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2013 VOF Week 2 The cry of a woman

On 16th February 2013 I attended an environmental with that concerned with climate change, how it is affecting our daily lives and what can be done to make a difference in order to reduce the level of carbon (IV) oxide in the atmosphere. is building a global grassroots movement to solve the crisis movement. That was a very special moment for me because for the first time I had an opportunity of sitting with a group of youths with the same vision with the aim of making a difference positively in the society. I have always had a dream of making a difference in my community and empower women. My mother suffered because she was not empowered and as a child I had to endure a lot of pain though despite all this I have always new that the source of my joy is through helping other and even when I was young I would always share whatever little I have. My friends always tell me that I need to work on my weaknesses which they say that I am too sympathetic and too emotional hence allowing other people’s problems to affect me. I cannot deny the fact that I am sympathetic and emotional personally I believe that I can turn my weaknesses into strengths of which I believe I have worked so hard to use them positively and that is why since I was a child my dream careers were to be a lawyer who defends the most vulnerable groups in the community which are women and children and being a journalist to be able to highlight issues which affect women and children denying them opportunity to express themselves and develop freely. That was to remain to be just a dream due to lack of finance but I chose a different career hence currently an adult education and community development student at a local University here in my home country Kenya, and through this I am set for greater things because I believe that through knowledge gained in my field of study, I will empower women. After the meeting of 350, I talked to mzee Linus, told him about my dreams and what I intend to do in order bring that change which I want so much. It was him who called after some few weeks and directed to search for world pulse but he never told me what to do so I visited world pulse and in less than five minutes I realized just how much the site was fascinating and there my journey of realizing my dream of sharing my views began because I could share with men and this is the main reason why I applied for voices of our future. It fits in my vision because it is all about empowering women because they are able to connect with each other around the globe without any barrier. I’m grateful for Lansen for founding world pulse.


Debra K Adams MA's picture

honorable to ask for help

I enjoyed your essay because of the joy your path has brought to you. You are passionate and strong. And an intelligent human being knows when to ask for help or guidance, which you did. Finding World Pulse and VOF program is going to make an everlasting impact on your life and the life of others around you. Good luck in your future, you will achieve your goals!

"Be the change you want in the world." Gandhi

Debra K. Adams, MA
See my vizify bio!
Survivors In Service: Self Empowerment Strategies (SiSSeS)
Consultant/Speaker/Author & Owner/Founder

Gracious's picture

A big thank you

I appreciate your encouragement and for sure I believe that sky is the limit for me


RosemaryC's picture

The power of participation

Dear Gracious:
Thanks for sharing your story of how you found World Pulse, and what you want to achieve. I enjoyed reading it and I wish you well in your adult education and community development studies. I believe that as you learn through your studies how to facilitate and support participation by people, you will indeed help people achieve the changes they want to see happen in the community.
I can see that you understand why participation is so important, because you spoke of the power of coming together with other young people to work on protecting the earth's environment. This is 'power with', rather than 'power over', and I believe it is what creates sustainable change. I think that 'power with' is becoming ever more important as 'power over' shows us that it cannot help us solve our problems sustainably.
'Power with" comes from people sharing their thoughts, their emotions and their ideas with each other. Sometimes people think that this kind of sharing is 'vulnerability'; I think it takes much courage and strength to share our emotions and ideas with each other, as you do, and to let others express theirs. I believe that when people do this, they find shared solutions to challenges that might seem much bigger than they could deal with individually - like the challenge of how to protect our environment.
With best wishes for your important work,

Gracious's picture


Thank you RosemaryC and indeed participation is key for any achievement


Leslie Stoupas's picture

Strength and courage

Dear Gracious,

I enjoyed reading about the path that brought you to World Pulse, and I honor your willingness to stand in the truth of your being: that you are sympathetic and emotional to other people's problems. You have taken what some people may deem as a weakness and turned it into a strength. It takes strength to witness the problems and challenges that others face, and it takes courage to stand up for those whose voices are often not heard, in this case, women and children. I applaud your willingness to do this work and be an advocate for such important causes.

You have found a wonderful platform to begin your outreach work. The more you can communicate your ideas about the work you are doing and the importance of such issues as climate change in the lives of those you are trying to help, the more you will be able to help build this global awareness. I look forward to seeing the connections that you continue to make as you write.

Leslie Stoupas

Gracious's picture

I'm humbled

I'm feeling so encouraged by your words Leslie


Mila's picture

Thank you!

Hi Gracious,

Thank you so much for your sharing your story with WorldPulse! I was so happy to hear that you got and took up the opportunity to go to the conference.. Also, it was so good to hear that you are viewing your ability to be sympathetic and emotional as strengths, because they are! :) I am really inspired by you that you are working so hard to be able to help others. It was wonderful to read your writing and thank you for doing all of the assignment tasks, even sharing how you heard about WorldPulse.

All the best to you,

Gracious's picture

Thank you Mila

I appreciate the fact that you spared your time to read my article. Thank you so much.


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