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the power of an empowered woman

I don't know where I got life skills from. I can’t exactly recall, but seeing my widowed mother make it was part of it. In our house there was no male figure and so there wasn't anyone standing in the way of what and how we lived and that made realise women could live alone and better than with men at times. All our decisions were final and were only for our benefit as my mother wanted us to become empowered and make it despite the lack of a male figure. Though I feel guilty saying it our life was contented and much better than I am sure it would have been with my father alive. We encountered other challenges but there was generally peace and we were free. There was no stress over where my father was and who he was with and what he would say about what we did. The values that we lived under were solid and moulded by strong Christian beliefs. We could never disappoint my mother and as other girls eloped or married young we went to school and passed with flying colours. We knew the importance of education and when she passed on and I went to live with my aunt I was able to see the difference. There was so much protocol about who sits where and who eats what piece of a chicken, and a lot of stress over what my uncle would think or say about certain issues. My aunt could not do things she knew were best for the family if my uncle said no and she missed on many chances to improve. Recently she has just started turning a blind eye and deaf ear and does what she wants and knows is best. I think this freedom has come with her recent acquisition of a degree at the age of 45 but it took 27 years of marriage to come. She is now living her life for her, she is happier and empowered and so are we. Education empowers girls and the long-time spend in school helps you mature such that when the time comes to make life decisions you are older and realise all the things just work out. In a relationship as an educated woman you can make decisions and there is respect from the partner. You are empowered to leave abusive relationships and also empower your children.


JOYCE KAFU's picture


Let us empower the children. They are the future leaders.

Joyce Jael Kafu

pelamutunzi's picture


yes it is true. we must strive or the education of girl children and families can be changed as many girls will go to schools and poverty and violence circles will be broken

we may be powerless to stop an injustice but let there never be a time we fail to protest.

Tessie's picture

Dear Friend, You are rigth

Dear Friend,
You are rigth indeed, education empowers a woman. It helps her stand on her own feet and help her voice to be strong. she can boldly say NO to abuses and take decisions that will better her life and family.
Well done sister.

salient cry

PeopleWeaver's picture

Thank you

Thank you for sharing this. Very interesting and could help people think of things in a different perspective.

Phionah Musumba's picture


Power and more power to you!
All the best,

Centre for Disadvantaged Girls, Kenya

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thanks phy

we may be powerless to stop an injustice but let there never be a time we fail to protest.

estelle's picture

becoz we are rmpowered, we

becoz we are rmpowered, we shall get there

Empowered women bring proud to their families; live happier and raise good kid and sure you are one of them

Yosra Akasha, Sudan

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Hi, wow! I must say that

Hi, wow! I must say that reading your story reminded me of the time my mom was still alive. Like you, growing up without my father during my teen years was a bliss because there were no rules but later posed challenges because I subconsciously started searching for a father figure in all my relationships. But through experience I have come to learn life's valuable lessons that have made me a better woman.

Keep your fire for life burning.

Warmest Regards
Princess Zar!

Keep your fire burning!

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Education is power, you were lucky you got the chance

Marah Mbine Ngole Epie's picture

Life skills

Dear Pela,
We are each born with life skills, and as we grow we see them develop in us.
Maybe, you can take a look at my on-going project. Hope you're helping other girls and women in your community discover their potentials.

With Love,

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Right on target

What a powerful post! I could definitely relate to the role of education as a tool for empowerment. My mother would tell me that education was the great equalizer for women.

Susan Cruz

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