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Four Years ago I finished my studies in Peace and Development, as it is my passion to work in the field of Conflict Resolution. I immediately began to look for a job but unfortunately couldn’t find one; jobs are very scarce. I was so discouraged. I went to see a good friend of mine who I sing with in the choir. She has a shop and so I asked if she could give me a corner to do a small business of my own. My friend accepted and I began to sell material for women’s clothing, but after a while I felt that this job was only stealing my joy while it kept me from my purpose.

I went to see another friend and told her that “I must work with organizations that support women or children. I want to get experience and increase my knowledge in these fields, and I want so much to work for peace in Congo.”

My friend said she understood and would get back with me. A few days later she called me and told me about the Maman Shujaa (Hero Women) of Congo, and then presented me to Neema Namadamu, Coordinatrice, who accepted me as a volunteer.

Today I can say that I had completely forgotten I don't have a job. Since joining the Maman Shujaa of Congo two months ago, and going online with World Pulse, I have learned so many things that I would never have discovered had I stayed home or continued working that small business. And besides that, my English, which was fading badly, is coming back. Before I joined the Maman Shujaa, I had trouble putting two phrases together.
But the greatest thing is the transformation I have experienced in my life. As I collaborate with these great women, and our sisters around the world, I add my stone to the foundation being laid to change life for women all over the world. It has filled my heart with great joy to see how women worldwide are joining together to raise their voices as One, declaring the change that they themselves are creating across our planet.

Another wonderful benefit is that I found I have become an example to other women about all that is possible if we try. We are raising our voices, but we are still too few. Too many of our Congolese sisters have not caught the vision, and they would tell us that we are setting a bad example. They tell us our life or place is in the kitchen. Yes, we have our very important roles at home, but also, it is for our homes that we have come together, advocating for Peace in our country, and a future for ourselves and our children.

I feel so fortunate to have found the Maman Shujaa and am proud to be One with them. I want all our sisters to join us. The sooner they do, the sooner our future will arrive.


AbbyBrown's picture


Dear Therese,

Thank you for "adding your stone" to the foundation of change! Your voice is inspiring and your story is a call to action. Keep encouraging your sisters to join! I love that you honor the multi-faceted roles of women -- in the home, in advocating for our countries, and in speaking out about of vision for our futures!

Well done. Keep posting.



Thanks so much my sister!
See you on line!

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

CMedansky's picture

Beautiful Voice and Vision!

“As I collaborate with these great women, and our sisters around the world, I add my stone to the foundation being laid to change life for women all over the world.”

Therese, your words illustrate wonderfully the value of women’s participation and collaboration to create a natural and durable culture of peace. Thank you so much for raising your voice to share your journey and your beautiful vision for our future!

Therese kasindi's picture

Thanks to you as you are

Thanks to you as you are spending your time reading my article,my sister!
Much love!

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

Aminah's picture

our place is not the kitchen alone

You bring up a very important point Therese.
Yes we have a role in the kitchen, with our family.
But that's not just only for us.
It's also for the father, for the sons. We have to work together in harmony.

I can't help feel so speechless when I seen men idling while women go about all the chores.
The social construct of the role of the gender is just so wrong. What we do in life has to be a choice.
Not forced upon us just because we are born a certain sex.

Continue the good work you are doing. God bless you.



Therese kasindi's picture


I tried to observe women in their house, and I conclude that women are only slave in their own house. We are doing so many things than men. We woke up early and went to bed in the middle of the night and after that they must necessarily work on bed... How many hours we spend in sleep? And men? No No No... It's too much!

Men need to help their wives if they estimate that they love them!

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

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