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Life is all about respecting the golden rule “do unto others what you expect them to do unto you” We are all confined in the walls we build around ourselves this therefore means that; the destiny of our lives lies in our hands. We can either make it or mal it.
The vision I have for my life is to be self reliant so that through my works others can benefit. If others are also self reliant as a result of my efforts, poverty will be reduced at a reasonable rate since each and everyone will be able to provide herself the basic necessities of life which are food, shelter, clothing education etc. with this all the vices that plaque our society will be reduced if not totally eradicated and the world be a better place for all.
I wish to be a Voices of Our (your) Correspondent for several reasons ranging from personal, community and world changing. First it’s quite exciting, because it gives me the opportunity to connect and talk with women around the world on issues regarding the well being of women and their families. Being a Voice of your correspondent, I will acquire new skills, improve on the ones I already have, gain more knowledge, learn how to solve common problems arising within my community and a lot more. This will give me the forum to write and share stories on community events, places, people on World Pulse. The problems women faced are the same everywhere and being a correspondent, I will work with other women to make sure that unheard voices are heard, unite women to love and treat each other as sisters, share stories and look for possible solutions to their problems. In my community, most of the women there are like isolated and do not know how to what to do and how to do it to cut loose the chains holding them behind. The need local women leaders to guide and help them move through initiatives that will help them. Giving each women a chance to make her voice heard by sharing their opinions and being a part to finding solutions to their common problems makes them feel alive again.I wish to be a Voices of your correspondent because I will encourage many other women to speak out for them selves than dying in silent.
It is often said women are the backbone of an economy. Helping and empowering other women speak out their minds and their problems its like a solution already found. Through the correspondences and stories shared, suggestions and solutions will come. A problem faced by women in country A, other women can use the same strategy to solve similar problem in country B. My fellow women, united we stand to reach out to other women in our folk.


Khaiwana's picture

The leader

I have been reading your work and I see the leader in your. Your personal vision is one that share, as I believe that one of the best way to lead is by example. wish you all the best in your endeavours.

LUCY NJANG FUL's picture


My Dear Sister Khaiwana,
I thank you for always reading my work. You seeing me as a leader, then I know that you are behind me. I promise to move the rest to a perfect direction.

sallyf's picture

Vision of unity and empowerment

"Giving each women a chance to make her voice heard by sharing their opinions and being a part to finding solutions to their common problems makes them feel alive again" How fantastic it would be to bring the world to powerful, firey, joyous life! You have such a positive vision and I can really feel the passion as you share it. Keep using that voice of yours and inspiring change all around you! :)

LUCY NJANG FUL's picture


thank you dear Sally and I wish you the best in your works

sallysmithr's picture

Great Vision

Thank you so much for sharing. You sound very determined and have a great and very positive vision with what you would like to see and how you would like to go about accomplishing it! I wish you the very best in all that you do!!


LUCY NJANG FUL's picture


A million thanks dear

kirantara's picture

I hear your passion and drive

I hear your passion and drive - well done!


LUCY NJANG FUL's picture


Thank you dear

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