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Need An Answer !

Dear Applicants,

I have a question :

What happens when we term or call a particular place - the 'rape capital' of a nation?

What happens when we use such terms loosely in our every day conversations or in our comments ?

Do we perpetuate the rape culture this way? Do we, unknowingly, reinforce the limiting position of women in our society, by creating a fear in the minds, that, no matter what we do, we will get raped !!?

I strongly feel, we do.

Would love to hear your views on this. How does your society perpetuate rape culture and impunity?

Do share your thoughts.Thank you so much.

P.S - i read each of your comments and well wishes regarding my father's health. He is better now. Recuperating in the hospital. A BIG thank you and hugs to each of you for keeping him in your prayers. You guys are the best and the sweetest.

Love and more love to all,


loretta's picture

Rape Capital???

Let me start by saying, in my country, rape is as bad as anywhere else and I would also like to say maybe more. Because it doesn't choose, doesn't show respect to anyone. Babies, children, teenagers, women and the aged. But I wouldn't go as far as saying, South Africa is a Rape Capital, you know why?
1. I would be disrespecting other self respecting men of South Africa who, respect themselves too much to RAPE.

2. It would be like I am APPLAUDING what those animals out there do to women and children.

3. There is an Organisation for men who are against Rape, brothersforpeace. I think I would be disheartening them as well.

Much as others would take it on the chin and continue to behave and add their words to mine, I just won't disrespect them and others that much. I am not saying you are wrong to say so, but focus on the good ones and device a strategy to draw them to you so they can support your cause and raise your voices together to put an end to this abhorrent behaviour.

When you encourage and animal and build it's cage wider it roams freely and at will to do whatever pleases it.

Spirit sister!


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

neetak's picture

Yes I understand the pain.

Yes I understand the pain. Shameful as is the act, calling any city or nation as rape capital is pathetic. These stereotypes add to the already existing issue. Such need to stop.

If is an overall socio, political, cultural problem

P.S. hope your father's health is improving.


Minakshi's picture

need of the hour

Dear Mukut,
I am also very disturbed.Even in Ranchi, India, yesterday two cases of rape, one with 6 years and another with 3 years old girl followed by brutal murder found.5 years girl of Delhi victim has not yet been recovered from serious injuries....
Spiritualism ,I think ,is the need of the Hour.

CynthiaM's picture

Rape capital; a bad idea.

Rape is without doubt a heinous crime which should never be tolerated and calling a place a rape capital is totally awful. Awful in the sense that it depicts the fact that rape has become a norm and that they is a litany of victims, on the other hand it presents the notion that no matter what you do, you can be raped and nothing will be done.

The sad part of it all is the fact that majority of the people blame rape on the women claiming that they encouraged it either by their dressing or personality. Just last week I was talking about rape on the radio and 90% of the callers blamed the increase in rape cases on indecent dressing forgetting that we have kids, old women, Muslim sisters, the conservative Christians, the naive girls, career women...etc raped on different occasions. I will never justify the crime of rape on any ground and if the society, especially through the courts hit hard on rape offenders rather than look for justifications for rape, cases of rape will certainly be reduced.

On a lighter note, I'm glad to hear your fathers health is improving.


Mulheres Republicanas de Mozambique's picture

Rape or Rap

Perhaps you wanted to say rapp and not rape. You can use the verb "rap" speak to someone or about something with sever disapproval etc., etc., For example " The judge rapped the police for their treatment of witness, or f.ex. The Capital Province rapped out an order to use all the money from IMF. While the verb "rape" in used in cases of crime rape. to comit rape. F.ex a rapist comits crime of raping someone. A rape victim is a woman with whom a man has had sex with, against her will.

UWA/ United women of Africa. SADAC - Mozambique

Monica09's picture

Rape capital - limiting term

Dear Mukut,

I completely understand and agree with your sentiments. In fact, in my article "Scarred Yet Alive" (re-posted here:, I mentioned how rape is a global problem and how it's not a characteristic of any one city or country. Labeling any one place as the rape capital limits the scope of the problem.

Best wishes,

DRCongo is the country in which the rape is doesn't choose the age. Those who are doing those bad things thought that it's normal. I think that animals are more intelligent than persons because things that men are doing now, animals cannot do them.
Go forgives us!
Thank you very much For your shares my dear!
Much love!

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

Stella Danso's picture

Rape Capital! Not Encouraging

Rape cases are very worrying in Ghana. There had never been a day in the media on rape or defilement. According to child rights groups working on rape issues, at least 10 girls under the age 16 are defiled every day in the Ghana.
There are also many rape cases that are not reported to the appropriate authorities by the girls or the parents of the victims for fear of the girls being shamed or accused of being bad whilst some guardians also prefer to keep such incidence to themselves.
Although the penalty for defilement was increased in the 1998 amendment to the Criminal Code (ACT 29) to a minimum of seven and a maximum of 25 years without an option of a fine, rape is as bad as anywhere else.
What is worrying is that majority of the defilement cases are very cruel. An example to buttress my statement is that in 2001to 2003 in Kumasi, the capital of the Ashanti Region, as a reporter my beat then was to report from the court. Due to the terrible nature of cases of defilement and rape, one of the presiding judges set aside Thursdays for all fresh cases of rape and defilement. It was surprising that for over two years, I was always getting more than two stories of rape and defilement such cases from the court.
What I noticed was that some of the defilement and rape victims could hardly walk properly.
What is worrying is that the rape and defilement cases in Ghana mostly happen within family members. There have also been cases of neighbors, pastors and teachers.
Figures from the then Ministry for Women and Children Affairs (MOWAC) put the annual case of reported defilement cases at around 800 a year.
However no matter the situation, I think there is still some hope. We should not make it look like each and every woman or girl in our community would one day become a victim of defilement or rape.
As women leaders, we should try to educate the girls and every woman how to avoid becoming a victim instead of just talking about the issue to put fear in them.
By so doing the girls and the women would become powerful and as well know how and when to defend themselves

Binti Kamau's picture


Dear Mukut,
I have read your question and the comments. I share in most of the opinions presented...but I am a little bit disturbed. When we say "rape capital" are we really exalting rape or just putting forth what is happening and the need to avoid such places?
Here in Kenya we have a town called Naivasha a while back most of the rape cases reported in the media were from there. It was a place that most of us would fear to live given that even the men there did not want women to put on trousers or mini-skirts they would tear them apart and you will walk naked!!!
My concern is when we say 'rape capital' is it for its glory or we want to warn people? But I also agree such terms make the problem look un-solvable and somehow exalt the rapists...ACTION?
Glad your dad is doing well...he will recovery fully.

No Retreat, No Surrender

I totally understand your sentiments.
We should not associate names like that loosely to places and spaces. Yes, it maybe true that a number of rapes have occurred in a country, or city. What that requires is for the authorities to address the issue.
Naming the place like that will create an image on the minds of the general public to accept that it might occur and this will adversely psych people to not react against such crimes -- instead will succumb to it blaming the victim to be not careful while living in such a place popular for such crimes. This will create a vicious cycle that will get out of hand if not handled properly.

Loretta has addressed the issue very nicely above.
"When you encourage and animal and build it's cage wider it roams freely and at will to do whatever pleases it."

Keep safe


Rahmana Karuna's picture

So, what shall we say then?

what shall we name and claim?

as i sat here contemplating what to write next, how can we turn this language and attitude around? what popped into my mind was
an invitation i just received to this convergence:

another thought
Sonia Johnson, author, mother, articulated it well-fighting patriarchy is like all us women and a few guys, trying to batter down the castle gates, and they are all up there on the top of the wall, and can easily see where to reinforce the gate. and thus her suggestion, and what i had been starting to do in my life what she so eloquently articulated for me, was to turn our bacs and create our own culture. and the more i look around, the more groups and communities i find that are living outside of , yet of course within, patriarchal thinking.
we are all so hardwired in our brains. where is the path that has so few role models, imprisoned, burned and killed they are.

gaok's picture

not right at all

I agree with you guys, naming places like that says" we condorn it"
It says"there is nothing we can do"
It says" you are next"
It says "if not today then its tomorrow"
It says" if it happens to you,there is no need to report"
It says "why bother everyone else has been raped,so swollow it"
It says "this is the lifestyle"
It says "we have been defeated before we even go to the battle field"

And all this are lies because it doesn't have to be these way!

Having said that I don't think calling rapist animals its right,these are our clients we need to wean them over the awful acts they commit and I believe: a good rehabilitation can turn them around.
it is not often to see someone being sentenced to prison for a life imprisonment for sexual violence. Which means after serving the sentence,they are coming back to the society.
Unless if we are saying death sentence or life imprisonment for such crimes.


radiocami's picture


GREAT QUESTIONS. It definitely perpetrates fear, both in the confines of such city and in the minds of those from abroad who hear about it or had contemplated visiting. Makes women stay away. But would it really attract men to such places?

valerie camila rhodes

ansupokharel's picture

Same plight

Hey Mukut, Nepal and India are facing same wrath and i understand how it feels. In India, its even severe. I don't know why this is so wild. Men have become beast. A man who is so protective for his own girls are dangerous to somebody else..It is pathetic

Anisha Pokharel

Mukut's picture

Hard hitting truths

YES ! i hear you loud and clear ladies.

From most of the comments that i read here, i gather that terming a place/city "rape/crime capital" would mean exalting the rapists and the rape. I felt very disturbed lately reading articles, comments on FB that termed Delhi- national capital of India- the 'rape capital' of the country. I do not like such terms. I feel it perpetuates the crime culture and somehow gives a free hand to the rapists to believe that they can get away scott free.

Thank you for your immense show of strength. Thank you for replying with your thoughts on this.

with love and solidarity, let us continue to roar!

take care,

Mukut Ray

Yessi Writes's picture

Not Sure

When I initially read your post, I wanted to write that I don't see the problem with calling a spade a spade -- if this particular city has a greater problem with rape than other cities in the country, then that needs to be acknowledged. Ignoring a problem will not make it go away, it will not make the many people who are affected by rape in this city (which likely includes many men as well) disappear. Giving the problem a name, and bringing it to the attention of as many people as possible, are the first steps toward real progress and change being made.

However, reading the comments I see the problem with using this particular phrase. It was be very fear-inducing for women in the city, and can even serve to normalize the experience, which is the last thing we should do.

Still, I think that calling it whatever you want, I'm sure there are people working in the city to change these statistics and help survivors of sexual assault. Perhaps you are one of them.

Thank you for your thought-provoking question.

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