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What Most Excites Me About Web 2.0

The most exciting part of Web 2.0 is its ease of accessing to people around the world in the matter of a stroke on the key board, at the minimum cost, and attaining so much information within a short period of time. With these tools, solving women’s problems became far easy. For example, through Web 2.0 allowed me to create a shelter program for battered women and children in Nigeria on my own within three-month-period in Japan. First, I downloaded photos and stories from the Internet. From these, I created newsletters, web site and brochures, and increased membership via personal contacts, email, and Facebook. I started sending journals by email and informed about the violence and abuse committed upon women and children in Nigeria. Readers are shocked about the incidents in Nigeria and asked many questions. In order to answer their questions, I had to search for answers. I looked for activists, writers or researchers in Nigeria, who may be able to answer difficult questions and fill the Japanese readers’ curiosities. It did not take long to find those individuals fitting and qualified to answer on line.

It is empowering for me to get to know writers and activists with similar interest at the World Pulse. After going through Blogs and search engines, I ran into their posts and opinions, and saw where their minds were and the levels of writing skills. I sent them my journals and links to my web site by email, and they accepted my offer to work together immediately.

If there was no Web 2.0, I am very sure it would not be an easy task. For example, if there was no Web 2.0, I would not ask Mr. and Mrs. Mitsunaga who live next door and engage in agriculture, to tell me what they think of the issues of violence against women in Nigeria. I would have to go to libraries, research institutes, schools and universities in order to find qualified individuals. Finding qualified individuals with credibility, passions, professions, and availability takes more time and efforts. If I found them, I would be calling and making appointments with them at their convenient time, and driving to the appointed place to meet with them at the appointed time in persons. It would be impossible if they were located outside the country unless I had disposable income. What is more important, though I must ask permissions to use their ideas for my journals. They may say yes or no or they may give difficult time by asking me to come back again. Perhaps all this process would take about 1 year in order to find individuals exactly fitting to answer questions raised by the readers of the journal.

You do not need to explain much to prove the point of benefit in having Web 2.0. Without a doubt, it is far better to have Web 2.0 than not having it. There is no need to make cumbersome appointments. You are free from all the stress associated with going to appointments, arranging trip, paying for transportations, dressing up, giving gifts or recommendation letters. Web 2.0 made it far faster, cheaper and easier. Even those with illness or physical challenges, having no time or those in isolated islands can do the same. Having Web 2.0 equals to having all requirements helping women advance themselves in the world.



susanncruz's picture

Great points

I really appreciate the points you make in your article about the reach of Web 2.0, especially for those in isolated or hard to reach areas. Your article really hit home with the concept of building connections between the "haves" and "have nots". In El Salvador, we are looking to mobile technology to do just that, to close the technology gap between urban and rural. We are barely taking baby steps, but it is a start. Thank you for your post.

Susan Cruz

Hideko N.'s picture

Dear Susan

I thank you for thanking me. Building connections between the "haves" and "have nots" is my issue to tackle also. Many in Nigeria dont have that facilities and calling through telephone can be expensive. I am linked with those who are capable. One way is to raise fund for public facilities with computers for them to use. Let me know how you do.


delphine criscenzo's picture

Amzing work!


I am amazed at the work you have accomplished in Nigeria from Japan and I feel that your story is an impersonation of he power of the internet. But I think that your leadership skills and the need you saw for such a work while you were in Nigeria, have also impacted your motivation and determination.
Can't wait to see where your organization is going!

Delphine Criscenzo

Hideko N.'s picture

Enjoy our field!

Thank you for your comment. Please enjoy seeing the photos of our neighborhood. I get a lot of inspiration from this nature, peace, and tranquility in Japan. I cannot do it in Nigeria.

Dear Hideko N:

Your article is such a powerful demonstration of how Web 2.0 empowers women to find ways to solve problems, even when a woman is far away from the place where those problems exist.
I wondered about what inspired you to start working on family violence in Nigeria, and so I read your story. Having done so, I am in awe of your capacity to survive and of your determination to create change for other women and children who find themselves in similar situations but without any resources to help them.
I wish you great strength in your work, and pray that your daughter soon will be with you.

Best wishes,

Hideko N.'s picture

Thank you for the prayer, Rosemary

I added photos of our neighborhood and hope you enjoy seeing the photos. I get a lot of inspiration from this nature, peace, and tranquility. In my next assignment I will disclose where the resource is coming from. Please stay tuned.

RosemaryC's picture

Thanks for sharing the pictures

Dear Hideko:
Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of where you live - it does indeed look so peaceful :)
And waiting with anticipation for your next article....
Best wishes,

Anna V's picture

Thank you for sharing

Wow, you did a lot in just three short months! I am inspired by the determination that you showed in following through with your dream so quickly. You will do great things!

Take care,

Hideko N.'s picture

Thank you, Anna. I saw your

Thank you, Anna. I saw your profile and read about bullying in the U.S. I wrote about Japanese style bullying called Igime, in my journal. Sorry to say, kids in advanced countries dont have much good things to do. I think we should direct their attentions to the suffering in the world and what we can do about it. Hideko

Dear Hideko,
It is very true that Web 2.0 has made things easier, cheaper and more importantly possible.
Thank you for sharing your use of it and how you are making oother people life diffrent.
Good luck.
Btw what a lovely veiw for your office
Stay well

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