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Re-discovering my vision

I grew up to know that there is class difference. I noticed in our public school that they were those that came from very rich, rich, poor and very poor homes. Of course, it has never been easy for the poor despite the fact that the school tuition was not high, they could hardly afford tuition, school uniforms and books. But God in his mercies made it possible for some of them to find their way into schools.

My mother was always giving out materials to women and also to their children - food, clothings etc but the magnitude of poverty in our society and immediate environment did not register fully in my brain. My eyes and my beings was awakened afresh when i was opportuned to work as an executive member in my church women forum. I sat through interviews with some members who are indigents and widows who are helpless. A visit to their homes to confirm their stories of woes showed an environment that is horrible for habitation and the number of people in these small thatched rooms made of woods and zincs without windows for ventilation, with leaky roofs during the rains and no toilets, no good water and they sleep on bare floors, tattered cloths and mats. The temperature in these zinc made houses is so high on sunny days that i imagine how they survive and most of them have different types of rashes covering their skins especially the children. Some are into petty trading and most do not have any means of livelihood, and most times to go to bed hungry. The church through our women forum was able to reach out to a lot of them but some have compounded issues that even the little assistant looked like a scratch on the surface.

I visited my birth place recently and noticed that teenage pregnancies have doubled in the last ten years. Girls between the ages of 15 and 20 all have children out of wedlock and to worsen the matter, the men that put them in these conditions are not assisting them in any form. Most of them were not opportuned to visit any health facilities before delivery and had Traditional Birth attendance taking delivery. A lot of them do not go to school and has never been to school. My organisation have planned out an empowerment program for them after interviewing some of them. They need to be informed of their fundamental / women rights and the dangers of unintended pregnancies. The program is also to address the dangers of sexually transmitted infections (STDs), HIV/AIDs and to empower them economically through skill acquisitions to be self reliant. We are still looking for collaboration with health facilities to take care of the pregnant ones till delivery. Some were given tokens to visit the nearest health facilities for ante-natal.

Women must be made to understand their rights and their full potentials harnessed for the betterment of all of us.


Sharontina's picture


I appreciate you pure hearted lady for running for those little girls and women out there. And thanks for sharing this with us. Wish you the best in helping them and finding ways to upliftment.


Merlin Sharontina

bhavna's picture


Seems like the common problems are linked with women all over the globe. I hearty compliment you on the work you are doing. Keep up the good work. Waiting for more from you.

Best wishes

Klaudia Mexico's picture

need has the face everywhere

not long ago I was living in Canada and I realize human suffering has the same face and local problems seem to be the same, in different scales of course. Nevertheless, it has also gave hope, that we'll also come up with international solutions to pass on better places to live.
Cheers from beautiful Mexico

Klaudia González

Katharina's picture

Reading your post was really

Reading your post was really moving. I'm really impressed how you decided to engage in your community and not turn away from it, even if you might have had the chance. It is inspiring to learn about the work you are doing. You are right, it might be just a small step, but I believe for the women in your community it is a crucial one. I hope I have the chance reading more from you!

tracimichelle8's picture


I am so moved by your commitment to help the people in your community. It must be difficult to see so many in need.I really honor you and what you are doing. The positive impact you are having in the lives of the women and girls in your community and beyond is very uplifting.
Thank-you for all you are doing!

otahelp's picture

thank you all

I really appreciate all the love i get from this forum. it is so encouraging and motivating especially to me.

thank you once again.

Keep the light shining

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative
Lets keep the light shining

hemrajan's picture


What selfless work! I can see from your story how important it is to pass on generous outlook/attitude to one's children because you started off your story about the example that your mother set for you...
I was surprised to read that teen pregnancy rates have doubled...I would think it would improve or at least stay the same given that time has progressed and there is (hopefully) better or slightly better access to education for women...what do you think are the reasons for this increase?

Carpe Diem

otahelp's picture

more on week 3 assignment

Actually like you said, it should have been in decrease but it not. People who live without hope and do not know what to do with their lives fall back to the only thing they have been offered.

early marriage
blood ritual that ties them to their husbands and make them understand that they do not have other choices
lack of education - formal, reproductive health and human right education
lack of mentorship - continuous interactive sectors from people that know better
above all poverty
lack of encouragement from family whom themselves do not know better because of illiteracy

thank you for reading and raising this pertinent question and concern. Will like to hear more from you on this - your views.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Initiative
Lets keep the light shining

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