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Love this journey.. Believe you can and you are half way there…


I wonder how things are connected. Now I believe everything happens for a reason. Thinking 2ndweek’s journal I was unable to relate it to just 1 incident, recalling my quest for such platform many scenes flashed back in mind connected with one another then I realized that this journey of world-pulse has not started now; it has its roots from my childhood.
1st flashback: Sleepless nights in my childhood hearing scream of neighbour beaten by her husband.
2nd flashback: My friend tearful eyes, neither she had food nor got fees for studies. She was living like orphan in presence of her father just because she was girl and her father wanted sons.
3rd one: A girl burnt by her in-laws and husband her last screams of pain..awful

Grown in such screams, I witnessed much violence. I shouted and mourned that why women are weak? Why tolerating violence? Why not reporting it? but I was hushed-up. On raising many questions of “why” my mother always replied angrily that “don’t indulge yourself in such issues it’s not your business” she said “some questions remain unanswered throughout our life” yes I left unanswered but one question stuck in mind and was fighting with myself that is it really not my business until and unless I experience it by myself but then what? Like other women I will silently die, No not die I will be KILLED..Yes the killers will survive and innocents will die. Can I let them die?? Can I escape myself from screams which has almost cracked my heart and still echoing in my mind??

Here next connection started when one day I read women empowerment training ad I rushed to join it. Observing my enthusiasm in training they honoured me chance to become a trainer thus I empowered 30 women. Training also helped in quitting my internal FIGHT. Meanwhile Pakistan crises shifted my focus toward displaced women to help them I joined an NGO by meting founder of “FRD”. We provided relief to millions of marginalized population of disaster/conflict-stricken areas. Looking my passion for women uplift, he recommended me to join world-pulse. Oh God! I was really reluctant that I’m not journalist how can I?? But when entered I felt as it was like taking first step and reached to destiny. Wondering how world-pulse listen my heart, it is exactly what I want. Beside my well-being work now I will raise voices of unheard women. While those who have access to net I can console them by giving them online motivational trainings by creating web community. If I can do nothing for them at least I can listen to them.

I will bring women’s smile back. People said you can’t..Alas!! Why people discourage us? Well not coming again on “whys". Now it’s matter of” how” not “why”. My world-pulse “sisters” and “I” will soon find the answer of “how” to help women. Thanks world-pulse for changing my “whys” into “how”



Sharontina's picture


Glad that you are so determined in bringing those smiles back to the beautiful faces yet worn out of violence and abuse. Great sharing. Keep it up.


Merlin Sharontina

Aysha Ibrahim's picture

Thank you

thank you for making me believe that still there are some people in this world who encourage us in our mission.

Dana W's picture

Dear Aysha, Woooow thank you

Dear Aysha,
Woooow thank you very much for that remarkable voice of yours! You are a great inspiration when you don’t except things as they are and you demand a change, that’s the first quality of a journalist in my opinion. Bringing back a smile to women’s faces is a holy mission, knowing you are out there and women will read your articles is very encouraging!
Thank you very much, can’t wait reading more of your writings

Aysha Ibrahim's picture


Same wow for your encouragement and lovely words for me :-)
keep suporting
with love
Aysha Ibrahim

Lisa T's picture


Dear Aysha,

Thank you for sharing your story. Your energy and enthusiasm come across well in your writing. The three flashbacks you write about are also very powerful. I like the statement, "While those who have access to net I can console them by giving them online motivational trainings by creating web community. If I can do nothing for them at least I can listen to them." This shows your leadership. I look forward to reading more about the work you're doing!


Aysha Ibrahim's picture

stay connected

Lisa thanks for encouragement and appreciation. Few of us can feel emotions behind words. That’s great that you felt it.

Iffat Gill's picture

As usual, your voice and

As usual, your voice and writing are both very powerful. I can relate very much to "do not bother yourself with WHYs" when it comes to discrimination against women and little girls. Do keep sharing stories from your community and making a change around you.

Kind regards.

Iffat Gill

Aysha Ibrahim's picture

change is inevitable

If I have support of incredible people like you then no doubt I will bring change. thanks alot

That is a great quote on your page. It's so true.

499 words! -- that shows careful self-editing. Good for you for taking care w/ your writing!

I appreciate that you see opportunities and have the guts (courage) to go for them.

surfgirl-CA --
When we come from the willingness to love, not fear, we will see the best and highest materialize in our world.
Quand nous venons à partir de la volonté à l'amour, pas la peur, nous allons voir le meilleur et le plus élevé se matérialise

Aysha Ibrahim's picture

thanks a bunch

Many Many thanks Tina.
Yeah that’s my favourite quote.
499 words.. Ahh not an easy task but we have to follow rules otherwise it’s quite difficult to limit your writing.
once again thanks for comment

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