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A Vision Indeed

The vision that I have for myself is a simple one. I want to be the guiding light and the beacon for others. I want to pay my blessings forward and show others that there is a possible way to the futures they want and they deserve. I want to be a smile, a friend, a "hello" to all women that need one. Lives can be changed for good if we but grant a smile to all those we meet in life's journey. My life took a crazy, harrowing turn to the deep end a few years ago. I made it back and was lucky to have found courage and strength to make it back on my own with the help of constant prayer. I don't want any woman to feel that they have to go through that process alone as I did. If I help a woman find herself again just by granting friendship and encouraging words, and they in turn bless another woman's life, and so on and so forth, the world will be a better place. We can change the world one kind act by one kind act. Voices of women can be heard rising up, overflowing, bursting with knowledge and emotions. I want to help women find their voices. The world needs to hear our voices.

In reading this week's excerpts from "Returning to My Mother's house: Taking Back the Wisdom of the Feminine" by Gail Straub, it felt so good to hear someone say that women need to find their feminine again. Not saying that we should focus on being better housewives, or better moms rather it is saying that we need to take time for our own souls, to nourish our needs, be kind to our minds. For me that is key. I have a family, I work full-time away from home, there are children's activities, social functions, and church events to get them to. Between work pushing me to the point of mental exhaustion which cannot happen or women arfe called weak and failures if we experience a breakdown, kids, husband, church....There seems to be no "me time" left. Many times I just skip that time. I need to learn to take back the few minutes I can get. I want to help others find a way to take their special time back as well. A few minutes even 10-15 minutes of Zen moments can be recharging for us..

By becoming a Correspondent here, I will be able to be there for other women, and I can learn/grow myself by listening to their stories. I want my writings as a correspondent to be teaching and coaching words. Perhaps my stories/experiences will become new beliefs for women. Belief systems that are based on positive stories will become forward moving actions and those lead us to push the same side of the boulder getting us to wonderful results...women with voices and with confidence. It would be an honor for me to be able to help women find their true inner fire and lead them to finding their way. I don't want to show them the way, I want to help them learn to find their way.

Once women find their inner fire and begin to let it spark, at that moment is when we as women can effect great change in the world. Women have the power to bring the world together and build it up to greatness. But we first need to build each other up. We need to encourage each other to allow our voices to be heard as we have been hindered from that for so long.

This position will help me with my personal vision. It will help me to help women find their way. My writings could be the positive energy flow that women need to hear. I can be the Life Coach, Career Coach, Addiction Recovery, Depression Recovery Coach that I want to be for women.

I am a woman. I am so honored to have had this experience and it would be a blessing to be picked as a Correspondent and be amongst an amazing group of worldwide voices. Please consider me for this position. I promise I will not let you down. I promise that my words, writings and stories will be used to uplift women and empower them to learn how to be what they dream of being. Women are gifts to the Earth from our highger powers, we are beautiful intelligent creatures that need to be heard and our roars will be heard united as one awesome group....WorldPulse.

Thank you for your consideration and all of the wonderful encouraging words I have heard here. I am blessed because of them.


Aysha Ibrahim's picture


" If I help a woman find herself again just by granting friendship and encouraging words, and they in turn bless another woman's life, and so on and so forth, the world will be a better place" No doubt it will be.
keep going and keep faith you can bring change

Very motivating dear.
Keep writing and being the spark for the rest of us.

Wish you all the best


It’s funny – a lot of the times we forget that all it takes is a smile, a friend, a kind “hello” to change someone’s day and life. As women here on the western side of the world, we’re so caught up in trying to keep up with the busy lifestyle that we forget these important things that we were once brought up with as children – and even if we weren’t, these were things that we learnt about along the way.
As women in the western side of the world, many at times we forget “to hold the door open for another” because we don’t have the time to. But we should be remembering, someone once held the door open for us – however large or small that door was.

Your piece was definitely a much needed reminder – “we can change the world one kind act by one kind act”. You are so correct! The more doors we hold open for each other, the greater our chances will be of changing the world – one kind act at a time. I think through this, women can find their inner fire and we can definitely begin to grow together as a phenomenon!

Much love & respect xoxoxo

chargerrose7's picture

Holding open doors

Thank you . I'm really glad you liked my writing. I remember being that way as a youth and yes, as I became a woman with work and family, I forgot it. It took me falling from grace to realize that was what I needed to be again. Someone to help hold doors open for those who needed me to.


busayo's picture

Such wonderful vision!

Yours my dear sister is such a wonderful vision, be a friend, a hello to other women! I am so inspired!
Keep up the good work, the sky is the beginning.

Warmest regards

Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

chargerrose7's picture

The sky is the beginning

Thank you. You're right, the sky is the beginning and I pray that all of us stretch our arms out wide , grab hold of others who are having difficulties reaching up, and we soar to the highest of heights with those we are bringing with us. How beautiful it would be to lift up everyone we can.


Beverly Rose's picture

the simplest of acts

Missy Rose,

First of all, thank you for sharing your story. It is so eloquent and profound, as most simple things are. One never knows how that simple act of kindness may ultimately change the day for a person. Thank you for recognizing that and reminding us all of that.

Ironic I should be assigned to review your essay. My middle name is Rose. I see you live on the Big Island, and I live on Lanai. I work with women who share your challenges.

I know that whatever you do you will help change the world for the better. May World Pulse be a vehicle to help you do so!

In peace,

chargerrose7's picture

A Rose

It is awesome to know another Rose. How wonderful to know you are on Lanai and so close. I'm so honored to have you review my essay. I'd love to work with women that have challenges that I may have gone through. Give us a voice


Chinemu's picture

I hear you

I hear you sister "I don't want to show them the way, I want to help them learn to find their way." just a simple act of Kindness can change the world.

Keep your fire burning!

chargerrose7's picture

Simple acts

Thank you so much for your message here.


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