fully responsibility cleaned house, made food, studied with my children and made sweet also . everyone in home were sleeping after a long day and I went to sleep too but my dream weak me up to writing to sit down and write than i type and total determination to be what I want
The road in my community very hard and opportunities weak to be journalist officially I do not have Career and experience with regret prefer owners instrumentality and those who have close and I do not have it and would prefer the owners young age and I'm a big prefer girl non-married to be free to work and I'm not, so What I do all the roads are closed؟
But I will Not surrendered I'm blogging ,Create books with my friends I make seminars participate in workshops on writing short stories I share in the presentation narrated the stories i out to the world that refused me
That I sat it to front of me to listen to me every day on the social networking sites Facebook Twitter here I will not stay away from this world before to listen to me and finally completed the work in the scenario to be the free scriptwriter
All acts hovering around the biggest dream to be a journalist and I came here on this site I can realize this dream
I want to learn Arts Press, this site does not require anything except my talent and my desire I like to be here and I am trying to this inside my heart


Lortoria's picture

Achieve your dreams

Hi Enas,

I hope you achieve your dreams as a journalist, and continue to do what liberate you and makes you happy. Keep writing and sharing.

Best wishes

Lortoria McDonald

New website coming soon!

Enas Lotfy's picture

thank you lortoria

thank you lortoria

Debra K Adams MA's picture

wonderful expression

I sense your frustrations on being a women in a box too tight, I have felt this, too - women need space to grow, to change, to progress, o share. You found that here, I am happy for you to have this to inspire you to keep going forward. You are a successful woman - maybe doing your dreams in a different order than others is your path, to motivate others in your age group to live fully! I believe you are doing this. Please keep in contact, if I can support you, I will

"Be the change you want in the world." Gandhi

Debra K. Adams, MA
See my vizify bio!
Survivors In Service: Self Empowerment Strategies (SiSSeS)
Consultant/Speaker/Author & Owner/Founder

Enas Lotfy's picture

thanks Debra

dear Debra your words are supporting me very much
thanks alot

Dear Enas,

you will have your break-through, I can feel it.... I'm incredibly moved by what you wrote. This is such a challenging situation you're in, yet you don't give up! I'm thinking, This happens kilometers away! Somewhere in Egypt there is a woman that wants to break through because she feels locked. I don't know if it has value to you but right now it feels very important to me to tell you that I HEAR YOU. Now I know you exist and it matters to me!

I might not be there in person but I'm with you in my thoughts and I KNOW that you will find a way.
You are so strong.
Thank you for being who you are. It is beautiful and inspiring.


Enas Lotfy's picture

thank you Jana

dear Jana thanks a lot
really i feel you so much in my thoughts
you words give me big push to continue
thank you so much

Sarah Whitten-Grigsby's picture

Thank You

Dear Enas,

Thank you for sharing your hopes, obstacles and dreams on this widely-read site. I am especially struck by your comment that the Internet is a magician in your life. Well said!

I wish you the best, and may your commitment to follow your dreams endure throughout the ups and downs of life, and may you indeed achieve success.

Don't surrender, and do continue to make your voice heard for positive change.

With Support,

- Sarah

Sarah Whitten-Grigsby

Enas Lotfy's picture

:) thanks Sarah

thank so much
i will dear i will :)
thanks Sarah

Dear Enas,

There is power in one voice, a dream and a woman who refuses to be constrained or let go of her dream but share her thoughts, experiences and dreams with the world ...... that woman and citizen journalist is YOU!

You are already breaking down barriers by being true to yourself and the BEAUTIFUL & STRONG Voice that exists in dreamtime but also in real life to inspire others.

Please keep dreaming, writing, sharing, inspiring and learning - your VOICE and PRESENCE matters!

With Gratitude,

Linda M. Ando

Enas Lotfy's picture

:) thanks alot Linda

thank you dear
you words make me fly :)
thanks alot Linda

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