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Once upon a time...

A little girl had a dream.
She wanted to become a teacher, because she enjoyed sharing the things she discovered daily. She wanted to teach others how to read, how to count, how to sing. She wanted other children to see the world as beautifully as she saw it.
Then, the little girl dreamt of becoming a politician. Her desire to change other people's lives was so strong that she thought through a political career she could do much more than as a teacher. But then, she realised that more than titles or positions, what mattered was the purpose.
So, the little girl decided to become an advocate and activist.
And she grew up. Her skills started to develop, she enjoyed communicating and helping others to communicate. She started to discover the human rights advocacy work, and she liked it. And she decided to devote her life to it.
One day, the little girl became an adult. And she had started a journey that gave her life a whole purpose. That journey was working with human rights issues, advocating against death penalty and demanding dignity for everyone. "Every human has human rights", she says to herself everyday. And she wants to spread the word. She wants to be heard. She wants to have a voice. A voice to generate positive and deep change, even at a small scale.
One day, the little girl discovered World Pulse. And she sought to become part of that wonderful community, to learn from others and teach what she has learnt. Because, in the end, all that she ever wanted was to share with others her purpose: fight for a better, more just world for everyone.


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(I know the deadline has passed, but I wanted to submit my post anyway. Thanks to all of you who are reading)

I am so glad you still put your assignment in, keep going! I appreciate the use of a story to answer the question and share. Your personal vision for a future of equality for all is a lasting message and such an important one! I wish I knew more about your work or your story? Why human rights out of all the other social issues? How has the work challenged and uplifted you? HOw do you keep going in the work? I see the progression of your dreams to enact change, from teacher, to politician, to activist. Can you tell me more of what the influencers were to make this dream change and grow?

I look forward to hearing more, and more about you!


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Thank you!

Dear Abby,

Thank you so much for your comment!

I am a communications for development professional, in an international education initiative (WISE). Most of my work experiences have been in the human rights and/or development area.

I think I have a passion for human rights advocacy because of where I come and what I experienced when growing up. Knowing that in my country, not a long time ago, people was killed/tortured/imprisoned just for thinking different touched something very deep inside me. I was raised in a family that was directly affected, but instead of hating and looking for revenge, I was taught to fight for justice using peaceful means. Human rights advocacy has been a huge means to that end.

It is hard to keep going, though. So many things to fight for, so many causes I would like to support...but I guess that concentrating in those who I consider more pressing (such as abolition of death penalty and the end of violence against women) I can make it through.

When I was a kid, the ones that influenced me the most were my mum, my history teachers and my aunt. My mum transferred me the love for teaching (thanks mum! :)), my teachers trusted me and encouraged me to go further in my ambitions, and my aunt's personal story influenced my decision to become an activist. The reason why is that she was almost killed in a pacific demonstration (during the regime's rule), but she miraculously survived...and today, she is the most talented pianist in the world :)

I hope I replied all your questions. If you have others, please do not hesitate to write me! I will be more than glad to answer them :)

Best regards,


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