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“Hold your dream, don’t ever let it go. Be yourself. And don’t let the world take over. You’ll find strength when people bring you down. They will see if you will only, only believe”-Fame.
“Believe in the magic that’s’ in you, its potential, what it can achieve. But most of all believe in yourself and create a world where dreams become realities”

Childhood Dream: Empowerment
I grew up in a large household. At every given time, we were never less than twenty persons in our home even though my parents only had five children, we had cousins living with us and anybody that is in need of a home was never turned out. This moulded my vision for the kind of life I would live when I grow up. My dream was that after I married my prince charming, I was going to have six children and have cousins stay over too at my home. I enjoyed the crowdedness of our home. My mum was greatly dependent on my dad and was living her life just for him. She was at his beck and call, She couldn't offer help to her siblings without my father consent because she had no money of her own. This made me realised the power of empowerment; I made up my mind that I will not only have a career but make a success out of it. My mind was made up that I won’t be a dependent wife like my mum.

Youth dream: Empowerment and Adoption
“In this very moment lies the seed of your future. Think of what you can do right now to nourish it and start it growing. If you think right, it will grow right”-pastor Ituah

Some time in my youth, I heard about motherless babies home: then my dream was modified to include motherless children. I decided that six children was more than too much for a family because there were so many children out there in need of a family, love and care; so I reduced the number of kids I plan to have to two or three and opt for adoption of two instead to make up.

Tessie as a married woman: Success
“Remember that your ability to shape your destiny is directly proportional to your belief that it is a matter of will and determination, however, much or little that belief maybe”-author unknown.
I gave in to my husbands’ wish that I should be a stay at home mum. We agreed that I will conduct business from the comfort of the home so that I can effectively be a care giver and manage the home activities. With my marriage challenges, the bubble bust and my dream experienced a set back; my vision refused to die and I was determined to make a success out of my life.

Tessie today: Be a voice
“You can lead at any level. Leadership is about performance, not position. If you take people to where they would not have gone by themselves... you are leading”
My vision is bigger and better! It includes not just my personal goals and family but the community and the world. My vision is to have a gender violence free society where women are not discriminated against and every action is guided by respect and equality of rights and opportunity for all.

“You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible”-Deepak Chopra

I love these words by Deepak, and World Pulse has helped to re enforce it. It’s about women as agent of transformation and change; it brings people from around the world together into one community to empower women and create global change. It believes that a person should not wait to be spoken for but rather speak for herself, that one’s’ dream can become reality. It gives opportunity to express oneself. All that World Pulse stands for is what I desire. It is in line with my vision as an agent of change. With the opportunity to own my blog and freely post to my journal, I can express myself and fulfil my vision. I can be a voice in my community defending what I believe that “WOMAN RIGHT IS HUMAN RIGHT”!!!!!!!



Stacey Rozen's picture

Follow your dreams!

I love how you've shown the evolution of your dreams, Tessie. Don't stop following them!


Tessie's picture

Dear Stacey, First I

Dear Stacey,
First I apologise for replying so late. Please forgive me.
Thank you for your kind and encouraging response to my post.
I appreciate.

salient cry

Sulo39's picture

Keep dreaming bigger and better

I am glad your vision has become bigger and better, Tessie. Dont ever give up!


Tessie's picture

Sulo, thank you. I won't give

Sulo, thank you. I won't give up by God's grace.
Love and hugs

salient cry

William's picture

Staying committed to your dream

Dear Tessie,
Thank you for sharing your story about being committed to your dream and why that is important to you, your children and other women who see you standing tall, standing by your own resolve and courage. Your article is well written, understandable and inspiring. Congratulations.

Tessie's picture

Dear William, Thanks so much!

Dear William,
Thanks so much! Your words are encouraging and I really appreciate it.

salient cry

EmmaKWin's picture

Tessie, Thank you for sharing


Thank you for sharing your life story. It is very powerful and I like how you are honest about your evolution from self to others, because we need to engage in self-care before we can become advocates for others!


Tessie's picture

Emma dear, your share same

Emma dear, your share same name with my daughter!
Thank you for making time out to read my post and for your comment. Yes, evolution starts with self before we can reach out to others.

salient cry

Tait's picture

As women we must not be

As women we must not be expected to be silent. We don't have a choice but too be strong because we hold the glue to the family and to the development of a community. I really enjoyed reading your journal, I could tell that it came from the heart. Keep writing and have you started your blog yet? If yes, please respond with a link to your blog.


Tessie's picture

Dear Tait, Sorry but I only

Dear Tait,
Sorry but I only just saw you comment notification now.
Thank you for your comment. I haven't started my blog. I honestly don't know how but I will get someone to help me with it.
Thank you

salient cry

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