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Mother to Daughter

Growing up as a little girl, my mother would always say, ’’I would sponsor your studies to any level’’. I would secretly wonder why my mother is so enthusiastic about my education. I later realised that she wanted me to have a better life and I do!
When I look back, I still see the torments she endured in her marital home because like many other young girls, she was sent to stay with a relative/employer who later send her off to marriage with no education to help her know the limits of submissiveness in marriage.
A journey down memory lane makes me relive through my mum’s experiences what millions of girls and women out there have lived, are living and would continue to live with no courage and often no outlet to make their voices heard if they decide to break the silence. It is passed from mother to daughter. I would be heard not only through my daughters but also through men and web 2.0 and world Pulse.
As if to say ‘you have to speak for and help other women in the same situation speak for themselves’, I got into the profession of the pen. I always feel the responsibility of being the watch dog I am supposed to be. In fact, it goes beyond bare responsibility, it is that special flip of the heart when you know that you are making social and economic justice take its course in a group that is undermined. In or out of the newsroom, it is a compelling feeling that never leaves me. It is this same feeling that made me take part in this ‘Voices of Our Future’ program. The profiles, the stories, the conversations are inspiring and uplifting.
I look forward to a day that grass root women would be all round knowledgeable. World Pulse is helping me talk and act for those women who would love their cries to be heard everywhere, anywhere, all ways, in all ways.


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I can see by your story that it is not just journalism you care about but women's journalism. Your words are very poetic, specifically when you talk about getting into "the profession of the pen." I think of the pen as your weapon, your way to fight injustice in the world. I also love your personal identification as a watchdog, it shows your desire to be a leader among women to help lift them up. I wish I heard more about the opportunities you had for an education and what that was like as many women do not get that chance, can you tell me of that experience?

Thank you for sharing!

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It is a priviledge

hello Abby,thanks for taking out the time to go through my post.
I had the opportunity to be send to school to the level of bachelor's degree. I hold a B.Sc in journalism and Mass Communication from the only Anglo saxon state university in Cameroon at the time, university of Buea. I felt and I still feel privileged to have had the opportunity to be send to some of the prestigious schools in Cameroon. I did secondary education at Our Lady of Lourdes Secondary School,mankon and high school at Saint Bede's College,ashing-kom.
For me, it is a blessing because all along, I have seen other girls drop out of school for reasons ranging from lack of finance to early marriages to unplanned pregnancies. I have equally had to interact with girls and women who did not even have the chance to see the four walls of a classroom. In all this, I see my education as a pivilege and it compells me to speak for girls and women like me who did not have my opportunities. It makes me want to study further and to pull other women along the academic ladder. I keep asking myself what I can do to give all those girls the chance to have an education.

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You are indeed fortunate to

You are indeed fortunate to have been given the chance to have an education and moreso to be able to speak out as a journalist especially for others who cannot. I wish you luck in all your endeavors.


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