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Like a Bird who Wish to fly


Like a Bird
Who wish to fly
Tree to Tree
Hill to Hill
Found one day in a cage
Shouted loud with outrage
I have wings I can fly
Came a Voice
You will not fly
With Surprise Bird Asked Why
Came Reply

I belong to “The Rajput Family” where women always followed ‘Purdah’ system. My mother, aunts and grandmothers everyone follows the same.I got a job in a MNC and had to join in another corner of India.My family including my relatives were all against.But, finally I convinced them and I boarded my freedom flight.Now my family wants me back as they want to cut my wings.But, I have not given up and fighting for my life and freedom.

That is when by god’s grace I found World Pulse and I was quite amazed about the whole idea that women across the globe are sharing their stories and things they face in their day to day life. I really found it revolutionary that all of us can now stand together and raise our voices and let each other know about it.I personally felt so strong and not the only one after joining world pulse that I pledged to bridge this gender gap and I started working towards how can I join my hands in the same. I could see that even in Corporate world women are facing this gender issues and I was one of those. I was very shocked to see all this and then I got to know about United Nations CEO statement of support for the women's empowerment principles and I mailed to my CEO requesting him to sign the same.We are working to achieve all the 7 principles and I am doing this in my over timings.

Also I noticed that my aunts and mothers in spite of struggling so much by finishing house works which are even more tiring they are not yet paid. The share of women's unpaid work is 51% compared to only 33% of men's unpaid work in India. While women constitute 40% of the global labour force, they account for almost 60% of all unpaid work worldwide. Rural women carry most of the unpaid work burden due to lack of infrastructure and services. Thus,I founded a social enterprise for all the housewives where they can create products from the waste products at their homes to paintings to all kinds of handicrafts easy to make and traditional.These products will be sold at national level and the profit will be shared back with them.Currently, we are operating in 3 states and I wish that every women on the planet is benefited by the same.

All this I could do only when I joined World Pulse and saw that I am not the only one but this one change the world. I thank World Pulse for this day from heart and soul. This is the only platform where I can connect with all the women across the globe and we all can work towards a day when everybody can earn.



Wendyiscalm's picture

Upsi you've done it again


You have touched my heart and made me so proud to know you as always. The poem is chilling and revealing at the same time. Your story, while not as unique as you thought since WP, is YOUR story. There is a purpose for your life up to now. You are learning lessons that you will pass on and help others. Because as you see through WP, many many of us have these problems. I would think this helps you in the sense of making you feel a little more "normal"
or like you can really DO something to improve and be more. I read recently "People who walk away from you do not determine your destiny". And paraphrased it is like those in your family who disagree with your ways do not determine your destiny. YOU DO ! Go for it, girl !

Love, respect and ubuntu (I am who I am because of who we are together),


P.S. Love the bird/sky picture. So symbolic.

Wendy Stebbins
I AM ONE IN A MILLION Non-Profit Organization focused on helping street orphans and vulnerable children in Livingstone, Zambia Africa.

Klaudia Mexico's picture

from a Mexican bird

I really liked your words 'cause I also think of myself as a bird.
the best of luck

Klaudia González

torilynnfox's picture

Thank you for sharing this

What an exciting and inspirational story! I love to hear about women overcoming the constraints of their environment and working hard to make their dreams come true! Keep fighting for what you know is right. We are all here with you!

RosemaryC's picture

Dear Upasana: I was so

Dear Upasana:
I was so inspired by your story and your poem, and the powerful image you shared of a bird in a cage who learns to spread her wings and fly freely.
Your story explains so clearly how the 'gender gap' affects the women you know and love, as well as many women you have not yet met. And you have acted powerfully in speaking up, and in founding a social enterprise that gives women a way to earn money for themselves using their own skills and knowledge.
The clarity of your thinking reminds me of Marilyn Waring, who has helped to change how nations around the world recognize and 'count' the work of women. She pointed out that countries defined their 'gross domestic product' - the sum of all they make and earn - only through money. This calculation did not include time, which was how many women contributed to their families and societies. Looking just at money, and not including time, was like looking only at the icing on a cake and not the cake itself, she said. This insight has helped to dramatically change how the world views 'work' and most especially, women's work. (You can read a bit more about her thinking, if you like, at
As women learn that they can earn money, they learn that they can change their home lives and their communities - and in many places, their ability and skill has convinced the men of their villages to let the women manage the community funds as well. So you are on a powerful path, and I wish you the very best in your work and your journey.
Best wishes,

UpasanaC's picture

I am with you Wendi

Hey Wendi,
Thank you so much for such kind words. I would like to add here that "Its not who can let you do, its all about who can you stop you to cross the wall". We should be sure that nobody can stop us from reaching our goal and living a free life. A bird is the best example of how women lead their lives as if they are living in a golden cage or sometimes a metal cage.

Love & Regards

Cheers to Life

UpasanaC's picture

You are Welcome Mexican bird

You are most welcome Klaudia .. let us all break through our cages and live a free life ... be an inspiration to others.

Cheers to Life

UpasanaC's picture

Thanks a ton torilynnfox

I am glad you liked it.. I just hope for a better future.

Cheers to Life

UpasanaC's picture

Rosemary : you are so powerful

The biggest weapon to win any fight is a pen. you can win the world over. I am so glad that you loved it and appreciated it. you have so rightly mentioned about GDP.. we should really be proud of Marilyn Waring. In every country if we have even 1 women like her , one day we will win over the globe. I wish that my enterprise helps and empowers as many as possible. I am getting a very good and positive response from women of my community. They are so glad and happy about the fact that yes they are also talented else nobody used to bother about their feelings or hidden talent. I appreciate them all and encourage.

Thanks & Love

Cheers to Life

Pushpa Achanta's picture

Lovely expression

Dear Upasana,

I appreciate your candid verse and bold actions. May you fly farther.


Cali gal Michelle's picture

Upsi- You continue to show

Upsi- You continue to show positive vision and leadership in your articles. Your story is compelling, and filled with hope. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


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