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- In our community the education of the girl is not neglected in this begins with our parents. this discrimination is due from an early age ie that men are privileged and women. Other parents say that the purpose of education of the girl is in the kitchen when the man cries for example it is said why do not cry you cry like a woman? Myself I had defeated in a family or there are five men and one girl, but all the work was left to the girl and it not the time to revise the course lessons because parents find that instead of girl is in the kitchen.
- Problem of society, the girl is despised here in African society instead of the girl is in the kitchen and many people find less important or unnecessary to educate women;
- Financial Difficulty: problems means would also be one of the causes of lack of access to the girl to school. Early age many young people are initiated in the small business to allow or participate in the survival of their families or their own survival, some go the same later in the debauchery.
- Lack of ambition: some girls girls themselves are not concerned about their educations and think only of their or early marriages.
- For the girl who was beyond the age of 25 who are still in the house of his parents, the mother begins insulted the girl that his place is no longer in the house and she was going elsewhere. When Dad girls, it is already beginning to see the cow that at SOUTH Kivu in the DRC, the dowry is the cow by converting money. This culture is killing our great community.
The day of the World Women's Day, we had made visits to Aboriginal women ie pygmies and we try to ask if they are among those who know even write his name, he n 'there was nobody. Their responses were we who are abandoned neglected, we fled our village every day how we can have time to study? But among them there are people who can read and write, and the question remains whether this is a discrimination or negligence ... you'll see in pictures how the pygmy girls give birth to infants.
- The Constitution of the Democratic Republic of Congo provides access to all according to Articles 171 to 174 of the Penal Code. but the constitution requires the people whether in town ca applies not only to the village, the village girls suffering from total insecurity and do not access education. The Congolese government had declared for free primary education in the first third grade which is not applicable in the field.
-Awareness of African societies based on good education of women. "Because it is said that a woman who educates educate a nation";
As the girl-awareness itself on merits of his own education;
-Stop all forms of violence against the girl and woman
-The Congolese government must find a salary of blood for its officials and create jobs for unemployed youth to resolve any degree the problem of poverty is one of the causes of lack of access to the girl school.



susanncruz's picture

Education is key

Hi Sandra,
I read your post and identified with what you wrote. Thank you for sharing the photographs. We live far apart but the condition of girls and women in our countries is very similar. I remember when I was age 25 and my mother told me I was getting "old" and kept pressuring when I was going to get married and have children! Girls should aspire to more than to just be married off, and you're right, these practices destroy communities.
Thank you for sharing.

Susan Cruz

Chinemu's picture


You have clearly stated the problems faced by women to attain education, earkly marriages are indeed another huddle that women face, its sad.
But I feel you would have done better to personalise the story and add a subject to your story,.
What are you doing to help the girls in your community,?

Keep your fire burning

tracimichelle8's picture

Amazing Women!

You are an amazing women Sandra! I am so honored to read your article. Thank-you for sharing it.
I can relate to the pressure women feel around finding a husband and having a family. As a child I was brought up to believe that one of the most important things I was to do was find a man and have a family. There is nothing wrong with this. However, I never developed a love for myself or sense of who I was. I was married for 15 years and have no children. I have been divorced for 4 years and now, at 43 years old, I am single and loving myself and others and finding out I am a pretty cool women!!:)
I would love to hear more about you and your personal vision for your life and/or the lives of women and children in your community!
Keep writing and sharing.
With much caring,

Rebecca Andruszka's picture

thank you

Thank you for your piece, Sandra. I also loved the pictures--it's nice to the happy faces of our sisters from around the world.

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