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You are stronger and more beautiful than you dare to imagine

To date I believe that women are born with a natural smartness(intelligence) not gotten out of a class room.. I am the youngest of 7 children that my parents have. My mother and father are both retired teachers. I am grateful that we were all able to have basic education through them and there after the older ones supporting the younger ones through colleges and Universities.

When I speak to mum and she tell me of her dreams for her children to have a better life than she had, it waters my eyes yet makes my heart glow with pride.

Todays world is changing and despite having natural intelligence we need to better ourselves. There is an enlightment that one gets as a result of having an education. Your mind opens up. You learn your worth and most importantly you eliminate part of the many excuses give why they will employ a man over a woman. If we want to be high positions in government international organisations, etc..let us get an education. If you have an education try your best to pay it forward whether within your family or with people outside your close family and if you dont still dream better for your children and work towards that. No effort goes unappreciated it may take time but it will happen.

We really are stronger than we think. Whatever doesnt kill us makes us stronger. I am amazed at how much I keep learning through pulse. THANKYOU PULSE.

This story was written for World Pulse’s Girls Transform the World Digital Action Campaign.

World Pulse believes that women's stories, recommendations, and collective rising leadership can—and will—bring girls greater access to education which will transform their lives, their families, and communities. The Girls Transform Campaign elicits insightful content from young women on the ground, strengthens their confidence as women, and ensures that influencers and powerful institutions hear their stories.
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Very inspiring Catherine,

We definitely need education and yes, I agree with you. Women are a bit smarter than men :D
Just kidding. I suppose we are born wired differently. But that does not mean one gender is weaker than the other.
We just need to work in harmony and respect each other.

By giving equal opportunities to all we will move forward seamlessly.

Welcome to the WorldPulse. I have been here for about 2 months now and I have enjoyed every moment of it.
Wish you the same too.


I find it inspiring.

I want to hear more about the story of your mum's generation? Do you find it you both face the same problem? Or a bit different?


Amina, I do agree that no sex is weaker than the other, otherwise the world would be comprised of one sex. I do realize though that we are different. Until last year I was very forceful with making people understand that I was just as good when it came to getting a job done. It made me have a lot of burnt bridges and few enemies.

In some way that is exactly what has been happening with people fighting for gender equality. Its not supposed to be a one sex battle, I think it should be about making men realize that our differences complement each other and that is what we need to develop the world. and drawing them to help other men understand. It is not going to change over night. We have had our custom and traditions for a really long time. It is going to take perseverance and conversion of one man at a time. We have to be smart about it.

Catherine Sakala
Entomologist and Parasitologist- Zambia

your journal is very educating. you are absolutely right in saying that, "Whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger". I guess by this, young girls and women will have to stand above their challenges in obtaining their education.

It is every good mother's dream to see her children prospering in education and live struggles even above them. therefore your mother is a good woman to have dreamed that for her children.

I hope somebody learns from you story so that we can together build a safer world.

Yvonne Riwuya Gemandze
Chief Administrative Officer and Researcher
Center for Independent Development Research, Cameroon
Junior Chamber International (JCI) Cameroon National Vice President
+237 70212069

CatherineSakala's picture

Right you are.

Thank you Yvonne and am sorry for responding this late.

I was just listening to my house mate the other day and she said to me; " In this life, nothing is wasted unless you want to waste it." Every little effort I think does count and more than anything I hope that the many achievers that have touched my life such as Wangari Matthai, that in some way my passion for agriculture and better livelihoods for people living in poverty will make someone stand up and do their part. I am only but a drop in the ocean, but even that drop can have a ripple effect. Atleast I strongly believe in that and the inherent goodness of people.
Best regards,

Catherine Sakala
Entomologist and Parasitologist- Zambia

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