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Emancipation for women in purdah is my vision and my mission and I wish I die for it because this is the only solution to the problems of women in purdah at hand in my country. A chance must be created for us and equal right to others. Restricting of women in purdah is a violence against them, which has agitate to poverty, corruption, beggars, street hawkers, housemaid and early marriage to most. we are women, we need not to be enslaved and that is what the voice of our future applicant is ordering us to do, to speak for our selves and let no one speaks for us.

In this regard there should be dialogue, replication, collaboration and learning to effectively gives rooms for women in purdah participatory in the country. Purdah is not a barrier to education or whatever we want to become in our life. We have qualify doctors, lawyers, teachers e.t.c . our major problem is unrecognized, they sideline our need and request in the government parastatals, but when it comes to election period they will force us out to vote for them, making thousands of promises, getting there everything became vacuum. If we do not correct the anomaly then who will correct it for us , our voice must be raise.

Therefore in my vision is to make my group, emancipation for women in purdah strong with adequate education, training and participate in community work to enhance the government in order to build a synergy for effective, response, accountable governance and development in the world. If my vision is realize then my community will benefit, we will have freedom of movement, and create a conducive environment with those who are categorized us has second class citizen and this will bring happy interaction among our selves without any difficulties non exodus like that of Palestinians, things will change and a strong nation will be build.

I want to be our voices of correspondence because it is a power that beyond humanity, it is the world, the power of change and the sanctuary for we that was silent, voices of our correspondence is a media which is known as networking, it a global change. It connect people of different countries together to become a transformation of peace. With voices of our correspondence my vision will become possible.

Without networking is as if ones voice is raise in the desert, who will heard you, that means someone will die with her instinct. Many have died and suffered with her instinct when know one hears her, women have been crying for long without hearing their voices, but when the voices is raised with the help of our correspondence the global revolution for women changes began and their is changes to the world.

So I believe much in the voice of correspondence that my problem is solve only when it is heard, I need mentor, the nurturers which I believe they are in the voices of correspondence. It is an opportunity that must not be loose. Save my people from second rated citizen.



Petunia007's picture

I won't like to appear

I won't like to appear intolerant of other religions so I would try and phrase my question carefully. For women in purdah, is that system not a limitation of its own against the freedom of women? Are you advocating the total removal of purdah or that women in purdah shouldn't be discriminated against in society? In the university, a purdah woman was once stopped from taking an examination because the invigilator said there was no way to ascertain the identity of the student. I felt it was unfair for her not to be allowed to take the exam, but I also tried to reflect objectively on the other side, it's against the school rules for students to be represented or impersonated by others, so in this case how does the invigilator truly ascertain that there is no malpractice going on?
With this example I have given, what do you think the real problem is, the system of purdah itself or the discrimination against women in purdah?

My dear sister that is what I want everybody to understand, that limitation is not adidict to purdah we are free like you. Disciminating us is the major problems at hand and this is setback on country when you can not make use of your resources. View and make a research to country like, Britian, America,Indonisea, Turkey and other. Provision is made for all there citizen no matter the race. Indentifying us should be done with our female conterpart who was trained as a proffessional supervisor. Sincere you too can dress in any manner you want, the same thing apply to us. Our brain is not covered with our purdah, implementation of knowledge on what we acquire is what matter most. so dear if we can perform with our purdah then, what else the society want. Is it not changes in development? Importantly is for them to do equal justice so that female can build a strong nation.

Theresa's picture

Equal rights

Hello Fatima,

How I interpret your story, is that you want to have the same equal rights for Purdah women that other women in other parts of the world are allowed to have? But I understand the confusion, as what very little I know of Purdah beliefs is that it is an institute of female seclusion. But who's decision is this, does not appear to be all Purdah women.

From your entry, I understand that you are saying that being Purdah does not mean not having rights to your own voice. That you too want the same freedoms, with education to become doctors and lawyers or whatever you choose to be. That with this new way of communicating with other women from around the world, you can share your story, make people more aware (people like me). I believe that you can have that voice and I know there are others listening and wanting to hear you, myself included.

Keep believing in positive change, it all starts with a dream followed by a voice and action :-)

Theresa VE

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