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I speak for myself

Coming from a place where women's voice are not to be heard,growing in an environment where women are not to be seen except in the kitchen, living in the midst of people who believed that being a woman is the worst thing on earth, its not surprising to be mute like the others.
That is the norm. You speak out you are ostracized. You behave differently you will be treated like an alien. How do you tell your mother she doesn't deserve the regular beatings she gets from a man she claims love her? How do you tell your sister she's not a child-bearing machine or tell your friend she deserved to be loved and also have a right to enjoy sex as well as the man.
I struggled and broke every abnormal norms holding me down, hindering me from maximising my potentials. fully.I refused to end up in the kitchen talking to my pots and kids. I refused to be mute when God who created me knows I need a mouth to speak. I refused to be normal if being normal is being inferior I rather be abnormal. I refused to forfeit my rights as a human not because am a woman. I choose to be heard, to be known and to be the VOICE for the voice. Am proud to be a WOMAN.

Due to some reasons have missed two weeks already but I can't ignore the temptation to write. Am proud of you all and I know we can make a change in our world. Love you


I believe you are speaking of behalf of rebelling women accross the globe, and this gives your words power

Yosra Akasha, Sudan

Beckybold's picture


I speak for all the women whose tongue are tied by norms and culture. That is us speaking. Thanks dea


Rochelle White's picture

God Bless You

God gave you a mouth to speak and thanks to him we are able to be embraced by listening to the words of your heart. You are normal and because you are able to recognize that their is something wrong with the way women are being treated people treat you different because they do not know any other way. Some want to continue to be controlling and demanding because their inner being is messed up. Others are scared of change and what it will mean but you stand courageously tall and walk with your head up high. There is nothing wrong by refusing to be treated like a human being. Never let anyone break your spirit! Trust yourself and know that God is so loving and caring, he would never set out to harm you. It is people that take his name in vain and do horrific acts, using his name as justification. But my dear, true justification of God comes from people like you, who are willing and able to speak out against wrong doing:)

Keep writing!



Beckybold's picture

Am Encouraged

It is such a pity as you said to see some women accept this barbaric act as their fate. They have accepted the abuse as part of their culture. Am more empowered to speak out. Thank you and I sure will keep writing


estelle's picture

Courage my dear

We are all involved in a common course, we shall get there. just need to strong

Beckybold's picture

Together we can!

Yes we can and we shall get there. There is power in unity. Than



chargerrose7's picture

Hear us!!!

Beautiful! I am so proud of you and how you have overcome the "norms" and become the woman God made you to be. So many of us are told that God demands we obey our husbands and that we are the reason for Adam's Fall. But I believe that we were put here to be the guiding force for Human kind. We are powerful, we are strong and we are organized creatures. Thank Goodness! If we all stand together and become the strength we no we can be..., we can get this world back in shape. We are the driving force. Thank you so much for your beautiful words!


Beckybold's picture

More beautiful words

You are very correct MissyRose. We are the driving force, the agents. Of change. We can do it because we are created for this. Your words are more beautiful, thank you.



Minakshi's picture

lets speak and listen

Beckybold Dear,
I was astonishing seeing the issues of women similar allover the world. I was just expeiencing this things in India.But it is universal.
Lets speack the unheard voices and listen to our voices my dear,

Beckybold's picture

Yes we will

thanks Minakshi. This issue is truly universal that is why our voice is needed. Is it that india is not particular on gender equality? Please how do they treat women over there?



Woman of voice's picture

Yes we can

We now have no excuse, our voices are ours

Beckybold's picture

I am you

Yes I am you. Surprise? Ofcourse I am a woman of voice.



Therese kasindi's picture

Keep Writing!

Yes, you are right to say you refuse ending in your kitchen, I am with you my sister. The kitchen is important but we need other things in order to develop and change our world. God knows that we are in the world for great things and our work is to liberate our sister who are still blind by their culture.
Thanks for your post!

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

Beckybold's picture

Thank you

thanks for the encouragement.



Tina Young's picture

Your name!!!

Your actions are in your name. When I read your post, what caught my attention was the last four letters of your name "bold". It takes bold and courageous women like you to change the abnormalities. I love it.

Beckybold's picture


Thanks Tina Young. Bold is the initials of my name which someone gave me
and it stuck. Irony is that when the friend started calling me that I was still a timid and shy young girl. Bold reminds me of who am suppose to be anytime am faced with an opposition. You are doing a great work, keep it up


Catsilveira's picture

Inspiring !

"I refused to be normal if being normal is being inferior I rather be abnormal."

Love it! and couldn't agree more.

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