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Peaceful, Educated world is women are going to lead.

It is so difficult to set up a vision for the future as there are millions of things we want to see. I know what I want to see happening in future is not limited to my own desire. I know that there are women out there wish more than what I just want to see changing or taking place, and of course I cannot decide for every single woman, but what I know for sure, is that all women, including me, want to see peace. I have a vision that all people see each other as people rather than objects, more importantly, women become part of the peacemaking process. I believe in women strength in all areas of lives, which explains why we were chosen to carry children for nine months, and spend every single day and night watching our kids growing up, learning their first words, making the new steps, getting sick, and so many other experiences, only women can handle when the man complains. Such a passionate creature can give so much to the world and to herself with a great amount of energy.

I want to see more women pursuing education. By education we may not only mean getting a degree, but rather the awareness , the understanding, the ability to express their ideas, the ways to meet their needs, and the manner they lead their ideologies. Once the majority of women get the real education, the entire world will raise a new open minded nation. I guess my vision to life and to the world is not so different from what I have for my own community. In fact, it seems unfair to me to see what I want to live in my own community and not elsewhere. I believe the effect should reach out the entire universe and the whole world must live in peace under the inevitable power of women.

I do not believe I can speak on behalf of other women, but I believe I can approach their problems from different angles. I may not be able to solve 100% of the problem, but I can listen to other women. I can empower women with my own experience. I can be an example and I can use their examples. I might not have faced what so many women faced in their lives, but I have been through times when I learned to take use of the resources. The tiniest things around us can be our source of power. I have been through ups and downs. The ups encouraged me, the downs made stronger. Some women need nothing but a listener so they feel stronger. Some women need nothing but an example to look at so they can take similar steps. Some women need nothing but a community like a Voice of Future to tell their stories. I can be the listener, I can be the example, and I can use voice of future to pass women stories to the entire world.

No religion, no tradition, no violence can ever control that one thing we all have. Thinking! We are the owners of our on thinking and that our thoughts are extremely powerful that can change the entire universe. The book, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, one of the most powerful sources of energy I have ever read. It says this entire universe is an orderly universe, and that everything vibrates in one way or another, even our own thinking, and that we become what we think about. I want woman to think powerful of themselves. I want women to refuse what they cannot live, and attract what they want to have through their own thinking. It might be difficult to understand, but that is why I joined this online community, to train and assist women to get in harmony and peace with the world they live in, and I know my effort will be fruitful in accomplishing the educated peaceful community.


Stacey Rozen's picture

Your hope of peace rings

Your hope of peace rings through your story so well. May we all live in harmony.


shahd's picture


thanks Stacey, It is my one and only dream trust me. if we had peace, we had everything

peace ;)


Deqa's picture


"By education we may not only mean getting a degree, but rather the awareness , the understanding, the ability to express their ideas, the ways to meet their needs, and the manner they lead their ideologies" That is the best reference to education I have seen.
Well done my dear, Keep sharing.


shahd's picture

Lovely comment

Dear Deqa,

Thanks darling I appreciate your support :)

Myrthe's picture


Well said, Shahd! I love you refer to listening and to being a listener as one way to change your community, the world around you. I believe really listening is a very difficult skill and that very few people really know how to listen (I know I am not nearly as good a listener as I would like to be!).

shahd's picture


Dear Myrthe,

Thanks for your comment. I always think I can do better. Even though I am known for being a listener inside my family and among my friends, yet, I always think I can do more that. Together lets hope we build a bridge that connect us all



adeakins's picture

Peace is Possible

I love that your main focus is peace. We need more of it worldwide. As you mentioned, through education comes understanding and less fear. As JL said "Peace is possible, if you want it."


shahd's picture


Sure Aron thats amazing thank you dear.

Frances Faulkner's picture

Tiniest things


You are very wise and I especially love how you talk about the tiniest things making a difference - listening to someone, leading by example, giving someone voice -- these really are very powerful in making change and all people, from the most needy to most powerful, benefit from this advice. We start with small steps and end with small steps, but somewhere along the way something much bigger begins to grow out of these efforts.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful vision.


shahd's picture


Thank you so much for the support. I truly believe in the power of people and how effective they are on each other. just like your amazing comments on my post and how encouraging they are


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