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Revolting Lubna

Heroes are only in fairy tales,
We stand helpless while we stare,
Horrors are chasing women everywhere,
They die, they cry & live in a nightmare,
People march for a football guy,
They didn't care when Nadia died,
then Lubna get caught & shouted louder,
Women violate orders for wearing trousers,
She invited the world to attend her trial,
We declared rebelling against the forced veil,
Facebook campaigns & Youtube channels,
Have took the women cause to another levels,
They powered revolting against fundamentalists devils,


louise.toohey's picture


This is a very loud statement that I think speaks in behalf of other people in the same aspects as you. I liked it.

Yosra Akasha's picture

Happy to hear that

Thanks Louise, Im happy that you liked it and the message of the poem was clear

Yosra Akasha, Sudan

Debra K Adams MA's picture


as poetry, activism works well! good works

"Be the change you want in the world." Gandhi

Debra K. Adams, MA
See my vizify bio!
Survivors In Service: Self Empowerment Strategies (SiSSeS)
Consultant/Speaker/Author & Owner/Founder

Yosra Akasha's picture

thanks Debra

thanks Debra

Yosra Akasha, Sudan

anab87j9's picture

This is such a beautiful poem

This is such a beautiful poem and I salute you for writing it! I love how expressed Lubna's story through this point. It is very important to challenge any laws that dehumanize and oppress women, such as the Public Order Laws in Sudan, whic only curb women's freedom. Thank you


Yosra Akasha's picture

thanks Anab

Someday we will win the struggle against public order

Yosra Akasha, Sudan

jampa's picture


It is a beautiful piece, thanks for sharing with us.
All the best,

Yosra Akasha's picture

Im glad that you have enjoyed

Im glad that you have enjoyed it, thanks Jampa

Yosra Akasha, Sudan

CynthiaM's picture

Nice Poem

Dear Yorsa,

Nice poem indeed. I have always loved arts because of its freedom. It is one medium where you get to express yourself with no restriction, no hard or fast rule. You just told a story in lyrical words, considering English is not your first language, this is a nice piece.

I believe you should write more poems...practice makes perfect, so keep sharing your story.


Yosra Akasha's picture

Thanks Cynthia

Ill practice more, Ive enjoyed the experience & will try to do my best

Yosra Akasha, Sudan

Stacey Rozen's picture

Yosra, your words are

Yosra, your words are emotive. Be proud that you wrote so expressively.


Lortoria's picture

Love the word play

Your first poem?! Keep it up you clearly have a natural talent for it. I love the way you use real life events against action related metaphors.

Warm regards,

Lortoria McDonald

New website coming soon!

Y's picture

You do have a talent for

You do have a talent for poetry. Very well done.


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