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Feedback on Life skills and importance in changing attitudes

I happen to be a small red cross society in my household. my household is never without a vulnerable girl, or woman that i support. Right now i have 2 in my house, i in my rentals staying for free, 1 i support but from my sisters house, a transgender woman who was rejected by her family that i contributed school fees to. I belief that every one is human and very capable to survive only if they have skills.this is besides my 3 biological children. my house is never empty of children and people to support.

The first skill i talk to them about is the ability to be assertive in the wake of circumstances, i also tell them confidence in themselves is paramount, because then others can trust and be confident in them if they personally are Confident. i also ensure that the other independent life skill that will make them human rights compliant is the ability t work for survival. they cannot expect to be fed. they must work.

While we are blessed with hands to work many of our off springs think sleeping and eating, going ot school is enough, we must know hoe to work and then we can be sen as people of value. the assertiveness, confidence and love with which you do your work makes people respect you however young or old you are. its not too late for women. But for girls now is the time to ensure they are retained in school.

CONFIDENCE, CONFIDENCE is the starting point

Last holiday my daughter who just joined high school came home. she had performed average. i told her no pocket money for her. She is very creative she said mummy make me a shop. i did not have the capital to do it. She said okay mummy let me sell vegetables and other cooking items. i used 20 dollars. i thought she would be ashamed to sit by the road side to sell tomatoes, onions, tea leaves, bitter tomatoes, egg plants, oranges. this is seen as a cheap business. she was eager and she made money in a week i was able to bank for her 12 dollars equivalent. i got impressed. all the adults and elderly in the community were impressed that a child of 13 would be so ingenuous no fear what people will talk but focus on her vision. she had to have pocket money come hook or crook.

Before this she had wanted to do juice business so she moved all shops asking if she can squeeze juice and sell but was declined. She got angry that's how she gt the vegetable business in mind. i okay-ed it too. i let her adventure and it paid.

She is returning on Friday for holidays and can you imagine am thinking i should buy a freezer and she does business this holiday. she has confidently shown me she can do it. she taken no no for an answer.You see her confidence is now driving me. i have to build her skills and work energy as early as possible.

Surprisingly when the Dad learnt of it he was saying she should stop, because for him he thought i had failed to keep the children and that was child labour. i would challenge any law that would say am abusing this child. its her passion adn i must tap it before she looses interest.I grew up digging and the energy and love i have for work is the example my parents showed me, untiring and unwavering and made us what we are. so i must retaliate in a similar even more creative manner because in the city there are no gardens with soil. the gardens are our minds and how creative they are made use of.

be blessed

This story was written for World Pulse’s Girls Transform the World Digital Action Campaign.

World Pulse believes that women's stories, recommendations, and collective rising leadership can—and will—bring girls greater access to education which will transform their lives, their families, and communities. The Girls Transform Campaign elicits insightful content from young women on the ground, strengthens their confidence as women, and ensures that influencers and powerful institutions hear their stories.
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JoneBosworth's picture


Your story about your daughter is wonderful! I kept thinking, wow, this girl is so lucky to have a mother that encourages her to learn, earn and grow! I especially loved this: "...because in the city there are no gardens with soil, the gardens are our minds..."

Please keep writing! You have a special voice and unique experiences to share -- we are all better for getting to read about your life.

My best,

Jone M. Bosworth, JD

I grew up doing hard labor. If the house needed building, I carried the sand, I dug for sand, I carried the stones, I mixed the cement. My tiny self of 12 or 13 was able to carry much weight. And I believe these have made me independent, made me stand alone and yet not feel lonely, made me work for my money and not be financially dependent.

If your daughter has an aptitude for doing business, there is no reason why she shouldn't be allowed - under your guidance.

wish you all, all the best


rozjean's picture

The rewards of working

What a wonderful message to give to your daughter and the other young women you have brought
Into your home! My father made all four of his children work in his office when we were teenagers. Instead of collecting an allowance, we were collecting wages. Your daughter is learning the importance of earning her own way at an early age. Please tell her how much I admire her.
Warm wishes,

Just to let you know that my daughter is back. she is up and ready to trade. i had planned to have business for them with my cousin. But as you know my cousin who was my second daughter was murdered after being defiled by unknown people 2 weeks ago exactly 2 weeks before holiday onset. However. i will give this one the the opportunity to trade hoping and believing that the guardian angel the late 13 year old Pleasure will protect her and support her.

Thanks alone fr the encouragement and approval

Together we share the challenges and gains

jacquesato's picture

Good parenting skills!!

Dear Flavia:
I totally support you, it's good that kids learn how hard is to make money. Your daughter has a lot of initiative and I'm glad she has a mother like you, who's teaching her to become financially responsible and independent. I also praise your good heart and the way you help other girls, encouraging them to love themselves and have self-confidence.
All the best!


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