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URGENT-Sudanese Women in peril! Government's continued abuse of women in the Nuba Mountains and Kordufan

In another hypocritical move, not strange to the practices of the NCP*, the government in Kordufan is keeping 32 women and 5 children in detention, with no fair trial, due process, and under horrible inhumane conditions. Despite the April 1st 2013 presidential order to release all of the political detainees who were detained on account of their support of the New Dawn Charter, the government in Khartoum is once again not keeping its word on releasing all of the political detainees. “All” is the operative word here given the critical contradictions between the presidential order and the policies of the practices being followed against the women of the Nuba Mountains and Kordufan.
There are at least 100 detainees reported to be in detention. The 32 women, from Kordufan and the Nuba Mountains, along with 5 children, have been kept in imprisonment since last November of 2012 at a military base in Kadogli, on accusations of spying for the SPLM. This is clearly an assault on women’s freedom and rights, and also an exhibition of the segregatory and racist practices that the NCP had implemented and maintained throughout their rule. Women once again bear the costs of the ongoing conflicts instigated by the NCP. The NCP have been known to practice all sorts of oppressive tactics to curb dissent among female activists in Khartoum, and have continued to maintain the same policies by using rape as a weapon in Darfur. It has become obvious that they are targeting the women of the Nuba Mountains as well. They are currently under severe circumstances, and there are reports that some of them have been tortured. Recently one of the women was found to have suffered severe physical trauma, manifested in broken chest bones, and dislocated vertebrae. The facts presented offer more insight in the disturbing continuum of the violations of human rights in Sudan.

A digital campaign was launched by youth-led, peaceful social activism group Girifna to demand the release of these women. The campaign uses the twitter hashtag #FreeKordofanWomen to bring attention to the plight of the Kordofan women who were detained since last November 2012. Their detention is unconstitutional, and the conditions they are kept in are terribly inhumane. Even the 14 women who were recently reported to have been released, were released under very restrictive conditions, and are being held accountable for anything that happens in the state. This is outrageous. To read more about this and contribute to the digital campaign, please go to, and bring the attention of the world to this matter.

* National Congress Party, the current authoritarian regime.
Human Rights Watch :


estelle's picture

O, God so sad about what

O, God so sad about what women and children are going through in Sudan and around the world. there is need for us to put hands on deck to fight such violence. thanks for sharing.

Its really inhuman and sad that at this age and time women and children are still being used for practical tools of sadist.

I am making a call for action for these women. World Pulse should please take up this serious case and see what we can do to advocate for their release.

We must all stand up and keep the light shining

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative
Lets keep the light shining

loretta's picture

Sad, heartbreaking situation.

The problem is the protocol imposed by Government, for peace-makers to operate effectively. I would like to make a suggestion that we Worls Pulsers sign a petition and collect the required number of signatures and deliver it to the relevant people or body to highlight the plight of these women.

It's too painful a story for me to really laborate on it, we should rather do some beneficial act on their behalf.

God bless you.


A successful woman is one who can build a firm foundation with the bricks others throw at her. Author Unkown.

anab87j9's picture

I appreciate the spirit and

I appreciate the spirit and support, which are very much needed, welcome and appreciated. I will keep you posted and updated (if that's is okay and you aare interested) on what has been done. I am involved with a peaceful resistance youth group based in Sudan, and we are trying to get the whole world community, NGO's, and civil society members involved in this to demand the freedom of these innocent people.
Much love and respect to you all!

anab87j9's picture


There are reports that 14 of the detainees were released! Hopefully the rest will be too soon.

Abisinuola's picture

this is. really sad!

Its heart wrenching to hear that these women are being detained and tortured,its even worse that children too are there!
I'm just glad that at least awareness has been brought to the issue and they're releasing some soon...
May there be sanity in our world!


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