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Sickle cell home, second home for children

Following the experience with World pulse, I have learned to talk to myself. Each time when I am writing a journal, its the person inside me Gloria, who is working and I feel much involved cause its all about me having an impact in the society.
In one of my journals, I wrote about sickle cell anemia, curiously no body has put a comment. Let me tell you, this disease has broken my life in pieces, I wonder if they can be put back together.

My vision is to open a home where kids with sickle cell anemia with appropriate health care, this home will help children living with this silent killer, they are forgotten by the Internationale communities, don't even say the society. Some say that, they were cursed by nature, other say that its their mom(aunt, grand mothers) who wished them, other say that it the devil of poverty which come in, and so on. But I know ,the person who suffers more is the patient suffering with daily pains, discrimination, .....

Families are been broken, husband who abandon their wife because, she is giving birth to sick kids, in laws families will refuse those poor women in because they are cursed. let me tell you its the worst experience in the all world. Concerning my issues, in the process of courtship many people came in and my boyfriend that, "she is is cursed, all first born boy are sick in their families" do you now why? because i have two brothers with sickle cell anemia. if you have never of this, its a disease
Knowing that Samy and Gaby are not the only children suffering in the world, that means that they need help. We find plenty of programs in the UN organization but why can't we find one for this kind of disease?Cancer,Malaria, Polio, etc have their programs `please let create one and help children.
Know you are many out there knowing children suffering with silent killer, let use our force and influence the Internationale on finding a answer to this issue.

Know with world pulse help we can advocate, the head of UNICEF in the world can read this article and many other and after a short while I know the answer is in the corner. Some times my brothers get sick and we rush them to the hospital, guess what? nurses will tell us that they are tired of us, imagine that look at the patient and realise that you are not in position to help and instead of finding help to the hospital they tell you, that they are tired of

With world pulse ,I am going to change my community!thing known as tabou, secret will be the subject of our journal and step by step a change will be seen. I thank the initiator of this frame work, its a cure to more wounds and not just in your community but in the all world.

Thank you for reading me

Yours Gloria Bitomwa


Aysha Ibrahim's picture


you are really brave and I am impressed from your idea of home for affected children. this would be a great initiative.
keep up the spirit and hope you realize your vision. May God give health to all such patients

Gloriabit's picture

yes dear

I need your support to reach my vision, I don't have much money but I know that with your ideas, your help in any kind i will transform my dream to become reality

Sulo39's picture


I am sorry I did not read your post about the sickle cell anemia.One way to raise funds would be to use the online platform, start a blog and spread the world. There are lots of generous people out there who will be able to help. Wish you all the best.


Saving Angel's picture

Power to you!


First of all, I want to extend my deepest apologies for not having read your previous post on Sickle Cell Anemia. I have heard about this blood disorder while growing up and going to school – but I was not aware of the extent to which victims suffering from this disorder were out-casted. It is so unfortunate that there are so many ignorant people in this world; in our societies, who think that “you” are cursed or demonized, if you suffer from this blood disorder. After reading your post I immediately remembered reading the stories about obstructed fiscula in the book Half the Sky. The ways in which women were denied their rights because ignorant people believed they were cursed or demonized.

You are the voice for those suffering from the silent killers; and I can’t wait to hear more from you. You are definitely a VOF Correspondent! And I think you are more than capable of opening a home for children who suffer from sickle cell anemia. I think your determination, strength and desire to help will provide courage and belief for so many victims along the way!

Much love & respect xoxoxo

After reading the two post I am sure that one day this home will be a hope for many in the darkenss. I discovered yestaday a familly which hide a young lady of 14 years just because she suffers of sikcle cell anemia. they dont want to be blame, they decided to hide her, i feel story for that girl.

you said that i could open a blog but i dont know how to do it, if can help with more tactics on how to open a blog for sickle celler , i will apreciate.

Much love

Saving Angel's picture

No Problemo!

There are so many ways you can start this blog about sickle cell anemia. In fact, your posts here on world pulse are blogs. What you can do though to create more awareness, is to use the google blogger website. So you can sign up on google blogger to have your own blog page, and then you can write more blogs there and you can share it on the world pulse page (visa versa). This way you can attract more people to read your posts about this disorder and to raise more awareness and address more issues.

Much love & respect xoxoxo

sherises's picture



You share a story of great sadness. With all of the things affecting young women in the DRC, I would never have imagined THIS feeling of helplessness. I really can't imagine a place where 'healers' turn people away without even trying to alleviate a patient's pain and fear, and send them away as an annoyance.

You have a mighty hill to climb, but I feel confident you will achieve your goal. Your passion is great, as is your heart.


every day go out of your way to do something kind

kati.mayfield's picture


Dear Gloria,

Thank you for writing this post, and your first post about Sickle Cell Anemia to create awareness around this issue. I hope that this platform can be a place for you to launch your campaign, and I agree with "Saving Angel" above that you should start a blog.

The more people who read, the more support you will get.

Wishing you the best,


*resolved this year to think twice and to smile twice before doing anything*

Dear all
I thank you for your comments, i was talking to my mum yesterday about your post , and she was relieved to hear that other people feel compassion for my two brothers.

Yes i did start a blog, i am working on a proposal of which i will post in world pulse as a way of collecting funds to start this home.

keep it up guys

Love you all


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