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Poems and the issue of double entry

Just a few thoughts to share:

Some of the applicants have written a prose assignment and others have written a poem (and I understand that's fine according to the task rubric), but there are yet others who have done both, and maybe only tagged one of them "2013 VOF Week 2".
The first issue that this raises is that there are some really fantastic poems out there apparently going unread!
The second is the question of whether both the prose and poem should be taken into account in the reviewing. I've seen one example (not one of my assigned ones) where I felt the untagged poem would have gained substantially more points than the tagged prose, at least if I was evaluating.
Well, I know it's late in the day, but was interested to know how others felt about this.

Happy Sunday!


Catsilveira's picture

Hi Sally, I agree with you:

Hi Sally,

I agree with you: some of the poems are really nice...

but from what get by reading their assignment is the following: they were encouraged to write the poems but they were told they wouldnt be evaluated on that. I believe it was in order to encourage them to try something new or that they are all confortable with.

But I guess you can use question 10 (comments) on the review form - if you want to give extra info to the WorldPulse staff ..



Iffat Gill's picture

Hi there, I just finished

Hi there,

I just finished reading assignments and I also observed similar thing. Because it was posted under the assignment and was recommended, many participants with a talent for poetry thought it was part of the assignment. I left a note in my assignment evaluation form about it pointing out how this has led to a confusion among contributors.
I also sent a message to the contributor to follow the assignment instruction and re-submit the poem as a separate entry. It was a nice assignment and also a very nice poem.

Iffat Gill

sallyf's picture

Oh, I understood the

Oh, I understood the instruction differently - that it was not a requirement that they submit their assignment as poetry, and the fact of it being poetry or not did not affect assessment. I guess I assumed this due to the fact of us only being asked to assess one piece this week, coupled with my first assignment for grading being in poem format. I assumed they would double tag if they had submitted a poem. Now I read it again, I see your interpretation is almost certainly correct.
Which means that the first assignment I read might not be said to fulfil the rubric quite so well (although it does tell the applicant's personal story etc.). Hmm. I wonder if I need to act on that?
Anyway, Thanks for your feedback, Catarina and Iffat! Much appreciated.

j3ssm3ss's picture

Me too

I've had the same issue. It's been a very hectic week and only just found time this evening to review everything properly but when i scanned the entries earlier this week I noticed some of my assigned pieces to review were poems.

Are these to be marked as not fulfilling the brief full stop? Or should I just mention this in the comments section and ignore the fact they're not prose (as they do still describe their stories after all)

delphine criscenzo's picture

Week 2 assignments

Hello Dear Listeners,

Thank you for your comments and sorry for the confusion.
We did try to encourage our applicants to write a poem during week 2 as extra credit, not as their week 2 assignment.
I am sorry this caused some confusion among applicants and during the review process. Do not worry, whatever you submit is fine.
We learn as we go. Maybe next time we will structure this differently.
We did try to go in an make sure everything was tagged appropriately, but some escaped us.
We do have a special plan for the poems, so the ladies will have an opportunity to show off their talent.
Please feel free to email me if you have any further question regarding poems.
Thank you all for your hard work!
Week 3 assignments will be coming your way soon!

Delphine Criscenzo

surfgirl-CA's picture

This is a little late now,

This is a little late now, but...
Both a poem & the assignment writing might be on the same page, but I kept them separate in my mind. I didn't grade/evaluate on the poems, as instructed. If others are doing so, wouldn't that skew the process? If the applicant included the poem in the assignment page, I evaluated the assignment, then also perhaps commented on the poem.

surfgirl-CA --
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