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If I become a VOF Correspondent

I have always believed in and practised living life on my own terms and at the same time without violating the rights of others. I have achieved many things both academically and professionally but there is still one thing that makes me uncomfortable. I am uncomfortable with the direction the world is going and how violence, hatred and selfishness has distance one human from another. I am uncomfortable with the suspicion for new people, perceptions and ideas. But, the most disturbing fact is how our world is turning into territories with marked borders where livelihood has been a prominent struggle. However, this does not stop me dreaming for the future of the world. This is why, today where we are surrounded with heart-rending stories of war, extortion, kidnapping, terrorism, rape and so many inhuman issues, I still strongly believe in a world that offers equal opportunities and a supportive environment so that they can realize and perform up to their true potential. I would be much more delighted to see a world and to live in a world where to empathy, mutual trust, support and non-violence are the basic building blocks of life. I dream of world where not a single individual has to suffer just because of their gender, social status, economic class, ethnicity, race, religion and country.

As I shared in my previous posts, I want to live a life where I will be known for my skills, expertise, and individuality. I would be pleased to live a life by helping those in need in any way possible. I would be more than delighted if I get chance to live a life where I can help my community and country by sharing what I know and at the same time, learn from the diverse experiences and insights of individuals and groups belonging to different race, religion, socio-economic status and lifestyles both locally and globally. In fact, this has been an inspiration for me to join the World Pulse VOF Program.

If I am selected as the VOF correspondent, then I would be able to equip myself with the necessary skills and resources to understand the nature, scope and impact of any issue affecting my community, locality and above all my country. This will give me a strong foundation to effectively and successfully upgrade and most importantly use my skills to address various social issues affecting my community and my country as a whole. When I will be chosen a VOF correspondent I will be able to gain insights from the experiences and opinions of social leaders all over the world and use them to find feasible solutions to the pressing social issues of my country. In return I will also share the stories, experiences and insights related with social issues and social leaders of my community and country which shall help other social leaders and aspirants in the World Pulse community. Along with this, my selection as a VOF correspondent shall assist the World Pulse community to increase its reach to the rural communities facing such problems that might seem trivial or impossible to exist in the developed world.

To conclude, I would like to reassure the World Pulse community that if the community decides to select me as a VOF correspondent, then I will do full justice to the assigned role and would put my best efforts to effectively and efficiently fulfill the assigned roles and responsibilities with utmost sincerity and dedication. Above all, the World Pulse community will never have to regret its decision of my selection as a VOF correspondent. I am really hopeful for a new beginning of action and possibilities.


Cassady's picture

Very strong writing

Your thoughts and ideas are very well developed, and are conveyed very eloquently. You are not alone in the world that you dream of! Though I think you are right, in that there are problems faced by small or rural communities that are completely overlooked by much of the world. Keep on making your voice heard, and thank you for sharing!


Prashamsa's picture

Thanks Cassady

Thanks Cassady

Emily Garcia's picture

A beautiful vision

Thank you for sharing, Prashamsa. Your vision of the world is beautiful and one I share. Also, as Cassady notes above, your voice is strong and your writing is exceptional. Great job on this assignment, and good luck! Even if you are not selected for VOF, I know you will be an excellent correspondent for your community.

Thank you again for writing!

Best wishes,


Emily Garcia
World Pulse Online Community Lead

Dear Prashamsa,

What a beautiful sentiment that is! I believe that if your goal is one of service to those in need and to your community, and you are able to use your gifts to achieve that goal, then you will go very far.

I am intrigued when you say "my selection as a VOF correspondent shall assist the World Pulse community to increase its reach to the rural communities facing such problems that might seem trivial or impossible to exist in the developed world."

What do you think you and the World Pulse community can do to address these problems?

I will look forward to reading more,


*resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything*

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